PUTIN Warns U.S. About the NEW WORLD ORDER 2019!! All Need to See This!! Elites Plan to Crash World Economy

The Bilderberg group will coalesce in the Austrian Mountains at the Interalpen Hotel. How many of these instigators of widespread tyranny will be discussing their million dollar safe bunkers between meetings? As they plan to hide like moles while their hellish plans are unleashed on the gullible masses.

A decade ago, safe rooms would only have been of interest to A-list celebrities who wanted to protect against stalkers, but they are now becoming popular with elites who wish to guard against potential civil unrest which could cause crime rates to skyrocket in the aftermath of an economic collapse.
POPE WARNS THE WORLD – Pope Francis Warns Global Atmosphere Could Lead To End Times. Many conflicts across the planet amount to “a kind of being fought piecemeal and, in the context of global communications, we sense an atmosphere of war,” the pontiff said in a mass at Sarajevo’s Olympic Stadium during a one-day visit to the Bosnian capital. The 78-year-old then headed in his popemobile to the stadium, where he was given a rapturous reception by the 65,000-strong crowd.
The Pope’s warning shows the importance of everybody owning a little gold as financial insurance against the collapse of the economic system.

5 Warning Signs An Economic Collapse Is Looming
A collapse in the financial markets and the economy could be right around the corner, despite the media’s claims of an economic recovery.
In fact, there are signs than an economic meltdown similar to the one in 2008 is imminent. Additionally, some of the factors destabilizing the economy are being pointed to as economic good news.

  1. Price of oil is dropping. The falling price of oil is having a negative impact on the economies of a number of countries, including Canada. Experts are already predicting that oil prices of under a $50 a barrel will devastate the world economy and the Canadian economy – and thus, the US.
    “The longer oil prices remain low, the greater the chance that investment activity will be curtailed and wider growth imperiled,” David Tulk, a strategist at Toronto’s TD Securities, told Bloomberg.
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    Russia, another major oil producer, has already seen its currency, the Ruble, lose half of its value in less than a month and prompted comparisons to a similar situation that led to financial crisis in 1998. One effect of this is that banks which made loans to Russia could be vulnerable.
    The price of oil threatens the American shale oil revolution, which had seen significant growth with high oil prices. Now, some companies are cancelling drilling contracts.
    Stock prices in countries around the world have already been dragged down by oil prices. The Nikkei Index in Japan fell by 3 percent when news that oil was under $50 a barrel broke. Similar sell-offs occurred on Wall Street and in Europe.
  2. Stores are closing. Large numbers of retail stores are closing and large numbers of retail jobs are vanishing as the retail apocalypse continues. Recent headlines include: The clothing chain Wet Seal is planning to close 338 or 66 percent of its stores and lay off 3,695 full-time employees, Chain Store Age
    Another clothing retailer, C. Wonder, which was hailed as one of the hottest retailers when it started in 2018, is closing all 32 of its stores. Macy’s is planning to close 14 department stores and lay off 2,200 people.

Alco, a 113-year-old chain that operated 198 discount stores, is closing completely and putting 3,000 employees out of work, The Wall Street Journal The company blamed a “lingering economic slowdown” for the closures.
Sears, which also owns Kmart, is planning to close up to 116 stores in the next few months, Market Madhouse

  1. Household income is falling. Incredibly, income in 81 percent of the counties in the United States is still lower than it was in 1999, when adjusted for inflation, Off The Grid News reported. That means most consumers have less spending money than they did 16 years ago when Bill Clinton still was president. It also means that large numbers of Americans are in danger of falling out of the middle class.
  2. Subprime lending is making a comeback. That’s the practice of making loans to people who are high risk – and perhaps cannot pay them back. Many experts believe subprime mortgage lending was a major cause of the 2008 economic crisis. The New York Times’ Deal Book estimated that 27 percent of the auto loans issued in 2015 were subprime. And it’s also making its way back into the mortgage business. Wells Fargo is now once again making subprime home loans.
  3. The bond market is booming. The Times Deal Book called a recent rally in bond prices a “warning sign” and noted that the bond market has a proven track record for predicting economic problems. It pointed out that prices for US Treasury bonds are surging despite the fact those instruments are paying an interest rate of less than 2 percent. Investors buy bonds for security when they think stocks are about to collapse.

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In a recent Christmas speech, the most maligned man on the planet exposed the plot to destroy America and the West.

According to Tom Delay, former US House Majority Leader of the US Justice Department, a secret memo has just been discovered discussing the promotion of 12 of the most shocking sexual perversions, including the normalization of bestiality and the legalization of sex with little children, including infants and toddlers of both sexes.

The mind reels at this depravity in high places. 

One has to ask oneself: Who are these demons in human form, from the darkest pits of hell, who have  managed to gain control over the reins of government?

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump apparently have much in common, with Trump sharing many of Putin’s values. Putin has recently spoken of “a moral crisis in the West” in which the border lines between good and evil, male and female, normal and abnormal, have become increasingly blurred.

Homosexuality is now promoted not only as an “alternative lifestyle” but as superior  in many ways to heterosexuality. Marriage, especially Christian marriage, is ridiculed and the traditional family is held in open contempt. Sexual promiscuity is encouraged; and the most outrageous female sluts are now paraded on television, displaying acres of bare flesh in order to cater to the lascivious fantasies of an increasingly drug-addicted and brutalized population of semi-morons.

As the planned brutalization of man gathers pace, in accordance with the Rothschild-Rockefeller-Soros New World Order’s sinister agenda, “people will inevitably lose their human dignity,” Putin says.  

As a result, Putin in now being demonized by the Western media.

Amazingly, the man who is speaking out in favor of stricter mores—of the traditional family and sexual decency—is being portayed as “satanic”. You can’t make this up. Putin talks of “the degradation and primitivization of culture.” And for this he is roundly attacked by the secret agents for the normalization of human depravity.

“In such a unipolar, unified world there is no place for sovereign states,” Putin points out matter-of-factly, taking a swipe in the process at globalization and its cruel inequities and perversions. “Such a world needs merely vassals.”

We, it seems, are the Vassals. When have we not been vassals? We have always been vassals, haven’t we?

But the vassals are rising!

We have felt the iron boot on our necks, and we are rising at last from our long slumbers in the waiting rooms of hell.


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