Real Or Viral Hoax? Dragon Shot Dead In A House In West Malaysia

Dragon – He’s Bleeding

Take a good look at the photos in this album. They were sent to me by someone in the area. This is what the person wrote (Please remember that English may be a second language for him/her). Here we go:


A dragon has been shot dead in a house in West Malaysia. An fruit orchard owner were asleep in the 2nd floor room of the home woke up when he heard the screams of rabbits and sound like an odd noise tiger. Orchard owner continue peek of stairs found a strange animal with two horns and a long mustache is suck a male rabbit. Because aid, he continued to take an auto rifle and fired eight shots cause the odd animal fell to the floor. After ensuring these animals really dead he was shocked to find it is a dragon with fluffy white rabbit fur. He told reporters that, “I do not think that the animal is a white dragon. Extremely surprised me” because according to Chinese belief when a dragon enters the house, it will bring ‘luck’ and horns can fetch millions of dollars. However, he does not plan to sell any part of the body of the animal and will preserve the dead animal for public viewing.











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