Retired Navy Intel Officer Drops Nuclear Bombshell On Globalists NWO Plans For Ukraine


Alex Jones is joined by a retired US Navy Intel Officer who warns us that the globalists have an agenda for the Ukraine and that agenda calls for provoking Russia into a first-strike nuclear attack. Warning us that Ukraine is just a ‘throwaway country’ to the globalists, a Russian first-strike attack will allow the globalists to unleash unholy hell, a thunderous return strike in the region that will allow the globalists to complete their REAL agenda.


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  1. Chris Alspach

    The obamanation and their traitorous co-horts in DC are dangerous to begin with but now with a resurrgent constitutionalist republican threat they are cornered rats. All the trillions Americans have poured into the military and intel communities you would figure someone could come up with a way to neutralize this obvious domestic threat to Life and Liberty.If not I am sure the next purge should America survive this moron traitor be at the several academies and langley and rightly so.


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