Jeff Berwick on The Big Trade: The Financial Crisis and The Evil of Central Banking

Financial Crisis

Jeff Berwick on The Big Trade: The Financial Crisis and The Evil of Central Banking

Jeff is interviewed by Peter Phram for The Big Trade Podcast, topics include: Mankind's biggest enemies are the state and central banks, central banking distorts the markets and engage in price fixing, Jonathan Cahn and the Shemitah, the Shemitah market cycles, a major event this Fall, the fed will never raise interest rates, impending negative interest rates on bank deposits, the possibility if hyperinflation, the role of Bitcoin, ever increasing government debt, China and Russia dumping US Dollar assets and treasury bonds, fiat currencies the world over at risk of hyperinflation, The Dollar Vigilante Shemitah Videos, getting your dollars out of the us, increasing capital controls, its better to be a year too early than a day too late, The Dollar Vigilante investment strategies.

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The Dollar Vigilante's Jeff Berwick is back chatting about a myriad of economic and stock market-related issues with Cambridge House Live's anchor, Bridgitte Anderson. Taped at Cambridge House International's Vancouver Resource Investment Conference. 

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