Notice How Quiet Russia Has Been Over Syria? The Middle East is about to find out “No” means “No”

Over the past few days, there has been a whirlwind of media attention over events in Syria and a likely Invasion of that country.  Syria, as everyone knows, is an ally of Russia and Russia is operating inside that country, with the permission of its lawfully elected government.

Despite a whirlwind of statements from several Arab nations, NATO and the UN, Russia has only said two things:

1) If ground troops from any nation enter Syria without Damascus' permission, it will be a declaration of war." AND;

2) The Americans – the American President and our Arab partners – have to ask themselves if they want permanent war."

Other than those two public statements, Russia has been very quiet.  The fact that the Russians have said nothing is a very revealing thing: There is no more left to say.

The time for talking is over.

Actions will determine the future.

If this . . . . then that.

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It's quite simple, really. Russia has said "If any foreign ground forces enter Syria without Damascus' permission, it will be a declaration of war."

Russia says what it means and means what it says; a rarity in today's world.

So the line has been clearly drawn by Russia. Now, it's up to the rest of the world to decide whether or not Russia's statements mean what they actually said?

This is a mistake that many are about to make. The Arabs, ever shifty as a matter of culture, do not realize they are dealing with an absolute. No means no.

The Arabs are acting just plain stupid in this regard. They apparently think if they come into Syria with a big enough force, and fast enough, they will simply over-run the nation.

The idea that their troops will be vaporized by tactical, battlefield, nuclear weapons, didn't even occur to them.

Now that some alternative media sites (like this one) have stated this is precisely what will take place, those sites are receiving heavy and sustained visits from people in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar and elsewhere in the Middle East.  Folks are now rapidly waking up to the fact tactical nukes may very well be used.

Rather than face this reality and pull back, these nations seem to be going into psychological "denial." They seem to be thinking ""Russia wouldn't dare."   Not to put too fine a point on it but, Yes, they would.

Turkey is proving to be worst of all.  That country has a leader, Erdogan, who seems to have become a maniac. Perhaps he suffers from some delusion about being some religious prophet or calling-down the Mahdi . . . or whatever they call it.

He — Erdogan of Turkey — will be the first hot head to move and, if we read Russia correctly, they will allow him to come right over the border, deep into Syria, before they strike.

Once Turkish troops are sufficiently inside Syria, the Russians will unleash force in such a fury, the Turks won't know what hit them!  It will be horrible — and glorious — all at the same time (depending upon which side you're on!)

But regardless of the side you're on, it will already be too late for those Turkish troops. Few if any will get out alive.

We suspect the rest of the Arabs will see this and run like hell. End of war.

The US has neither the cash nor the inclination to enter a war with Russia.  We also have a limp-wristed weakling as our President. As we saw several years ago with his "Red Line" about chemical weapons in Syria, Obama TALKS a good game, but when push comes to shove, he's a girly-man.  No stomach for a fight.  We will even go so far as to say all this trouble in the Middle East is Obama's fault!  If he weren't such a  candy-assed wimp, a lot of the troubles that have flared-up around the world, would never have taken place.

 As for NATO, the Europeans are so mentally weak from political correctness, and so financially wrecked by their socialistic systems, they can't even protect their own borders!  NATO can't say no to wild hordes of barbaric invaders, what will they do when someone actually starts shooting at them on a battlefield?  RUN AWAY!


NATO, in other words, is a joke.

Within a few days, we'll see an explosion of military action in and around Syria.  We will see a brutal defeat of Turkey and Saudi Arabia, then cooler heads will suddenly prevail. We hope.

Yet, part of us is very concerned due to the old adage made famous in the movie "Forrest Gump:"  Stupid is as stupid does.  Obama and his left-wing, liberal cry-babies are, if nothing else, stupid.  They may yet get all of us killed by talking tough against a country like Russia who is not afraid of their bluster.

Like it or not, Russia is a super power. 

Now think back a few years to when President Limp Wrist went on TV and referred to Russia as a "regional power."  That misstatement was a huge miscalculation.  History will record that from the moment Obama uttered those words, everything in the world went to hell in a hand basket.

Stupid is as stupid does.




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