Doomsayers have long thought that a huge mystical alien world called Nibiru – or Planet X – is hurtling through space and will appear in our skies at any moment.
The planet will wipe out most of mankind, believers warn.

And now Pope Francis has been named among a group of “elite leaders” who are said to be suppressing information on the deadly planet.
“The Vatican has known about it for centuries as it is written in the Book of Revelation. They control much more than you know.”

He claims US President Ronald Regan was told about Nibiru by NASA back in the 1980s and then received a call from the Vatican and was forced to sign an agreement not to speak about it.

Nibiru conspiracy theorists believe a group of ancient families ruled Planet X at the beginning of time, and continue to pull the strings from behind the scenes.
And according to CJ, the mysterious families behind Planet X are waiting for the apocalypse-like ”great cataclysm” so they can start a new world under their “Luciferian order”.

Space boffins at NASA repeatedly denied the existence of the alien planet until recently.

Speaking last month, the space agency said the mysterious “super-Earth” – which is 10 times the weight of our planet – may be so powerful it is pulling the other planets out of orbit and even tilting the entire Solar System to one side.


Caltech researchers have found mathematical evidence suggesting there may be a “Planet X” deep in the solar system. This hypothetical Neptune-sized planet orbits our Sun in a highly elongated orbit far beyond Pluto. The object, which the researchers have nicknamed “Planet Nine,” could have a mass about 10 times that of Earth and orbit about 20 times farther from the Sun on average than Neptune. It may take between 10,000 and 20,000 Earth years to make one full orbit around the Sun.

The announcement does not mean there is a new planet in our solar system. The existence of this distant world is only theoretical at this point and no direct observation of the object nicknamed “Planet 9” have been made. The mathematical prediction of a planet could explain the unique orbits of some smaller objects in the Kuiper Belt, a distant region of icy debris that extends far beyond the orbit of Neptune. Astronomers are now searching for the predicted planet.

In Depth

In January 2015, Caltech astronomers Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown announced new research that provides evidence of a giant planet tracing an unusual, elongated orbit in the outer solar system. The prediction is based on detailed mathematical modeling and computer simulations, not direct observation.

This large object could explain the unique orbits of at least five smaller objects discovered in the distant Kuiper Belt.

“The possibility of a new planet is certainly an exciting one for me as a planetary scientist and for all of us,” said Jim Green, director of NASA’s Planetary Science Division.

The Caltech scientists believe Planet X may have has a mass about 10 times that of Earth and be similar in size to Uranus or Neptune. The predicted orbit is about 20 times farther from our Sun on average than Neptune (which orbits the Sun at an average distance of 2.8 billion miles). It would take this new planet between 10,000 and 20,000 years to make just one full orbit around the Sun (where Neptune completes an orbit roughly every 165 years).

When was it Discovered?

Planet X has not yet been discovered, and there is debate in the scientific community about whether it exists. The prediction in the Jan. 20 issue of the Astronomical Journal is based on mathematical modeling.

What is its Name?

Batygin and Brown nicknamed their predicted object “Planet Nine,” but the actual naming rights of an object go to the person who actually discovers it. The name used during previous hunts for the long suspected giant, undiscovered object beyond Neptune is “Planet X.”

If the predicted world is found, the name must be approved by the International Astronomical Union. Planets are traditionally named for mythological Roman gods.

Why Do They Think It’s There?

Astronomers studying the Kuiper Belt have noticed some of the dwarf planets and other small, icy objects tend to follow orbits that cluster together. By analyzing these orbits, the Caltech team predicted the possibility that a large, previously undiscovered planet may be hiding far beyond Pluto.

They estimate the gravity of this potential planet might explain the unusual orbits of those Kuiper objects.

The Unusual Alignment of Extreme trans-Neptunian Objects (ETNO)

The evidence for a distant Planet Nine has continued to strengthen. (Remember Pluto is no longer a planet.)

But there is only one form of evidence. The unusual alignment of Extreme trans-Neptunian Objects (ETNO)

Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNO)

A TNO is any object that orbits the Sun at an average distance greater than the orbit of Neptune. Extreme trans-Neptunian Objects (ETNO) are a small subset of these.

ETNOs have their entire orbit beyond Neptune (30 astronomical units i.e. 30 AU), and an average distance from the Sun greater than 150 AU. Only 12 known bodies fall into this category. They range from a diameter of 70km to to 1000km (Sedna). Sedna is the most distant object in the solar system ever observed.

ETNOs have highly elliptical orbits, and have all been discovered near their closest approach to the Sun – otherwise they would be undetectable.


Speculation about Planet Nine began in 2014. It was based on the lop-sided nature of the orbits of the 6 ETNOs then known

Further Evidence

Since then an additional 6 ETNOs have been discovered. The following diagram shows their orbits and current locations. Although two appear to orbit on the same side as the hypothetical Planet Nine, they are entirely consistent with it, being in “orbital resonance” with the proposed planet. Notice all are currently near their closest approach to the Sun.

Also notice in the centre, Uranus (light blue), Neptune (dark blue) and Pluto (purple) in this magnified view.

Note that these odd orbits are the only evidence for a Planet Nine. Astronomers dispute how strong the evidence is – giving chances between 70% and almost certain, with 90% being a common conservative estimate.

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Planet Nine

The matter will not be settled until a Planet Nine is found or all but ruled out. The mass of such a planet must be about 10 times that of Earth, similar to Uranus and Neptune. It’s likely composition would make it four times the diameter of Earth, and it would orbit the Sun once every 15,000 years. Its average distance from the Sun would be 700 AU, 20 times as far as Neptune, although it would currently be beyond this.

Fears of a looming apocalypse reached new heights this year as Christian prophets and conspiracy theorists proclaimed the end is nigh.

Mythical planet Nibiru is at the centre of these fears.

It was supposed to hit us last month, but the date was revised based on apocalyptic passages in the Bible that claim it will be visible before end of the year.

A leading figure in the so-called Nibiru Cataclysm movement believes that Planet X’s gravitational pull will whip up 740mph tsunamis and earthquakes registering 9.8 on the richter scale here on Earth.

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