Hurricane Dorian Gains Power , threatens Florida during Labor Day Weekend !! EMERGENCY SUPPLIES SELLING-OUT ALL OVER FLORIDA

Hurricane Dorian gains power, and set to threaten U.S. landfall over Labor Day weekend . Hurricane Dorian is an active tropical cyclone currently threatening the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas and the Southeastern United States. The fourth named storm and second hurricane of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season, Dorian developed from a tropical wave in the Central Atlantic.

Dorian is now a Category One Hurricane with a forward movement of 13 MPH to the Northwest. Dorian will continue to move over the U.S. and British Virgin Islands this afternoon and then moving into the open waters of the Atlantic well east of the southeastern Bahamas. Areas in the southeast U.S. will need to monitor the track of this storm. Tropical Storm Dorian remains in the Atlantic with sustained winds around 70 mph and a central pressure of 999 mb. Dorian is moving to the northwest near 13 mph. As of Wednesday morning, the center of Tropical Storm Dorian was near the Virgin Islands.

This storm has intensified since Tuesday and is looking to get stronger throughout the rest of the week, possibly into a major hurricane. Dorian will continue to move northwest throughout the next few days. The storm is now projected to move through western areas of Puerto Rico and continue to the outskirts of the Bahamas before curving more towards the west.

While in open waters, Dorian is expected to intensify into a major hurricane of Category 3 strength. Areas of Florida and Georgia are looking to be impacted into early next week. The hurricane continued to bring waves of heavy rain to Puerto Rico and parts of the U.S. and British Virgin Islands on Wednesday after it battered portions of the Lesser Antilles on Tuesday.

While Dorian’s eye wasn’t yet visible on satellite imagery Wednesday, it was easy to spot in a radar loop showing the storm passing by Puerto Rico. Because of the wide range of possibilities, the wind, surge and rainfall impacts expected from Dorian over the northern Bahamas and Florida are highly uncertain at this point.

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People throughout Florida are wiping-out store inventory of water, food, and other supplies as Hurricane Dorian approaches.  Efforts to re-stock are in full emergency mode as lines of tractor trailers careen into Florida trying to supply a population which is quickly getting desperate.  

As seen in the photo below TARGET stores are completely out of water:

This WALMART in North Tampa is also wiped out of water:

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This scene is repeating itself in store-after-store throughout Florida:

As of Thursday Morning, gas stations are quickly RUNNING OUT OF FUEL:

Whatever gas stations still have fuel are seeing heavy demand at their pumps:

Stacie Klein@FLPrincessSJK

everywhere else is out of gas, this line is starting to build. Joys of a hurricane. @wpbf_sandra @WPTV @WPBF25News @wpbf_todd @FoxNews @wpbf_terri @WPBF_Vanessa @wpbf_felicia @BreitbartNews

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 And look at this . . .  lines JUST TO GET IN to the COSTCO store n Davie, FL:

Brandon Beyer@beyernews

Here’s the line to get in the door at Costco in Davie this morning.. line for gas is even longer! @wsvn

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Hurricane Dorian is turning into a Monster of a storm out in the ocean.  As of Thursday morning at 10:00 AM eastern US time, weather experts report “there is nothing in terms of wind shear, land obstacles,  or water temperature, standing in the way of this storm becoming a Monster Category 5 hurricane before landfall over Labor Day Weekend. THIS IS THE WORST CASE SCENARIO FOR A HURRICANE AND WE”RE GOING TO GET THIS WORST CASE SCENARIO THIS WEEKEND!”

Here is the latest from the National Hurricane Center as to the storm’s location, strength and projected path:

This is the EURO super-computer model from Thursday morning:


If you have not yet fueld-up your vehicles and filled spare fuel containers, you’d better get to it RIGHT NOW.

If you have not yet purchased Emergency supplies you’d better get to it RIGHT NOW.   Folks should have:

Emergency Water (1 gallon per person, per day, for a week)

Emergency Canned foods: (Meats, tuna fish, etc.)

A manual CAN OPENER!!!!!!

Emergency Medicines (Only things you must take every day to live)

Flashlights (1 for each member of your household)

Portable radio for news and official information

SPARE BATTERIES for flashlights and portable radios.

Spare fuel for vehicles and/or emergency electric generators which need fuel to run.

 Some way to COOK; Propane gas grill or charcoal barbecue grill with lighter fluid.

DON’T WAIT.   If you wait, things will be sold out.



Water selling out as it arrives..Seminole..Publix and BJ’S..still have some but very spotty.

Generators still available..Only the pricey ones left..Home Depot and Loews..


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