Malaysia Flight 17 – Christine Legarde Occult Message Connection! (Video)


US (2)


Malaysia Airlines flight #MH17, a Boeing 777 is shot down on 17/7/14 apparently after being built 17 years ago.  Perhaps this speech in the video above, this occult message was an order given to whomever by her to shoot this plane down as maybe a sacrifice or a false flag to further their goals?   If you dont understand the connection watch the video first then you will get it.  It also had 295 people on board.  2+9+5 = 16 1+6 = 7.

UPDATE: on skynews just now, reporter said flight departure was 11:14 (1+1+1+4=7) and to arrive at 06:10 (6+1=7)

First Flight: 17 July 1997
Last Flight: 17 July 2014
Age: 17 Years




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