Martial Law Cannot Be Far Away Now! Massive Car To Car Warrantless Search In DC Region

The ‘Police State’ in America officially exploded into the DC Capitol Region as hundreds of cars were stopped in a massive roadblock and a warrantless car to car search ensued for alleged bank robbers and drivers were met by the likes of what we see below. One woman had to vomit and was ordered to close her door. The story unfolds below. Live cell phone video of ‘the event’ is also below.

As described, these searches were in no way consensual and were performed with the motorists under duress.   Nothing ordered at gunpoint can ever be considered voluntary.  Not surprisingly, we have not seen a report of anyone brave enough to refuse the hostile violation of the 4th amendment.



Is THIS really what we want our country and our society to be like? If so, this is proof that the terrorists won…America has turned into a police state.

 ROCKVILLE, MD — Thousands of motorists were brought to a standstill when police conducted a massive roadblock to find three crime suspects.  Twelve lanes of traffic were shut down and swarms of armed government agents combed through a giant traffic jam performing warrantless vehicle-to-vehicle searches.


 The busy Tuesday morning commute was abruptly halted just after 10:00 a.m. on March 11th.  One driver told ABC News that traffic stopped and he witnessed 30 police cars pass on the shoulders of I-270 near Rockville.  “Then, when I saw a wall of police officers with automatic weapons approaching our cars, it was apparent that something serious was taking place.”I270-manhunt3

Miles of cars were stranded and motorists were confined to their vehicles, with no explanation, for over an hour.  Confused people exiting their vehicles were met with hostility from the police.   WTOP reported that one woman leaned out her door to vomit, she was shouted at by cops to close her door.


“It’s just awful,” motorist Carmel Desroche to WJLA, describing the traffic jam.  “I’ve never seen both directions of 270 like this before.  It was painful.”


While stuck in traffic, motorists were approached by armed agents and ordered at gunpoint to submit to warrantless searches of the interior of their vehicles.  The Washington Post interviewed an innocent driver named Don Troop who experienced the ordeal.


A group of officers made its way to his car and other cars around him. “They were just walking along saying: ‘Pop the trunk! Pop the trunk!’”

He overheard a man in a truck next to him call out to another motorist: The police are looking for bank robbers. A short time later, about nine officers approached his car — including state police in tan uniforms, county police in dark uniforms and at least one plainclothes officer wearing a yellow tie.

Among their commands to motorists that Troop heard:

“Stay in your car.”

“Pop the trunk.”

“Get your hands on the steering wheel. Get you hands up where we can see them.”

By Live Free or Die

Source: beforitsnews.comI270-manhunt2



  1. Spanish Fly

    I wonder what would have happened if someone said no warrant fuck off and drove away…

    1. Brandon Magoon

      They would have shot him or tazed him or beat the shit out of him, the department would have backed him up and the media would report that the moterest was a dirt bag who got what he deserved.

    2. Ttrexxx

      Maybe some one will rape or kill your daughter or wife…then we can enjoy your comments…lol

    3. JOEL

      Bows… arrows. ..quietly!!!

  2. jesus_loves_you!

    what a bunch of douche bag law enforcement and stupid sheeples.

  3. Rober Wojnar

    Kidnapped kids dont get this kind of response, but when a bunch of fiat currency goes missing, cops stop everyone and use them as cover while they make the arrest.  I have a mixed opinion on this.  Yeah, it got the job done, but also could have been tragic for the cars that were stuck next to the suspects.  Sometimes cornering an animal is not always the best idea.  Thankfully nothing bad happened and i am glad they caught them.

    1. Frankster

      You're kidding, right?  How often do you think cops do nothing if they know exactly where a kidnapped girl is. the specific car and freeway.  It's ridiculous to think that they wouldn't respond to a kidnapping any less seriously.  When was the last time you heard of a bank robbery going like this?  All the pieces had to come together to make it work and you probably won't hear of it happing again for a long time.  

  4. Ryan

    So what happens if they someone is caught with the money? Would they be smart enough to know to have the case dismissed with a counter suit claiming that there was not a valid warrant issued to obtain the evidence against them.

    They are justifying criminal activity to find criminals, there is no sense in that unless you're an idiot. 

    1. Will Debley

      They had suspect and vehicle information. There is no way to claim an illegal stop. They were caught. Vehicle searches are different then home searches. The guys were acting super suspicious as well

  5. Save the [email protected] on!

    Why dont they do this when there is a child missing.  Its all about ego.  God cares more about saving lives, than catching these burgerlers.  Next time a child is abducted, I would love to see this happen!

  6. stvjas

    so this is the new type of false flag to get you used to being unlawfully searched. What happens when a person of ill health has a heartattache or worse, do they send in the parmedics or let you die in traffic and call it collaterall damage? just sayin 

    1. cedup

      low standardd, high steroids, low down interstate highways, hey, YOU paid for it, cops take it away, freedom of movement, nah, we have hats and STEROIDS, OBEY!

  7. Richard Lowry

    You haven't told the entire story. The police were chasing armed men who had just robbed a bank. Traffic was stopped, cars were searched until the bank robbers were found and arrested. No shots were fired and no one was hurt. 

    1. Brandon Magoon

      But lots of people had their civil rights violated.

    2. Will Debley


  8. ssquidy

    “Unique & bold” are a poor description of the gross violation of hundreds of citizens civil liberties and no amount stolen from Wells Fargo or any other bank could justify the cost of our national dignity.

  9. Neeley

    Their job is to protect and defend and after all the police shootings in the area over the last year if this is what the higher ups felt was the best (and safest) way to control the situation then we need to support that. Last I checked when we get our drivers license we signed that we will allow our vehicles to be searched when requested by law enforcement. And yes Spanish Fly I too would have loved to see someone say fuck it and drive off then the officers would have the opportunity to escalate their force and innocent people could have received injuries… Then we would actually have a conversation on what went wrong.

    1. Brandon Magoon

      You need to check again.People don't sign anything saying that we will allow our vehicles to be searched when requested by law enforcement. The job of the police is to protect the GOVERNMENT from crime. They aren't there to protect us and even if they were  that doesn't justify violating the civil rights of 1,000's of people.

    2. cedup

       Neeley, what world are you on, your drivers licences allows warrantless searched of your vheicle, really, you have to be a moron!

  10. Michael

    Another thing that needs to be pointed out – I guess they had all that firepower because if the suspects opened fire, the police intended to massacre about 20 civilians who were in the line of fire? I guess American citizens are acceptable collateral damage if you are stopping property thieves? What were the police thinking? "Let's get all the civilians in the area packed in close proximity to armed robbers, and keep them hostage there. If there is a massive shootout, their bodies will act as shields for us."

  11. Rob

    They’re at war with us.

    We’re sitting around waiting for another November.

  12. Janet Nutting

    Great job by law enforcement. So big deal some people were inconvienced they caught the bank robbers and the money was retrieved. Might i add money placed in a bank by hard working people. When a bank is robbed it affects all of us. So i feel law enforcement tactics by anymeans necessary to apprehend these fools was warrented.

    1. Marc Pruyser

      I agree

    2. rubyt

      Janet…your missing the point……keeping citizens in the line of fire over money is unacceptable. Have you ever heard of the FDIC….   the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT INSURES THE MONEY IN THE BANK THE PEOPLE LOSE NOTHING. THE SAFETY OF A POLICE STATE IS NOT WORTH LOSING OUR FREEDOMS!

    3. Michael

      You wouldn't have felt so good about the outcome if –
      The bank robbers, cornered, opened fire in a place packed with civilians with no escape. And the police then returned fire. The resultant firefight killing scores of civilians intentionally put in dense quarters with armed, potentially dangerous men, by the police. And one or more of your relatives were slaughtered in the firefight.

      It's money. More money can be made, people cannot be replaced. The police acted with reckless disregard for human life. They acted in an illegal, Unconstitutional manner. The police intentionally put thousands of people in a position where they could not move, and were packed densely between two heavily armed, opposing groups.

      You should move to Iran. They use these kind of tactics there. In America, you are a problem because all of us don't want our rights taken away, or our lives by reckless and careless "authorities." Please, move to Iran.

  13. cedup

    Interfering with Interstate commerce by stopping all those trucks is a federal crime ain't it?  This country is DOOMED, it's over

  14. pua mana

    Doesn't say in the article if they FOUND the alleged Bank Robbers ! Did they ?

  15. fed up with the criminals with badges

    what if when the cops stopped all these cars,the bankrobbers started a fire fight in the middle of all those inocent citizens. of course the cops and the media would say that it was out of their control. you asshole cops put citizens lives at risk by doing  this stupid crap. you are supposed to protect and serve the citizens of this country, not use them as shields to protect should all (cops and   their commanders)be brought on civil and criminal charges.

  16. Dan

    you americans should stop bitching about police doing their job! Even not living there, I do agree there's excess of police force sometimes, but put your house instead of the bank, or your car, or your wife/daughter/sun getting robbed at gunpoint. I bet the perspective would change.

    Come to Brazil, get robbed here, or kidnapped and put inside your own trunk, and then watch police seat on their asses, make you fill up a report and just tell u like it happened with me "yeah, this is happening a lot on the past fe months, it's getting worse."

    1. Dan


    2. rubyt

      The US has a constitution that protects us from warrentless searches. That is why I don't live in Brazil.

    3. Michael

      You are under the mistaken impression that police in America stop crime. Armed citizens stop 13 criminals to every 1 stopped by police. Police show up AFTER crimes have been committed and write reports, count bodies, and look for someone dumb enough to wait around long enough to get caught.

      The police in this case put thousands at risk, between two heavily armed groups. There could have been a bloodbath of all the civilians trapped there, by the police. Not to mention we have a Constitution which prevents violating the rights of thousands to stop a few criminals…


      1. Rich D'Auria

        Michael, There are no Constitutional Protections that prevent the police from stopping traffic and looking in vehicles to apprehend Armed Felons. The "If's" are endless, what if the next bank robbery caused the deaths of tellers. What if they were being chased and they collided with a van full of children, etc, etc, etc! The fact are, the felons were captured, no one was injured, and no Constitutioal Rights were violated!


    4. David Rosato

      Yes Dan, you are correct about Brazil. If you are robbed  here, you go the Civil Police and get the same routine. They say they will investigate and look into it and so on. I have heard from several people that the only way they make an effort to help is when you pay them money-very corrupt! Brazil has a major problem with security as well as many other problems.

  17. Dr Hook

    Bottom line, they got em!

  18. Rich D'Auria

    Police have never needed a Warrant to look for wanted felons! The search was for human beings which the police were in hot pursuit of. Looking into vehicles is by no means a search protected by the Constitution. as there is no expection of privacy when in open view! This is merely an article trying to sensationalize and make it appear to be an unlawful search!


  19. Thomas in Jacksonville

    They were once called Peace Officers.  Now they are refered to as Jack Booted Brown Shirted Thugs.  So sad. 

  20. norman

    it worked of stop fucking crying 

  21. giofighter

    Police are a reactionary force.

    They are NOT here to protect you or me or any citizen. 

    They are agents of the state for 

    1. Control

    2. Revenue generation.

    If any one tells you otherwise, they are ill informed, or they work for the police and want to continue

    with the propoganda that they are here for the populace.

    "To Protect and to Serve" was taken off of Los Angeles Police cars because people thought it was meant for them….the police are SERVANTS of the gov't.

    We are the worst police state in the Western world and are quickly going to surpass non western nations.


  22. Brent Carter

    can we say thank you patriot act this is what happens when laws are enacted that violate our civil rights that we are guarateed under the constitution


  23. Eric

    Janet Nutting, you are a nut.  Your money is insured by the FDIC, and people's accounts are not threatened by bank robberies.  There is no reason WHATSOEVER for the authorities to conduct warrantless searches on this scale.  This is a clear violation of every American citizen's civil rights.  The power mongers controlling this nation have whittled away at our rights and we are being conditioned to believe that these methods are normal and acceptable.  THIS IS NOT NORMAL OR ACCEPTABLE!!! All you statists who are posting in defense of the police and their Gestapo tactics need to be re-educated on your Constitutionally protected rights.  Do yourself a favor and grab a copy of the Constitution and Bill Of Rights and READ IT!  Then maybe you'll be able to see that we no longer live in the United States created and intended by our forefathers.

  24. Chuck

    Congratulations to the newly realized state of Maryland, communist capitol of America. This is where they practice Putin like standards of law (whatever's necessary). The picture of the troopers and policemaen walking thru the stopped traffic, weapons drawn, ordering people into their cars, and then retribution to the fellow who told others what law enforcement was looking for. Its a disgusting look at what's coming and how far our society has allowed law enforcement to go in the name of safety. God help us.


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  26. Candy Girl

    All of mindless sheeple just sitting there in fear and moving, when as a massive show of force, they could have run the cops over and forced their vehicles out of the way, especially with Semi-Rigs…  This is all Bullshit. If you don't fight back, you deserve to your stay at a local FEMA Camp!


  27. Rich D'Auria

    Candy Girl, How many police officers have you run over or police cars have you rammed who dared to stop your vehicle! 


  28. R B

    “Pop the trunk!”

    “Without a warrant? Fuck off.”

    Yes I’d be assaulted. Yes I’d be hospitalized. But yes, after I sued their asses, I’d be set.


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