Larry Sinclair: Obama’s gay lover murdered to keep Obama’s record clean {VIDEO}


Barack Obama accused of smoking crack rock cocaine and homosexual activity with Larry Sinclair. Sinclair Alleges that in 1999, He and Barack Obama Shared Gay Sex and Cocaine 

Sinclair has since agreed to a polygraph, challenged Obama to do the same

Sinclair has Filed a Federal Lawsuit Against Obama and Others for Harrassment and Intimidation Since the Video Came Out

The Mainstream Press has Remained Monolithically Mute 

The internet is abuzz with an ongoing story where a man alleges he and Senator Barack Obama had gay sex and did illegal drugs in 1999. While the MSM is aware of this story, no one in the MSM has touched it with a ten foot pole.

Is this yet another non-story where the MSM, as watchdogs, decide not to report it? Or is the story about the MSM itself, that the MSM is withholding a potentially damaging report about a popular candidate running in the 2008 election for its own convoluted reasons?

While the MSM continues to ignore this story, the internet has taken up the slack, various blogs have reported on Sinclair and his claims of his illicit involvement with Senator Obama







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  1. Steven Dorfman

    Lets see: the dude is an admitted, liar, forger, theif, embezzler, drug user, homosexual.  He has no credibility based on his own admission of NUMEROUS criminal activities.  He might have neen more credible if the limo driver cam forward, but of course that was not the cae.

    1. Johnny Gotchya

      'Steven Dorfman' you jerk….people know.  What did you think our reactions would be to all the dead bodies surrounding these sickos?  Joan Rivers, and the arkancides around the Clintons….NOTHING HERE! BUSINESS AS USUAL….lol bet you can't explain Larry's death in a way that would make sense to ANYBODY.  And we both know why, eh Stevey boy 😉

      1. Joshua

        First, he failed the lie detector test. Second, he is not dead. Idiot.

      2. LadyLiz

        Yah they got bodies. Every and anyone that got in there way, is no longer here. Wiki leaks, Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, the guys from Lincoln Park, the other musician, the federal judges son answered the front door to there home was killed and her husband was also shot 4 days after she got that case against Ducchi Bank to find Jeffrey Epstein’s mmoney to pay the victims he trafficked, the lidy goes on and on…

    2. Ryan

      Yes but what about Sinclair?


    What bothers me is how easy all of these claims could be disproven but the media won't cover it and the Obamas won't acknowledge it.


    i understand the concept that if someone makes an outlandish claim you're u don't take the bait, but this is more than gossip, there is tns of evidence to support these accusations.


    if the Obamas really were the good guys and had nothing to hide, they'd enjoy proving all the conspiracy theorists wrong!!

    1. James Samaras

      Right??? Show me your vagina Michael!

  3. Todd Smithers

    I have no doubt that Obama is a homosexual. The evidence is overwhelming, not just in Sinclair's testimony, but in so many other areas. Do you research, and you will attain the same results I have.

    1. Joe Blow

      2former lovers from the bath house days that committed suicide via bullets in the back of the head with muzzle burn on the skin. You mean that research?

  4. toby

    Sinclairs death is one of many that are suspicious, because of their knowledge of Obamas secrets/wrong doings. Eliminate the threat, the end justifies the means!

  5. Liberals are demons

    I wonder if Obama knew Jeffrey Epstein… I suppose we’ll find out if Larry Sinclair really was telling the truth – because we know Obama will not.

  6. Roger Rabbit

    It’s all true, Obama is bi-sexual and the Clintons have killed hundreds.
    Watch this:


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