Nuclear Attack Pending? Russia Putting 40 Million Citizens into 5,000 Shelters from October 4 – 7 as Military “Exercise”

Nuclear Attack Pending? Russia Putting 40 Million Citizens into 5,000 Shelters from October 4 – 7 as Military "Exercise"

Many a military attack was staged as though it was a military "exercise."  So why is Russia putting forty MILLION citizens into 5,000 Hardened Shelters as a Civil Defense "Exercise" from October 4 thru 7?  That's about 8,000 people per shelter, a very manageable number.  Are we about to be attacked?  Could be!

Given the terrible state of relations between Russia and the west, with the US having paid to forcbily overthrow the elected President of Ukraine, with NATO having surrounded Russia and now activating "Missile Defense" systems in Poland and Romania which are capable of shooting down Russian Missiles, have the Russians finally had enough abuse from us?  Are they going to put an end to it using the ONLY language understood by the US Government and it's NATO puppets? (The only language the feds understand is Force) 

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Frankly, right now would be the perfect time for Russia to launch an actual attack.  

The US is totally unprepared to protect, nevermind save, any Americans from a nuclear attack.  The US halted all Civil Defense programs decades ago.  Our citizens don't even know to "Duck and Cover" when they see the flash of an atomic explosion.


It gets worse: 

Our citizens don't know how to fish, or hunt, to trap, or kill, skin and prepare a dead animal to be eaten.  Hell, our women don't even know how to pluck feathers from a chicken or any other bird and half the young girls in the nation right now have no idea at all how to COOK!  The boys are so pussified by political correctness, three-quarters of them can't even change a flat tire on a car, nevermind go out and hunt/fish/kill for food.  

And our young people: They've become such weaklings that even college-age kids have become emotional snowflakes who need "safe-spaces" if they are "triggered" by . . . . . "words, attitudes or ideas" . . . . . they disagree with.  Fucking Weaklings – ALMOST ALL OF THEM!

While we as a nation have been arguing about letting mentally fucked-up, trans-sexual perverts into normal bathrooms, the Russians have been training their children to fight and to shoot.  Our kids get suspended from school if they point their fingers like a fucking gun.  That's how sissy-mary cowardly our culture has become.

Quite simply, we're ripe for conquest . . . and we have liberal democrat "progressives" and their Marxist sabotage of our social, cultural, educational and political systems to blame for it.

If the Russians actually attack, and you survive, in the event you come across a "Progressive" . . . .  kill it on sight.  It's their just-reward for weakening our nation.

In the event that we actually ARE attacked this week, the video below may save your life. There, we've just done more to protect you, than the entire federal government has done in about 60 years.

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In the few days between now and October 7 when the Russians will have their citizens safely stored away in shelters, you may want to put emergency water jugs in your basement (one gallon per person, per day), along with a substantial supply of canned foods — and a can opener — so you might be able to survive for awhile. You may want to have blankets and extra clothing to keep you warm. Obviously a flashlight with spare batteries is essential.  We'd suggest batteries for a portable radio, but chances are all electronics will be fried once the first nuke detonates.  Oh, what the heck, have a radio and spare batteries; it can't hurt.  If you have firearms and ammunition, put some in the basement for protection if everything goes to hell. Filter masks ofN-95 or N100 and swimming goggles will keep radiation out if you must go outside. Remember, radiation washes right off your skin with soap and water, but is lethal if inhaled or eaten.  Oh, and don't forget plastic bags and a bucket to use as a bathroom.  


The map below, from NUKEMAP shows the effect of a (typical) twenty megaton Russian ICBM hitting the Empire State building in Manhattan.  You can visit NUKEMAP to find similar info for your city.

Nuclear Attack


We trust our readers to be sensible, logical people. We know that our readers prefer to have the facts, and an assessment of the logically possible, in order for them to make their own decisions.

We are, however,  cognizant of the possibility that some folks who are emotional-retards, might also be directed to this site and to them we say: THIS IS JUST A POSSIBILITY, IT IS NOT DEFINITE!  We may be here a week from now -and nothing will have happened – and we can all laugh that we thought the worst!

So don't go off, half-cocked, thinking this is somehow the end of the world, and do something incredibly STUPID like kill yourself or anyone else, because this "possibility" may be completely wrong.  

This is a time for planning, not panic.  So keep your wits about you and THINK before taking any action.  After all, what if we're wrong?

UPDATE  3:35 PM EDT  OCTOBER 3, 2016 —

Legislative elections were held in Russia on 18 September 2016.  The first formal session of the new legislature was scheduled for October 17.  Russia has now accelerated the date toOCTOBER 5, and all the members of the legislature will meet in a BOMB SHELTER as part of the upcoming"exercise" outlined above.  

Intelligence analysts are now speculating the only reason to call the new legislature into session early, and to do so in a bomb shelter, is for them to grant formal approval to launch a war.

Several Pentagon Intelligence analysts are saying "This is staring us right in the face" but the level of "Denial" being encountered over this reality is said to be astonishing.  100% full psychological "denial."


The United States has just announced it has cut off all bilateral cooperation with Russia inside Syria.  US State Department official announcement HERE

 This is basically saying the US is planning to use military force inside Syria and they know it will involve attacks upon Russian forces inside Syria . . . but they're doing it anyway.  This is very likely to be how and where the war breaks out, and the reason Russia is moving its citizens into Bomb Shelters.  


They're ready to fight us over what's going on in Syria and if we attack Russians inside Syria, the Russia will have cause to attack Americans inside America.  Russia realizes that if they go ahead and do that, the US will undoubtedly strike back at Russia, but they'll have their people in Bomb Shelters.  We won't.

The only ones who lose in this fight will be Americans — left totally in the dark by our government and our mass-media over the coming calamity – until the blinding white flash.


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