NWO Will Take the World By Surprise, Are You Ready For it? WW3, Economic Collapse and a Literal Global Reset of Epic Proportions


The truth about the elites agenda is about to ‘slap us in the face’. No longer do they hide behind closed doors—no—they are wide open about their cause and they are laughing at the masses while secretly planning World War III…


Considering the fact that the crisis in Ukraine was prompted by the US coup which toppled a democratically elected government was conveniently forgotten, we can assume there is more headed our way. And if Vladimir Putin needed a reason to drive across the Ukraine boarder, he now has one with the death of 40 pro-Russian protesters in Odessa during a confrontation. Even though it’s possible the protests and deaths were sparked by the elite themselves. 

According to the latest RT news report, Ukraine’s National Guard invaded the eastern town of Kramatorsk even as it resumed its special operation in Slavyansk, where two soldiers were killed. Furthermore it has been reported that the guard opened fire on self-defense forces; dozens killed or injured. 


With Agenda 21 in play—a depopulation agenda—it is no surprise that the elite are attempting to ignite World War III all while poisoning their citizens with GMO’s, vaccines, aids, chemtrails, psychotropic’s, and more. 


Add to that the face that the Federal Reserve, a foreign agency, is creating billions of dollars out of thin air, we are 100% headed for an economic collapse of EPIC proportions. 


Furthermore a 30,000 year old virus has been revived from the frozen Siberian tundra and sparking concerns across the nation. Do you see where this is headed??????


In the video below NWOAgenda shares some IMPERATIVE Information on the coming global chaos about to take the world by surprise! Are you ready….






Source : beforeitsnews.com

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