Russian Warning “Emergency Measures” From Nuclear Abyss

Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev addressing the peoples of Russia about the Western colonial sanctions reaction to the “Special De-Nazification Operation” to liberate Ukraine, with him stating: “The result is abominable – these sanctions are directed specifically against the people of Russia…And no matter what the American and European leaders say about their claims of ‘punishing your bosses’, and ‘we love you, common citizens’ – this is pure nonsense…They hate us all!…At the heart of these decisions is hatred towards Russia – and its people…Hatred towards our culture – hence the attempt to cancel Tolstoy, Chekhov, Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich…Hatred for our religion – hence the desire to destroy the Russian Orthodox Church and impose sanctions against its patriarch…And it has always been this way…Russians should not accept this hatred, but remember it and never forgive it”, says immediately after this address, it saw Deputy Foreign Minister Yevgeny Ivanov issuing the grave warning: “Moscow does not yet consider it necessary to evacuate embassy employees from unfriendly countries, but has provided for emergency measures”.

Not being explained to the greater masses of the American peoples, this report notes, are that the “emergency measures” to evacuate Russian embassy employees from “unfriendly countries” is mandated in the Russian Nuclear War Doctrine to take place prior to the launching of retaliatory nuclear strikes—a nuclear war mandate, most certainly, known about by Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden, who quickly after this warning was issued declared he wouldn’t send Ukraine rocket systems that can reach Russia—a declaration swiftly followed by top Ukrainian presidential advisor Aleksey Arestovich raging: “We will understand whether they are supplied or not…If they don’t, then we will arrange an exemplary hysteria”—in response to President Biden stepping back from the nuclear abyss it saw the Wall Street Journal observing: “This is no way to win a war, or even to force a stalemate on favorable terms for Ukraine…Sometimes it’s hard to tell if President Biden and his strategists want Ukraine to win its defensive war against Russia, or merely survive to sign a truce with more of its former territory under Russian control”—an observation joined by the leftist New York Times factually revealing: “A decisive military victory for Ukraine over Russia, in which Ukraine regains all the territory Russia has seized since 2014, is not a realistic goal…Russia remains too strong”—then yesterday it saw US Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley stating: “I think solving the situation through negotiations would be the logical choice…Both sides should come to this conclusion on their own”.

As to why President Biden stepped back from a nuclear war with Russia, this report continues, was explained last week by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who revealed the long-awaited outlines of the socialist Biden Regime’s official posture toward China, saying that rather than Russia, it is China that represents the most potent and determined threat to the American-championed world order, and him stating that only China has “both the intent to reshape the international order and the power to do so”—in response to this lunacy, yesterday it saw Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian pointing to the fact that since the end of World War II, the United States had tried to overthrow more than 50 foreign governments and had grossly interfered in democratic elections in at least 30 counties, and noted that according to a report by Brown University, since 2001, wars and military operations launched by the US in the name of ‘counter-terrorism’ had claimed over 800,000 lives and generated over 20 million refugees from affected countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria—saw Zhao factually saying that Blinken’s policy speech was “full of lies” and that it was, in fact, the United States that posed the biggest challenge to the world, with him noting that the “rules-based international order” proposed by the Biden Regime actually meant one based on “American rules which serve to uphold Washington’s interests and hegemony”—then it saw Zhan stating: “The United States has openly disguised itself as a “referee” of international rules, using the so-called “flashlight” of the rules to shine on others, ignoring its own “darkness under the lights”…I would like to ask the US a few questions: When the US recklessly wages wars against sovereign nations and engages in ‘colored revolutions,’ what exactly are the rules?”.

The main architect of the so-called “rules based international order” no one knows the rules of because America constantly changes them, this report details, is “colour revolution” mastermind socialist-globalist George Soros, who just revealed that he and President Biden are “deeply involved in Ukraine”—this past week it saw Soros going to war with renowned American statesman Henry Kissinger over how to end the Ukraine crisis, with Soros advocating for total war with Russia, and Kissinger warning it better be settled in two months with negotiations or nuclear war will be the end result—and today it sees retired United Nations independent expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order Alfred-Maurice de Zayas grimly observing: “I endorse Kissinger’s proposals on Ukraine…Any reasonable person who understands world history and can assess the impending dangers of the NATO-Russia confrontation knows that we must de-escalate and reduce tensions, which already are very difficult to overcome…Humanity needs more than just a settlement over Ukraine…The Ukraine conflict is only a symptom of a much larger geopolitical imbalance that can and must be solved peacefully…The alternative is Apocalypse”.

In the latest example of Western colonial socialist war propaganda theatrics, this report notes, the European Union announced that it had agreed to a sixth package of sanctions against Russia that will cover crude oil, as well as petroleum products, delivered from Russia into Member States—an agreement that provides an exception for Russian crude oil delivered by pipeline—sees numerous European Union members states being granted further exceptions to this so-called ban on Russian oil—immediately after this announcement was made it saw oil prices jumping and inflation in the European Union hitting yet another record high as food and energy prices skyrocket, most critically in its top economy Germany whose inflation level hit a 50-year high—and with oil prices set to surge even higher this summer, yesterday it saw Russian oil giant Lukoil proposing that Russia cut oil production by 30% to drive prices even higher.

In quick response to these Western colonial sanctions theatrics, this report continues, the Kremlin announced today it has downgraded the European Union from an economic coalition to an auxiliary defense bloc—a move that followed the Netherlands becoming the fourth European Union country to stop receiving Russian natural gas, following its decision not to pay for deliveries in Rubles—are sanctions not affecting the ship-to-ship transfers from small to large tankers are common for long-haul shipments of crude such as Russia’s Urals, which is increasingly flowing from the Baltic Sea to Asia—today sees it being reported Russian fuel oil arrivals offshore to European Union member state Greece for ship-to-ship transfers jumped to record levels—in another response it saw top Russian envoy Mikhail Ulyanov plainly stating: “Russia will find other importers for its oil”—a statement quickly joined with the news: “More than 24 million barrels of Russian crude were supplied to India this month, up from 7.2 million barrels in April, and from about three million barrels in March…The South Asian nation is set to receive about 28 million barrels in June…Last year, Russian crude exports to India averaged just 960,000 barrels per month, roughly 25 times less than this month’s total”.

The latest wakeup call to sanity for the socialist Western colonial powers, this report notes, was just delivered by the London Guardian in their just published article “Negative Views Of Russia Mainly Limited To Western Liberal Democracies, Poll Shows”, wherein it reveals: “The sharp polarisation between mainly western liberal democracies and the rest of the world in perceptions of Russia has been laid bare in an annual global poll of attitudes towards democracy…Negative views of Russia are largely confined to Europe and other liberal democracies”—is an important poll to notice because it shows that the 88% of humanity receiving truthful news have a positive view of Russia, while the remaining 12% of Westerners receiving lies and propaganda have a negative one—a global poll further explained in the just published article “Russian Lesson: The World No Longer Trusts the West”, wherein it states: “If Europe wants to stop the defeat of Ukraine , then it is necessary not to introduce new sanctions (this will not help anyway), but to directly announce to Kiev that there will be no new arms supplies, no candidate status in the EU, and the Ukrainian authorities themselves need to look for a way to peace with Russia…Europe must admit, and it should have done so back in 2014, that relations between Ukraine and Russia are not only not an intra-European affair, they have nothing to do with Europe, that is, with the European Union…These are foreign affairs for the EU, and it is better not to get involved in them, not to muddy the waters, and even more so not to count on increasing your zone of influence at the expense of Russian lands…And certainly not to bet on the defeat of Russia”.

In a withering rebuke to the Western colonial powers, this report concludes, NATO’s second largest member Turkey declared today: “Our position on sanctions needs to be accepted due to the role of a mediator that we play…Our position is clear: we will not join them, and we will not allow sanctions to go through us”—a declaration that follows top Ukrainian presidential advisor Viktor Andrusiv proposing that able bodied men pay between $3,000 and $5,000 to the government so they can leave Ukraine and not fight—a proposal swiftly met by European Union member state Poland halting free fuel supplies to Ukraine, and telling them to start paying for it—today sees it being observed: “Ukrainians appear to be losing unity amid military defeats in the Donbass and the economic crisis in the rest of the country…The surge of patriotism that arose when the Russian army was close to Kiev appears now, in the last days of May, to have been exhausted…Along with it, the national consensus that saw all political groups rallying behind the Ukrainian army, rather than struggling against President Volodomyr Zelensky seems to have disappeared…Now, the Western-backed leader looks to be in big trouble”—and today it sees top American military experts noting: “No amount of western military aid has been able to prevent Russia from achieving its military objective of liberating the entire territories of both Lugansk and Donetsk as Phase Three begins…After more than ninety days of incessant Ukrainian propaganda, echoed mindlessly by a complicit western mainstream media that extolls the battlefield successes of the Ukrainian armed forces and the alleged incompetence of the Russian military, the Russians are on the cusp of achieving the stated goal of its operation, namely the liberation of the newly independent Donbass Republics of Lugansk and Donetsk, which Russia recognized two days before its invasion”.



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