How to Save Yourself If You Choke Alone

 Choking_alone By Heather Callaghan

Have you ever heard or spoken the tired line of "single-dom" – but if I don't get married, I might choke alone and die and no one will ever find me in my apartment until weeks later… But married people choke too  – anyone can and they might be alone.

The method of running into or bending over a couch arm has worked for people, but it doesn't seem fail proof when you think of the abdomen clenching up in anticipation. And, what if there is no furniture; what if you are driving; what if you are too weak to perform the Heimlich maneuver on yourself?


This method created by Firefighter/medic Jeff Rehman is the simplest and most effective way to self-perform a life-saving maneuver while choking. It is quick-acting and can be taught to children and elderly.

It can be done anywhere where this is ground beneath you. So no eating in anti-gravity rooms. It's not a good idea to eat and drive but lots of people do it. Quickly pull over and use the above technique if you choke.

It involves a belly-flop like maneuver that can quickly force air out of the lungs, dislodging the object or food. It works similar to Heimlich, but instead of requiring an outside object or your fist, it uses your own weight and gravity. This also prevents possible abdominal injury.

Whatever you do, do not panic. But by memorizing and gently practicing this technique, you won't need to. And you won't have to hunt for furniture in the event that you are alone. Show this to your family, friends, and co-workers. For those of you interested in self-sufficiency and preparedness – definitely memorize and teach.



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