President George H. W. Bush STOLE $70,000,000,000,000 (70 Trillion)


Gordon Duff and Stew Webb will literally blow your mind in this one of a kind interview. Full show with no commercials, because these guys are all about the TRUTH.  Watch and learn the truth about the crime syndicate that runs the United States (YES, REALLY!), alien technology, 9/11, free energy, weather weapons and much much more! Never have they put out so much truth as they do in this interview.

Bush is worth insane amounts of money because he’s been able to funnel money out of the taxpayers pockets into his own for about 20 years now.

was given the following photograph of George HW Bush by German Intelligence as a favor which shows Daddy Bush wearing the satanic Knights Templar 77 hat with the goat headed demon. Can a Christian wear the goat headed demon? The level is 34-99 in the top Satanic level the picture of Bush was years ago now he has risen to the top 12 who control the economies of the world worth nearly $60-$100 Trillion dollars.


Daddy Bush the Illuminati Wizard of Oz

This photograph is further proof that Daddy Bush is certainly not a Christian and as Anthony correctly states in the interview, you cannot be a Christian and be a member of Skull and Bones! George HW Bush and George W. Bush are admitted Skull and Bones members and have never publicly renounced their membership. Leonard Millman and George HW Bush were both member of Skull and Bones a Satnic Occult at Yale when they graduated.








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