Warning! We Are on the Preface of Something So Big it Will Shake the Financial World to its Core! Fraud, Corruption & Mysterious Banker Deaths (Video) Doug Hagman

Fraud, Corruption & Mysterious Banker Deaths

March 16 2014


Corruption, big oil, Crimea, missing gold, the hijacked Malaysia airline, and the mysterious banker deaths. More and more financial executives are being murdered. Money theft that the world has ever seen!

This professional video digs deep into the bankster topic, covering and summing up all of the deaths and the agenda exposed.


Starting at approx 2:00 into the video

Are you prepared?

-1a1 sin prayer 2(1)


By Due Diligence

Source: beforeitsnews.com


  1. marytormey

    Forgive everyone it is time to end Usury.


  2. Andy Hunter

    When are in a very dangerous place today.. That we can't even trust the people who govern us.. We really do need a savior because the future really does look bleak… We are heading towards World War III and nothing can't stop it from happening.. The U.S will be destroyed by its own President, that was his job in the first place and it has come to bloom..He has made deals with America's enemies there is a reported 250.000 Chinese soldiers on American soil with Russians as well just waiting for orders to take down this great country.. The Presidents destruction of the U.S.A will be his legacy for history to report..


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