Sandy Hook: Whole City Got Free Houses! (Stunning Video)

New information has come to light about Sandy Hook and the residents who resided there. It would seem their mortgages were paid off and they received free homes. Why? Why would Sandy Hook give away houses? Because it was a set for a major False Flag Op. This is incredible information is yet another piece to this puzzle. Still think it was just a random massacre?

LINK to look for yourself:… Just pick Newtown as the city and then plug in any street name.

By N. Morgan




  1. Susang

    ~~Ok, as someone who actually researches documents for a living, I do have an explanation for his theory.
    If you look at what he is pointing to, not the "date of sale" in the column before tht you will see "book/page". that is the book and page that the document of sale or deed is recorded. if they were all done on 12/25/2009, those numbers would be in succession. at least in the same book, but it has books numbered in the 300's to the 800's. Which tells me that these recordings were done over a period of time, probably years. The date and the "zero" as the amount shown are default numbers and not accurate. Also the 'date of sale" is not the same as the date of "recording", Every document has 2 pertinent dates. Date of execution and the date of recording.
    I know this guy thinks he happens upon some great mystery, but he didn't. Anyone can go to the courthouse and pull those books to see the actual documents, whether they be mortgages or deeds or release of mortgage. I do it every day all day…nothing to see here folks. Sorry.

    1. Larry Johnstone

      Your explanation does not make sense altogether.
      All having the same date of 12/25 with a zero for what appears to be where the mortgage numbers would be, wouldn't it?

  2. msbetz

    Lying for the government to fellow Americans pays very well indeed.


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