Martial Law Declared In Old Saybrook Connecticut (VIDEO)

We at GMN have been warning our readers that the police would now use the the police state method of “ Sheltering in place” all across our nation. Since the events of the Boston bombing shootout in Watertown MA where the police actually locked down the town of Watertown MA so they could apprehend the so called Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Since then, there have been many times where cities and towns have used the precedent of the Watertown MA “Shelter in Place” lockdown to catch the terrorists . It was there where the police started to use the term (“ Shelter In Place”)  which in all actuality is just another phrase for Martial law. 

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Well, it happened again last night in the town of Old Saybrook Ct , only this time it wasn’t a terrorist that the police were after, this time it was a burglary suspect  they were trying to apprehend  by using the Police State method of Shelter in Place.


Search for Suspect Continues After Massive Manhunt in Old Saybrook

Police in Old Saybrook and Westbrook are continuing to search for an “extremely dangerous” burglar and are warning residents to lock their doors.

Police said the man broke into a home on Mill Rock Road in Old Saybrook, but was interrupted when the homeowner returned around 7:45 p.m.

The man fled in a car stolen from New London earlier in the day, then crashed on School House Road, according to police.

Residents within a mile and a half of the town park off School House Road were told to “shelter in place” on Wednesday night as police and K-9 units canvassed the area and set up roadblocks.




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