Scientific Proof Of Global Depopulation Program

Global Depopulation Program

Science paper: The real purpose of modern medicine is ‘engineered genocide’ to reduce human population through covert infertility via vaccines, GMOs and drugs

Medicine and public health are compromised by the highest echelons of science, industry and public administration for the geopolitical objectives of international cohabitation, preservation of resources, environmental conservation and decarbonization, all of which hinge on depopulation. Under the cover of reproductive health involuntary sterilizations are implemented throughout the developing world through adulterated vaccines while in the developed world flu immunization programs weaken the immune systems of the old and civil servants to shorten lifespans and spare governments from meeting insolvent health care and pension plan obligations in the last stage of the demographic transition. Endocrine disruptors inserted in the basic elements of life to presumably prevent caries chronically subvert the human reproductive system to lower the total fertility rate of every country to replacement level. In the name of sustainable development, experimental carbon capture and sequestration methods as well as solar radiation management methods double as weapons against longevity by subjecting billions to unnaturally high exposure levels of heavy metals so the world’s decarbonization goals are tackled from two directions, by reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and increasing morbidity and mortality among the general population to proactively lower future emissions. Poverty and hunger are used as fronts for the deployment of GMO crops that purportedly increase yields, improve nutrition and require fewer fertilizers and pesticides, but that in fact misuse the latest bioengineering advances to cause subfertility, immune deficiencies and crop failures and thus lower the population by limiting births and increasing deaths. Unless stopped, this engineered genocide will damage the genetic and intellectual endowment of humanity and cause population collapse within 20 years, time during which the incidence and severity of NCDs will grow exponentially irrespective of health system investments and medical breakthroughs. Only a political solution can restore our health as individuals and as a civilization.

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Population control; Non-communicable diseases; Endocrine disruptors; Human reproduction; Epidemiologic transition; Demographic transition; Sustainable development


The publication of this article, which contains forbidden fruit, is preceded by five years of struggle against the multiple walls of deception, dishonesty and oppression erected by colluding governments to preserve an international order that keeps peace between nations by committing genocide within nations. 

Having challenged the matrix of control that the covert depopulation and overt globalization axis represents, the authorities have imprisoned me seven times, have kept me nearly one year behind bars, have forcibly separated me from my wife and children for more than four years now, have destroyed my career and economic wellbeing, have deprived me of every material possession I have ever had, and have forced me to go to extraordinary and unprecedented lengths to defend my credibility and freedom. As a result, I have suffered five hunger strikes, the longest of which lasted 75 days, have crossed international borders clandestinely to avoid arrest, have lived in exile for nearly two years, and have survived without an income for more than three years. 

In light of the fact that over the past seven decades countless people and several heads of state have been assassinated to keep the objectives of the international order secret and countless more have had their lives destroyed, I can only consider myself lucky to be alive and privileged to be allowed to speak. 

The fact that my research is finally being published in this medical journal indicates that a political decision was made at the highest level of global governance to facilitate a change of direction towards a new geopolitical accommodation that is no longer secret and may in fact follow the prescriptions I briefly outline in this article.

It also means that I have finally succeeded in reverse engineering the international system down to the smallest detail and in so doing have rendered it obsolete.

The greatest threat to public health is not the thoughtless abuse of alcohol and tobacco by careless individuals, but the deliberate use of endocrine disruptors and immune-depressants by desperate governments acting under the direction of the United Nations and its agencies and aided by the military-industrial complex for the sake of preserving international peace by controlling population growth. 

The task of public health professionals is to improve health across populations by identifying the immediate causes of disease, the combination of causes and the causes of causes. My seminal work  will empower public health professionals to do just that, so that as we embark upon the difficult task of eradicating non-communicable diseases we start at the root of the problem, with the cause of causes.

Sustainable Development goal 3, that will begin implementation in 2019, seeks to “ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages” . This goal will neither be accomplished nor will any progress be made in its pursuit without first eliminating the cause of causes of non-communicable diseases that have reached epidemic proportions in the developed and developing world alike and that now threaten the wellbeing of billions around the world and cast a long shadow over the survival of our species. 

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By casting the widest spatiotemporal net possible so as to encompass seven decades of history and policy and the entire community of nations, and by using a multidisciplinary approach that collates the complex, nonlinear and mostly unquantifiable interactions of political, geopolitical, statistical, demographic, medical, pharmaceutical, ethical, theological, chemical, environmental, economic and military factors, it has been possible to identify the anthropogenic causes of chronic illnesses and their ultimate source and to outline a course of action for an effective disease prevention program that will confine non-communicable diseases to history and will restore not only our individual but also our social health.

The cause of causes for non-communicable diseases is the international security prerogative of population control, pursued since its inception in 1945 by adulterating the basic elements of life with chemical and biological toxins to subvert fertility and by undermining the family structure through psychosocial and economic means to delay the formation of families and keep them small. This is the strategy used to defuse the overpopulation bomb and stabilize populations across the world.

Until now the world’s epidemiologists and social scientists have failed to find the cause of causes. I have succeeded because I have placed the people’s interests before my own, which is what physicians across the world must start doing before it is too late and irreparable damage is done to the medical profession and to the institutions of public health not to mention the human species. Until such time, we are all serving an international system and a corrupted medical establishment that harm not help human health.

Let me state clearly and unequivocally that the objective of stabilizing the global population and bringing it down to a sustainable level is non-negotiable. Therefore, what we must do is not challenge population control, but force a change in the methods by which it has been pursued since 1945. 

In other words the chronic, sub-lethal poisoning of the global populace with endocrine disruptors and other chemical and biological means must stop while population control must continue, but it must continue by safe contraceptive methods, the only methods being barrier methods and surgical sterilizations, which can only be used if people assume responsibility for population control from governments so that governments no longer have to poison us into infertility and ill-health in secret through the basic elements of life for the sake of safeguarding international peace. 

For this to happen the medical community must comprehend and relay to the general public that the geopolitical goal of stabilizing the global population is a Planetary Security Prerogative that trumps all other prerogatives, be they national, medical, political, social, cultural and even religious. For unless the general public comprehends the dire necessity of bringing the global population down to a sustainable level there can be no transition from covert, coercive and criminal to overt, voluntary and ethical methods of population control. 

Since this is a subject that is alien to the medical community the reader is undoubtedly asking why population control is a Planetary Security Prerogative and what is a Planetary Security Prerogative? 

Due to advances in medicine, sanitation and nutrition the global population has exploded in the 20th century and since nearly every child now survives into adulthood and nearly every adult lives a long life the population of any given country would double every 20 to 30 years if people were allowed to procreate at will. 

Since the global population is already at 7.2 billion, in the absence of population control, these 7.2 billion would become 14 billion by 2040, 28 billion by 2070 and 56 billion by the end of the 21th century. This is clearly an unsustainable growth given that we live on a finite planet, we already use nearly 40% of the earth’s ice-free landmass to feed ourselves, there are no new continents to discover and exploit, we have damaged the planet’s life support systems and have polluted the soil and the sea, and 2 billion of us live in abject poverty despite our best efforts to share resources across frontiers. 

Given this undeniable and bitter reality of material limitations, mankind has come to a point in history that gives us no choice and forces us to act now or perish. We have reached a point in our evolution that renders our civilization a force equal to any in nature but entirely at odds with everything in nature; an unbridled force that disrupts the hard-earned state of equilibrium our planet has held for the past twelve thousand years, time during which our species has thrived beyond imagining at unimaginable cost to all other life forms and to the very elements that make life possible. 

To survive into the future we are now forced to erect a global governing structure authorized to wield global governing instruments capable of maintaining peace among men, of establishing harmony between man and nature, and of forging continuity between this and future generations. We must in other words consider not only what is good for us here and now but what is good for future generations and for all life on earth and we must act accordingly. Population control is the most important action required of us here and now if we are to save our civilization, our children and our planet. Therefore, population control must and will be declared a Planetary Security Prerogative. 

The key to the vault that unlocks all state secrets, and in so doing furnishes the antidote to every non-communicable disease, is this: the international framework for peace since 1945 is based on population control which has been accomplished by subverting human fertility through the adulteration of the basic elements of life – food, water, beverages, dental and cosmetic products – with endocrine disruptors that in turn have damaged the entire endocrine system and have indirectly and unintendedly exacerbated the incidence and severity of chronic diseases.

Unless physicians understand how this came to be and why we will not be able to protect let alone improve human health. We will instead fight a losing battle and helplessly watch how human health degrades further and further with each generation because the damage done to our genetic and intellectual endowment by a concerted and global poisoning program that spans multiple generations is cumulative and inevitably ends in the termination of the vast majority of our species’ genetic lineages. 

To understand the enemy we face, which is neither viral nor bacterial, neither lifestyle related nor congenital, basic knowledge of geopolitics and of the international system is required; knowledge that has never been published in a professional magazine or even the mainstream media until now and that has yet to be officially sanctioned. 

Since the end of the Second World War and with the formation of the United Nations in 1945, international peace and stability have been maintained by controlling population growth. Unbeknown to the masses, governments have used covert methods to limit births in developed and underdeveloped countries alike and to accelerate deaths in Africa and a few critically poor and overpopulated areas elsewhere. Births have been prevented by interfering with the reproductive system so as to lower fertility, while deaths have been promoted by weakening the immune system so as to increase morbidity and mortality. 

The methods used by every country to control population growth have been dictated by the level of development and the existing infrastructure as much as by political will or lack thereof and have either been imposed by force and deception from the outside or adopted willingly by the governing, military and scientific elites of nation states that have relied on the moral, technical and monetary assistance of the United Nations, its agencies, and the greater international community. 

Regardless of the methods used to control population and whether they are imposed or self-imposed, strict secrecy and deception have been necessary to prevent the masses from discovering the bitter truth that for the past 70 years we have been the object of a silent and global offensive, a campaign of attrition that has turned the basic elements of life into weapons of mass sterility and selective death. 

Without our knowledge or consent, governments the world over have subverted our reproductive freedom and ability to procreate to achieve ambitious and necessary demographic objectives and in the process have committed the most odious and wide-sweeping crimes in human history to save mankind from even greater evils: nuclear annihilation, mass starvation, and environmental devastation. 

The genocidal depopulation plan generally involves poisoning or sterilizing people through the use of chem. trails or water fluoridation. Agribusinesses transnational like Monsanto are often implicated in some sort of scheme to monopolize the world’s food supply so it can be easily tainted with deadly toxins. Just about anything that can be said to involve “chemicals” can be implicated in this nefarious scheme: vaccines, alleged covert geo-engineering schemes, genetically modified food, etc. Variants of the theory include those with an anti-abortion tinge who incorporate conspiracy theories about Planned Parenthood, and AIDS conspiracy theorists who believe AIDS was concocted in a laboratory for the purpose of reducing the population. Another variant, largely attributable to Lyndon La Roche, has worldwide nuclear war as part of the conspirators’ alleged plan along with a deliberate economic collapse and de-industrialization to force the world back into a “new dark age.”

The birth of nearly two billion children has been prevented and the death of half a billion adults hurried. While these goals have been intentional, the architects of the Global Depopulation Policy have unintentionally undermined the genetic and intellectual endowment of the human species and have set back eons of natural selection. Their intentions have never been malevolent, but the unintended results of their actions are frightening . 

Nuclear deterrence 

To avoid repeating the massacres of the two world wars and the frightening prospect of nuclear annihilation, world leaders agreed at the end of World War II to henceforth uphold peace among nations through mutual cooperation and proactive measures. Recent history had taught them the hard lesson that war is caused by lack of natural resources when nations outgrow them in their quest for progress and prosperity and that war can therefore be avoided if nations learn to live within their means by properly managing their natural resources. It was also understood that the only way to avoid outgrowing natural resources is by limiting population growth, this being the only alternative to war.

The rationale for controlling population was therefore supplied by the real fear of nuclear conflict and the need to avoid it by living within one’s national means. Safeguarding natural resources became the primary national security prerogative of every industrialized country on earth and safeguarding peace among nations became the primary imperative of the international community which was empowered to combat population growth across the world before it leads to wars of necessity. 

The United Nations was formed to fulfill the task of safeguarding international peace by controlling population growth within nations and facilitating access to raw materials for all nations. The New World Order revolves around the objective of maintaining international peace by controlling population growth and of fostering prosperity by controlling national resources; thus depopulation and globalization. 

Depopulation, or population control, seeks to first stop the world’s population from growing and then gradually bring it down to a sustainable level so that we no longer live beyond our means, consume the resources of future generations, pollute the planet and run the risk of running out of resources and then be forced to start wars of aggression. And globalization or resource sharing seeks to ensure that the world’s resources, regardless where they are found, are shared among all people on the planet without prejudice by making them available on the free market so that all people can live in dignity. 

The requisite shift in thinking in terms of what is good for the world rather than just what is good for a single nation is primarily the accomplishment of the United States. It is a paradigm shift that has propelled the world towards enlightened cooperation, continuous dialogue, and economic interdependence. The United States has promoted this paradigm shift with extraordinary self-restraint and laudable selflessness considering the potential for abuse and the sacrifices that have been required of it.

While the civilian institutional infrastructure was put in place at the United Nations and its agencies to be able to coordinate this colossal global task, the military forces and intelligence agencies of the US, UK and the Soviet Union, the three Allied powers that won the war, assumed command and control of the depopulation agenda and pioneered the covert chemical sterilization methods that are still with us today.

Despite the ideological conflict waged by the communist and capitalist blocs throughout the Cold War, the leaders of the Soviet Union and of the United States have cooperated closely in the program of covert population control and have used their intelligence agencies to coordinate their secret collaboration in genocide. 

However cruel and underhanded we may find their population control methods to be today, they are certainly a far cry from the atrocities of conventional war endured by our grandparents and infinitely more benign than the annihilating power of a thermonuclear explosion.

Compared to the wanton destruction of war, proactively combating human fertility by mutual agreement – or, should that fail, by mutual coercion – also has the distinct advantage of sparing the physical infrastructure and ensuring uninterrupted economic progress. 

The globalization/depopulation axis around which the international system has revolved since 1945 represents a giant leap forward in the way nations conduct themselves towards other nations, in the way people coexist within and beyond national borders, and in the way natural resources are managed and shared and to what purpose they are being used.

Population control as a substitute to war is the progeny of the bipolar world order that followed World War II when the international balance of power was precariously held by the United States and the Soviet Union. 

Considering the deep suspicions and ideological animosities between the communist and capitalist camps, and the existential threat they posed to one another through the awesome power of the nuclear warheads they had pointing at each other, it should come as no surprise that they agreed to wage a demographic war on their own people, and on those within their spheres of influence, rather than risk their mutually assured destruction in a nuclear confrontation. 

American President Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945) was the moving force behind the formation of the United Nations Organization and the ideals he cherished are imbedded in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 

As an ardent anti-imperialist and free trader, Roosevelt envisioned a world free of European colonialism and stated his post-war goals in the Atlantic Charter, the policy statement agreed upon by the Allies in 1941, whose pillars are: the abandonment of the use of force and of ambitions for territorial aggrandizement, global cooperation to secure better economic and social conditions for all, freedom from fear and want, and free trade and free access to raw materials. 

In 1942, the Allies pledged adherence to the Charter’s principles and in 1945 at Yalta, just before war’s end, Roosevelt brought Stalin onboard and reiterated his vision of the future and his intentions for enduring peace: 

“The Crimean Conference ought to spell the end of a system of unilateral action, the exclusive alliances, the spheres of influence, the balances of power, and all the other expedients that have been tried for centuries– and have always failed. We propose to substitute for all these, a universal organization in which all peace-loving nations will finally have a chance to join.” 

The United Nations was born from enlightened minds and was endowed from the beginning with the noblest intentions. But even the noblest intentions are sullied by the realities of the day and the post-war generation had the most desperate realities to contend with, both political and economic. It was no time for consensus building. 

The entire world was on America’s shoulders at war’s end and America moved in on Europe and Japan with military ruthlessness to ensure that history does not repeat itself and aggressor nations are contained once and for all. The reconstruction of Europe and Japan comprised ambitious population control objectives in addition to demilitarization and they were achieved in record time and were mirrored by the Soviets in their own sphere of influence and with even greater ruthlessness.

Once the world’s industrial nations were tamed with fluoride and tough love within 20 years of war’s end, the U.S. focused on Latin America. Since the Monroe Doctrine of 1823, the Western hemisphere had been America’s concern. The depopulation project had in the meantime passed into the hands of a new generation that was led with unprecedented fervor by Nelson and David Rockefeller, Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger. 

By 1980, every country in Latin America – save for Bolivia, Paraguay, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Haiti – had adopted the same covert methods of chemical sterilization as the West had done before them. The depopulation project had become global and its globalization was firmly entrenched in America’s foreign policy statements under the cover of “security”.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the lifting of the Iron Curtain, and the gradual absorption of formerly communist nations into the European Union, the threat of nuclear confrontation disappeared and the justification for depopulation shifted from national security and international peace to environmental preservation. 

Avoiding ecological collapse and preserving natural resources for future generations is a genuine concern that has traction with people outside the political and military arenas, which is why consensus building on the need for depopulation has become easier than ever before and has brought onboard environmentalists, scientists, religious leaders, celebrities, jurists, businessmen, journalists and people from all walks of life. 

What demographers and world leaders saw seven decades ago is now obvious to anyone willing to look at the world from a global perspective and capable of honesty. That is why the Global Depopulation Policy has passed from the hands of a few enlightened leaders into the hands of civil society and a much broader international community. 

While most of the newcomers are unaware that covert chemical and biological sterilization agents are responsible for lower birthrates and stable populations in the developed world, and not prosperity and education as it is being asserted in order to deceive the public, others know but are unwilling to admit it openly and some even to themselves lest they should have to confront their consciences and the unpleasant reality that by their silence they are complicit in crimes against humanity and genocide. 

This is an inconvenient truth. It is far easier and far more to their advantage to go with the flow and benefit from joining the system already in place, rather than attempt to bring the con into the open so as to change the methodology of the Global Depopulation Policy from covert, immoral and involuntary poisoning to overt, ethical and consensual legislation.

And so we march ahead towards our self-destruction because the best among us lack the courage to stand up and speak the truth, to go against the grain, and because they have long stopped trusting in their fellow man and in their own ability to challenge the status quo. 

In a society where everyman is for himself, every man cares only for himself. In a world of giant institutions the individual has become an insignificant speck of dust. The institutional machinery was set in motion nearly seven decades ago and has gathered such momentum that even those at the helm of the international community are powerless to stop it.

Thousands of NGOs are now involved in the Global Depopulation Policy, seven thousand at the last count, each carrying out a small part of this global genocide and doing so in the name of aid and humanitarian work. 

In 1983, the UN spun a satellite organization, called the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED) or more commonly known as the Brundtland Commission, to focus on environmental problems and solutions. 

The Brundtland Report , published in 1987, came up with a course of action to avoid the dire predictions of environmental catastrophe. Its prescriptions are encapsulated by the term “sustainable development”, which has become the catchword for the environmental movement and the euphemism behind which depopulation measures, along with decarbonization efforts, have been hidden ever since. 

The Report’s analysis and prescriptions are extraordinarily valuable and it is not my intention to throw it into a negative light. My only criticism is that it does not bring the Global Depopulation Policy into the open but rather hides it behind a new curtain, that of “sustainable development”.

The Brundtland Report was followed by Agenda 21 , a non-binding, voluntarily implemented action plan with respect to sustainable development/depopulation that was developed by the United Nations, multilateral organizations and national governments at the “Earth Summit” in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 to combat poverty and pollution, conserve natural resources and develop in a sustainable manner. 

In effect, Agenda 21 represents a global expansion of the western socio-economic formula for prosperity, which hinges on covertly controlling population growth. To make it palatable to the masses of the developing world, however, the promise of prosperity was made without disclosing that prosperity depends on first achieving low fertility. That is to say, the people of the developing world were not told that their reproductive rights will be taken away from them so that they too can attain prosperity. 

That inconvenient truth was reserved only for the statesmen of the developing world, whose collaboration the UN and its western sponsors need in order to covertly poison the people of the developing world the same way the people of the developed world have been poisoned since the end of the Second World War.

The voluntary objectives of Agenda 21 were made enforceable in 2000 by the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)  when 189 UN members states and 23 international organizations pledged to (1) eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, (2) achieve universal primary education, (3) promote gender equality and empower women, (4) reduce child mortality rates, (5) improve maternal health, (6) combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases, (7) ensure environmental sustainability, and (8) develop a global partnership for development; all of which hinge on one and one thing only, halting population growth and reducing the global population.

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The Millennium Development Goals are a concrete road map that sets specific targets and shows how to achieve them. It is an ambitious and worthy plan, but just like Agenda 21 it is dishonest because it refuses to state the obvious, namely that at its core is the Global Depopulation Policy.

In September of this year, the world has adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) [7] and we cannot allow covert methods of depopulation to continue. The depopulation effort must be brought out into the open, all covert methods of population control must be shut down, and replacement level fertility must be legislated across the world as a Planetary Security Prerogative.

If we fail to do this the incidence and severity of non-communicable diseases will explode threefold by 2050 and the vast majority of mankind will be shut out of procreation and condemned to lives of chronic illness and to enfeebled minds. Already nearly a quarter of the populace of developed nations is infertile and according to the latest statistics nearly half remain childless.
Plausible deniability

By barring doctors from interfering with life once the moment of conception has taken place, religious authorities have tied the hands of medicine and have forced doctors to concentrate their efforts on preventing the moment of conception from taking place, which is why westerners, and in the meantime much of the world, are being poisoned since 1945 with endocrine disruptors that are inserted in water, food, beverages and dental as well as cosmetic products so as to turn the basic elements of life into weapons of mass sterility, while immunodepressions delivered through vaccines, drugs and GMOs increase morbidity and mortality, and in this fashion bring the number of births and the number of deaths in equilibrium, which results in stable populations. 

By its methodology, medicine has placed the burden of population control on the unborn, to the disapproval of the Church, which had placed the burden on the adult population, partly due to the lack of contraceptive methods but mostly due to ethical considerations that must rightly apportion the responsibility for desirable social outcomes on adults by calling upon them to control their reproductive urges and not on the unborn by preventing them from being born. But the Church does not allow people to use contraceptives thus creating a need for covert methods of population control and therefore for its continuous existence and power. This arrangement serves no one except the interests of doctors and priests. 

While secular and religious authorities fight about control of the depopulation effort and about methods and justifications behind closed doors, we, the people, continue to be treated as nothing more than cattle, at best pets, and at worse pests, with dire consequences on our genetic and intellectual endowment and with even greater consequences on our rights and liberties and the viability and legitimacy of the social contract.

No paragraph better encapsulates the insidious secret agreement made by high-ranking priests and doctors, thus by religious and secular authorities, with respect to population control than paragraph 15 in the encyclical letter Humanae Vitae (Latin for “Human Life”) , which was issued by the Holy See in 1968 and that is subtitled “On the Regulation of Birth”. 

Under the heading ‘lawful therapeutic means’ it states: 

“On the other hand, the Church does not consider at all illicit the use of those therapeutic means necessary to cure bodily diseases, even if a foreseeable impediment to procreation should result there from – provided such impediment is not directly intended for any motive whatsoever.”

In other words, so long as the medical community sterilizes people while healing them of another ailment the Church approves. This kind of hypocrisy characterizes the war on fertility and therefore the system of international peace based on population control. And it is this hypocrisy that gave rise to the concept of ‘plausible deniability’, a defense strategy term that like nuclear deterrence makes the civilian population the target of military operations. 

While this encyclical letter was issued by Pope John Paul VI in 1968 the paragraph is attributed, according to a footnote, to a speech given by Pope Pius XII in 1953 to an audience of doctors during the “26th Congress of the Italian Association of Urology”. 

Armed with this tacit permission by the world’s highest moral authority to subvert fertility, the international community, centered at the United Nations, and governments around the world began to use medicine as a cover for covert depopulation. 

To stay within the constraints of the Church and to preserve the legitimacy of the state, secular authorities unleashed the sterilizing power of fluoride under the pretext of combatting tooth decay and used false research and corrupt doctors to do so . Vaccines laced with the HCG hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin) are used under the false pretext of purportedly immunizing the populace against tetanus, pneumonia, and even the flu. GMOs imbued with sterilizing and carcinogenic glyphosates are pandered as the solution to vitamin deficiencies and world hunger. Plasticizers, the nastiest of endocrine disruptors, are justified for their sanitary properties and are used in the bottling, packaging and storage of food and beverages to create an inescapable sterilizing environment. And a slew of psychotropic drugs, as well as statin medications and analgesics, designed to damage mitochondria so as to shorten lives, are pushed by Big Pharma on billions around the world for real and invented ailments. 

All of the above are the legacy of the unholy marriage between the highest echelons of priests and doctors united in common purpose for the sake of combatting population growth under the cover of plausible deniability. 

So long as population control is pursued in secret by the highest authorities rather than openly by the people themselves, periodic mass killings have been necessary to compensate for the incomplete success of the more humane methods of population control now in place, be they social – such as delayed marriage and the incorporation of women in the workforce; economic – such as delayed employment and the suppression of wages; legal – such as draconian laws that criminalize poverty and formerly acceptable social behaviors; chemical – such as the adulteration of the basic elements of life with endocrine disruptors; or pharmacological – such as the malaria drug Artemisinin which is based on the sweet wormwood plant, known to have sterilizing properties since antiquity, and whose sterilizing properties are made all the more potent by synthesizing its active ingredient. 

The HIV/AIDS pandemic that has been ravaging Africa for the past thirty years is one such man-made mass killing event in the same tradition as the bubonic plague in past centuries and the 1918 Spanish flu .

Its main purpose was to increase death in a region where methods of birth prevention could not be implemented due to lack of political will and infrastructure. In the absence of low fertility to halt population growth high mortality would have to do the job. Its secondary purpose was to alter the sexual behavior of peoples and cultures that have not devised religious or social prescriptions to limit childbearing to marriage only and that due to sexual promiscuity have fertility rates that are environmentally unsustainable and economically undesirable. The fear of infection, it was hoped, would force Africans to wear condoms and in so doing unwanted pregnancies would be prevented. 

Most recently, the Covid outbreak in China, which is another man-made pandemic, targets a region of the world that has never seen Covid but has the highest fertility rates in the world, the result of which the population grows at a whopping 4% annual rate. The fear of infection and the fear of dying from Covid give the depopulation lobby the ammunition needed to accomplish two population control objectives:

(1) compel Europe to practice safe sex , and (2) use the newly created Covid vaccine to purportedly immunize all males and females of childbearing age while at the same time sterilize them. 

The sum total of the above chemical, biological and bacteriological methods are designed to weaken and confuse the autoimmune response of billions in preparation for naturally occurring pathogens or man-made pandemics that will be engineered when and if the UN and its agencies, aided by the military-industrial complex, decide to implement final solutions to prevent select regions of the world from losing control of society and to aid backward countries in reaching their socio-economic goals. 

Anyone who threatens the cover of secrecy behind which the depopulation program is hidden through plausible deniability – and who therefore jeopardizes the credibility and legitimacy of the state, the viability of the United Nations and of the international order, the morality of the Church, and the continuing existence of the post-WW2 international framework for peace-becomes a target of the global police state and neither presidents nor common men are spared from the systematic destruction of their credibility and lives. I am the first man in history to have stood my ground and survived such systemic, multipronged and vicious attack and I have the power of the Internet to thank and most certainly not the media or civil society . 

Full-spectrum dominance
Moral, religious and political obstacles to open and legislated means of population control have forced the authorities to proceed under the cover of plausible deniability while the world’s growing demographic and environmental problems have compelled them to accelerate and intensify the war on fertility and longevity. The result is full-spectrum dominance of the civilian population by the military-industrial complex and the rendering of the entire world into a theater of war, a battlespace. 

Military doctrine defines full-spectrum dominance as 
The cumulative effect of dominance in the air, land, maritime, and space domains and information environment, which includes cyberspace, that permits the conduct of joint operations without effective opposition or prohibitive interference . 

‘Nuclear deterrence’ has coalesced former and potential foes into allies to prevent their mutual assured destruction, but has turned governments into enemies of the people and the people themselves into hapless adversaries and victims. ‘Plausible deniability’ has forced all governments to erect and maintain multiple and impenetrable walls of deception, a culture of secrecy, and an effective system of retaliation against any individual or organization that threatens to expose the global genocide of the world’s innocent and unknowing civilian population. And ‘full-spectrum dominance’ has turned every basic element of life – water (through its adulteration with fluoride or BPA), soil (through the adulteration of the fruits of the land via genetic modification, toxic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides; or through the poisoning of food either directly through endocrine disruptors masquerading as teste enhancers, artificial colorants and preservatives or indirectly through packaging designed to leach toxic chemical compounds), and even air (through chemtrails and electromagnetic radiation ) – into a delivery vehicle for multiple agents of either mass sterility, mass morbidity or both. 

The combined effect of nuclear deterrence, plausible deniability and full-spectrum dominance is that all institutions of state and international organizations have become partners in genocide, and every technology has been turned against the wellbeing of mankind to paradoxically ensure the survival of mankind and the preservation of life on the planet. 

In addition, nuclear deterrence furnishes the moral basis for genocide and absolves the people and institutions responsible for instituting a system of mass murder. Plausible deniability and the willful ignorance it engenders diffuses and diminishes responsibility for genocide to an emotionally acceptable level among the millions of people who have a direct or indirect hand in it. And full-spectrum dominance makes non-compliance with the methods and means of depopulation improbable even for the people who run the system, as it is impossible to escape the slew of WiFi radiation in our ambient air; the ubiquitous presence of heavy metals and Welsbach materials in the soil, water and air in the unnaturally high concentrations achieved by aerial spraying ; or the damaging effects of fluoridated water and toxic food. 

The conceptual and practical trinity of nuclear deterrence, plausible deniability and full-spectrum dominance democratizes the culture of death and universalizes the effects of genocide as required by the depopulation objective. The guiding strategy is to spread the blame sufficiently wide and thin so there can be neither retaliatory nor remedial action. In such a system everyone is a victim, victimizer and beneficiary in equal measure, yet powerless in the face of institutional prescriptions and interagency oversight designed to lock us on a path to self-destruction. In this system, the short-term benefits of continuing to be complicit in genocide are immediate and palpable while the long-term threats to us and especially to our children are distant and obscure. 

This is all we have been left with at the end of a long and tortuous century of trial and error with war and its substitute, population control; a century which has shown us that conventional weapons and war cannot make more than a temporary dent in population growth. 

In the absence of empowering the individual, all individuals on the planet, to assume personal responsibility for limiting fertility and longevity, all we are left with is a system that tries to compensate for lack of personal responsibility through full-spectrum dominance against the ability of the human species to multiply and thrive, thus a state of perpetual war by mankind against mankind until such time as mankind is no more… or has awakened. 

Consequences to human health and social wellbeing 

This methodology of combatting population growth is not only killing us it is also killing the planet. 

By continuing with the business as usual model we are not only endangering our own kind but all life on earth. Already we have exceeded the safe margins for two of the nine planetary boundaries identified by environmental scientists – biodiversity and the phosphorus/nitrogen cycle – and we are pushing the thresholds for two more planetary boundaries, climate, and land use . 

The justification for population control measures has evolved with the times and with the circumstances from a peace preservation measure, to a national and economic security measure and finally to an environmental protection measure. All three justifications are as valid now as when they were first rationalized, while the methods of depopulation are more invalid now than when they were first introduced, as they threaten all life on the planet. 

The program of controlling the global population, which I have baptized the Global Depopulation Policy, is known by insiders under the euphemism ‘demographic transition’. The demographic transition is a multigenerational plan with three distinct phases:

Phase 1: The population control phase, which started in 1945 and lasted until 2000, sought to reduce the total fertility rate of every nation on earth to two children only, the so-called replacement level fertility. It has succeeded in most countries save for sub-Saharan Africa and a few other countries around the world.

Phase 2: The population stabilization phase, which started in 2000 and will be completed by 2050, seeks to ensure that the global population peaks at 9 or 10 billion by 2040 or at the latest by 2050. This phase has already been completed in the developed world. 

Phase 3: The controlled depopulation phase, which has already started in several European nations as well as Japan, but that will not start for the rest of the world until the population peaks, seeks to gradually decrease the global population to a sustainable level. 

What is a sustainable population very much depends on our standard of living and on the technology we use to enable that standard of living. The higher our standard of living and the dirtier our technology the smaller the sustainable population will be. Conversely, the lower our standard of living and the cleaner the technology the higher the sustainable population will be. 

Clearly we must strike the right balance between our standard of living and the technology we use so we fall victim neither to poverty and pollution nor to tyranny and genocide. Whatever choice we make in terms of standard of living and technology, however, will be ultimately determined by the number of people on the planet because we live on a finite planet that only has so much to give and that can give even less if its life support systems are to remain healthy. 

The “demographic transition” as presented to the general public is defined as the transition from high birth and death rates to low birth and death rates as a country develops from a pre-industrial to an industrialized economic system. 

The general public however is not being told that this engineered transition implies that births and deaths are to be controlled by policies and not by nature so that the birth and the death rates are brought into perfect equilibrium.

To accomplish this, births have to be limited and deaths have to be managed. And this requires the government to subvert fertility throughout the five stages of the demographic transition and promote death during the fourth and especially the fifth and last stage of the demographic transition. 

Since births are best prevented by damaging the reproductive system and deaths are best promoted by weakening the immune system this is what our elected governments are doing, therefore rendering our fundamental rights and civil liberties null and void, the rule of law a fiction, and democratic checks and balances a fraud. 

In effect, what governments are trying to do is reestablish nature’s lost equilibrium between life and death, an equilibrium disturbed by human intervention. 

Because in a purely natural state, a state that we have always sought to escape but that we only fully succeeded with the onset of the Industrial Revolution, fertility and mortality are both very high. That is to say a lot of children are born but few survive to adulthood. In a purely natural state, human life is also a lot shorter, as few reach old age. In fact, prior to 1945 the average lifespan was just 45 years, but today it is almost double that, at c. 70 years. 

Due to advances in medicine, nutrition and sanitation nearly every child born survives to adulthood and lives a long life. And because nearly every child survives and every human being lives a long life the population has exploded. 

In the engineered society of today nature’s equilibrium between life and death is mirrored but at much lower levels, for while in a state of nature births and deaths are at levels higher than 50 per 1000, in the engineered society of today the goal is to bring both births and deaths down to about 10 per 1000. Fewer births and fewer deaths mean less hardship and suffering. And the enduring goal of civilization is to free man from nature, because a life at the mercy of nature is both harsh and painful. 

The population explosion experienced since the onset of the Industrial Revolution in 1780 resulted in swelling cities and urban poverty during the latter half of the 19th century as well as in heavy migration out of Europe to the Americas and other colonies gained by military force, then it resulted in the two world wars in the first half of the 20th century and 80 million deaths, then in the rapid depletion of non-renewable resources and fierce competition for them, more recently in unsustainable growth and chronic poverty and hunger throughout the developing world and increasingly throughout the developed world as well, and most recently in worldwide environmental damage and the threat of irreversibly changing the climate. 

The latter three developments-namely the depletion of non-renewable resources, increasing poverty and starvation due to unsustainable growth rates, and worldwide environmental damage – have occurred despite an intense effort to control population growth through covert chemical, biological, psychosocial and economic methods; methods that amount to a hidden war against fertility and health, a war waged by governments and their military-industrial complex. 

A war that is wholly responsible for the explosion of non-communicable diseases, which is why the demographic transition is mirrored by the epidemiological transition. And the stakes of this war are high. They are in fact global and therefore the highest in our history. No greater war has ever been waged, for we are all at the receiving end of this war, both as victims and as beneficiaries. 

The moment you start interfering with human fertility to bring it down to replacement level, thus to just two children per woman, you start ending mankind’s economic and social problems but you also begin causing unprecedented medical and political problems, problems that defy moral solutions. 

For as you interfere with fertility over multiple generations and reduce the number of children born to any given age cohort you alter the structure of society from a stable pyramid to an unstable inverted pyramid.

And the same happens to human health, for as you subvert fertility with endocrine disruptors you subvert all human health and with each generation you have feebler and sicker people, people whose health is degraded and genetic makeup degenerated and who therefore require increasing medical care and impose increasing medical costs on society. 

Having set in motion a train that cannot be stopped, governments are forced to do whatever it takes to get the population structure to a stable state and until such time manage human health as best they can. In other words all they can do is mitigate for the damage they cause in order to accomplish those vital demographic objectives. 

A stable population state looks like a bullet in graphic terms. But to get to this population profile from an inverted population pyramid you have to shave off the wings of the inverted pyramid. In other words you have to get rid of the elderly because there are too many of them in the fourth and fifth stages of the demographic transition. And too many elderly pose an unbearable fiscal burden on state budgets at a time when the working population is shrinking.

As the war against fertility tapers off in the latter stages of the demographic transition, the war against longevity begins. Since the developed world started to wage war on their people’s fertility first, it is the first to have to start waging war on their people’s longevity. And regardless how the political leaders of developed countries feel about sending their elderly into an early grave, they have little choice under the current system since failing to do so would result in fiscal collapse. 

The dependency burdens posed by the elderly in countries where they make up more than 20% of the total population is unsustainable, especially since these countries are hit with the other effects of the demographic transition all at the same time: smaller workforce, dwindling tax pool, lower productivity. 

All countries with a median age of 35 years or more, which are represented in blue and purple on the map below, are currently waging war on their people’s longevity. Russia does it with alcohol, China with tobacco, and the West with vaccines and pharmaceuticals. In addition, most countries with an aged population augment the war against their people’s longevity with GMOs and chemtrails since the beginning of the 21st century. 

Japan, Germany and Italy, who lost the second world war and were consequently subjected to the most brutal methods of population control, already have about a quarter of their people over 65 years of age. By 2035 one in three Japanese will be over 65 and Italy and Germany will be no different. The war against longevity will therefore intensify and the problems it will cause in the population at large can only be grave.

The results of the wars on fertility and longevity are dire. They are hidden behind the euphemism “epidemiologic transition”. 

Plummeting birth rates (from 7 globally in 1950 to 2.6 today) and exploding non-communicable diseases are two sides of the same coin; the engineered depopulation coin, because it is impossible to subvert the reproductive system without damaging the entire human organism, which is why as fertility has gone down morbidity has gone up. Reproduction is simply too important to the survival of the species and when it goes everything else goes with it. 

It is the attack on the human reproductive system that doctors must stop if the epidemic of non-communicable diseases is to stop. 

The world has experienced an epidemiologic transition in the leading causes of death from infectious disease and acute illness to chronic disease and degenerative illness. Chronic diseases have replaced infection as the primary cause of death not due to expanded public health and sanitation, as conventional theory would have it [20], but because governments have waged war on reproduction and in the process have damaged the entire endocrine system and with it all human health. We are in the age of degenerative and man-made diseases due to the war on fertility.

Abdel Omran, who formulated the epidemiological transition theory, was correct in stating that such a transition occurs as a country undergoes the process of modernization from developing nation to developed nation status, but he was incorrect in ascribing this transition to modern healthcare and medicines and their ability to drastically reduce infant mortality rates and extend average life expectancy. 

This transition is purely the result of chronic, multi-generational and deliberate poisoning with endocrine disruptors. In the absence of this steady assault most human beings would die of natural causes and would live in good health until the very end. Moreover, in the absence of these poisons average lifespan would be around 90 years. 

Epidemiological studies at the level of populations are crucial to alert researchers about regional or secular trends in prevalence of disorders pointing to possible environmental factors. One need look no further to find the primary determinant of non-communicable diseases. It is the deliberate use of endocrine disruptors for population control purposes.
The way forward

Epidemiologists are on the right track and have begun formulating a theory of chronic disease that suggests knowledge of the multipronged assault that governments commit against the people for population control purposes via chemical, biological, psychosocial and economic methods. 

It is encouraging to see that endocrine disruptors have been recently identified as pro-inflammatory biomarkers for measuring metaflammation, the type of “prolonged, dysregulated, and maladaptive inflammatory response associated with…reduced metabolic rate”. And research is now underway that seeks to identify the nutritional, behavioral and environmental inducers of these pro-inflammatory biomarkers, inducers that have been labeled “anthropogens”, because of their made-made origins. “These inducers [it is now recognized] include not only behaviors linked to modern lifestyles facilitated by postindustrial environments — for example, poor nutrition, inactivity, inadequate sleep, and stress — but also components of these environments themselves, such as particulate matter and traffic-related air pollution; endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs); social and economic conditions that create inequality and economic insecurity” . 

It is just as encouraging to see that toxicologists in the European Union are working hard to identify all endocrine disrupting chemicals presently in the environment and that the process of removing these toxic chemicals from our environment and especially from the food system has begun. Moreover, their efforts are no longer being stalled by the chemical industry and the European Commission due to the direct warnings I have issued to every head of state and government in Europe and beyond and the indisputable scientific evidence of genocide that I have presented in my seminal work “Peace Without Poison” , which removed all corporate and political obstacles to the cessation of covert, chemical methods of depopulation. 

To date 163 endocrine disrupting chemicals have been added to the list of Substances of Very High Concern  that the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has assembled under the Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACh). 

Toxicologists are also taking measures to preempt the depopulation lobby should it try to replace the existing sterilizing, carcinogenic, mutagenic, bioaccumulate and toxic chemicals already identified with substitutes that are not yet known. To this effect Europe’s toxicologists have submitted a list of 15 chemicals deemed toxic to reproduction, most of which are plasticizers, to be added to the existing list and have urged the European Commission to lift its moratorium so that these newly identified endocrine disruptors can be added to Annex XIV, which is the name given to the list of chemicals that are to be removed from the environment . 

Even more encouraging is that several European nations have taken unilateral steps to accelerate the process of removing these endocrine disrupting chemicals from the food system. Sweden, France and Denmark now lead the way. 

The French government has stated since June 2014 that there is sufficient evidence endocrine disruptors are harmful to the human body and the EU must take immediate action based on the precautionary principle . The Swedish government has sued the European Commission for failing to act . And the Danish Ministry of the Environment has published an important paper on Bisphenol A identifying it as an “undesirable substance” and thus prompting the Danish government to take steps to eliminate it . 

European authorities are not alone in their fight against endocrine disruptors. The World Health Organization has identified endocrine disrupting chemicals as a threat to public health and especially harmful to children . 

Most recently and most encouragingly, in a landmark ruling (Case C 106/14) made on 10 September 2015, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has decided that the 0.1% threshold for notifying Substances of Very High Concern (SVGC) in articles applies to “each of the articles incorporated as a component of a complex product” rather than to the entire article . 

The court’s decision contradicts the view adopted by the European Commission and the European Chemical Agency’s (ECHA) guidance on requirements for substances in articles, and backs that taken by the following EU member states: France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Austria, Sweden and Norway.

This ruling provides a much greater level of consumer protection against toxic substances in our food, beverages and environment; toxic substances used by the depopulation lobby to sterilize and sicken us. 

But none of the above measures and victories will amount to anything unless all covert methods of depopulation are retired and replaced with overt legislation. We have been playing a losing hide and seek game with the military-industrial complex since 1945 and the only way to have certainty that covert methods will be retired is to implement global replacement level fertility as a Planetary Security Prerogative, thus to legislate population control. This will put the onus of responsibility on people not governments, who would then be free to choose the contraceptive method that is safest and that best meets their individual needs. The military-industrial complex will then become superfluous as governments will meet their international obligations with respect to population control through the cooperation of their citizens and not the imposition of covert chemical warfare. 

Governments would then only have to make contraceptives cheap and universally available and ensure that their people comply with the law and that dissenters are statistically insignificant so the international framework for peace is not upset and mankind will be able to reach its demographic objectives and attain sustainability. 

Continuing to play this hide and seek game with the military-industrial complex will only lead to more illness, genetic and intellectual degradation, and to the eventual extermination of the vast majority of our specie’s genetic lineages. 

As it is, the worst of the damage caused so far has yet to be felt due to the lag between exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals and the manifestation of a clinical disorder, lag that could be years or decades. In the case of reproduction, for instance, research shows that “infertility cannot be assessed until the exposed individual has attained a certain age, again resulting in a lag between early exposure and manifestation of a dysfunction”. Furthermore, the damage is cumulative due to transgenerational and epigenetic effects. Endocrinologists warn us that: “EDCs may affect not only the exposed individual but also the children and subsequent generations. Recent evidence suggests that the mechanism of transmission may in some cases involve the germline and may be nongenomic. That is, effects may be transmitted not due to mutation of the DNA sequence, but rather through modifications to factors that regulate gene expression such as DNA methylation and histone acetylation” . In other words, damaged individuals will produce damaged offspring. 

There is now also confirmation of the existence of non-monotonic dose response curves with endocrine disrupting compounds. That is to say, the body’s response to endocrine disruptors may be greater at lower doses, which has dire implications for risk assessments that have set safety standards too high, by as much as 1000 times or more . 

This means that the brightest medical minds and the most advanced diagnostic and treatment methods will have no effect whatsoever on the battle against non-communicable diseases. So long as the covert poisoning program remains in place medicine is powerless. 

To successfully combat the epidemic of non-communicable diseases we have to remove the cause of causes, we have to, in other words, shut down covert methods of depopulation and replace them with overt population control legislation. And to accomplish this we must remove the structural obstacles that stand in the way of overt population control legislation. What are these structural obstacles? They are three: (1) religion, (2) democracy, and (3) contraception. More specifically, the intractability of religious authorities with respect to contraceptives and abortion, the impossibility of being elected to high office in a democracy on a platform of population control, and the unavailability of safe contraceptives or the difficulty of getting people to use them unfailingly. 

Good health can only be restored if we successfully overcome these three obstacles. 

I have already removed the first obstacle, the intractability of religious authorities, through my 46-day hunger strike at the Vatican last year . 

Pope Francis and his cardinals are now firmly aligned with the United Nations and are using sustainability as their unifying factor. The religious and secular authorities are no longer waging an ideological battle over our dying bodies. They no longer put their self-interest and their power base ahead of our children’s health and future by failing to agree that regardless of our sensibilities and moral norms we have no choice but to restrict our fertility. 

I made them understand that if national authorities continue to covertly poison their people into sterility through the basic elements of life they endanger the very survival of the human species in their attempt to save the planet. I also made them realize that the only way to save both the planet and mankind is to bring the population control program out in the open and empower people to limit their own family size to two children only. 

But disclosure depends on the second structural obstacle, democracy. 

The second obstacle, the impossibility of being elected to high office in a democracy on a platform of population control, is the most difficult obstacle to overcome and the only remaining obstacle that stands in the way of legislating population control. Politicians and lawmakers are in an impossible situation. They are asked to represent the will of the people while safeguarding the rule of law and respecting democratic checks and balances, but are at the same time required by the dire circumstances of the world to pursue depopulation and globalization so we can survive into the future; depopulation being necessary to stay within the limits of our planet and reach sustainability while globalization is necessary so that every country can access vital raw materials regardless where they are found and to access them on equal terms through the free market economy. 

Depopulation and globalization, however, are not popular and because they are not popular they cannot be accomplished democratically and thus within the law so they are being pursued undemocratically and outside the law, by violating the rule of law and circumventing democracy. To be able to do this, democracies have placed the responsibility for pursuing depopulation and globalization in the hands of the military-industrial complex and of the United Nations, thus outside the knowledge, will and reach of the people. And in so doing they have delivered us all into the hands of a global killing machine, a genocidal tyranny. A tyranny that depends on secrecy, deception, manipulation and lies in order to be able to continue to pursue the depopulation/globalization objectives extrajudicially, undemocratically, and without the people’s knowledge and consent. 

A tyranny that rewards agro-giants for poisoning our food and beverages, and corporations for rendering our dental and cosmetic products toxic. A tyranny that rewards pharmaceutical companies for creating vaccines and medicines that sterilize and sicken us. A tyranny that rewards biotechnology companies for patenting genetically modified organisms that monopolize seeds and turn our staple crops into life-destroyers. A tyranny that rewards the World Health Organization, NGOS, and national health authorities for complicity in crimes against humanity. 

This tyranny has become the very embodiment of diabolical cunning and cruelty, even though its objectives are benevolent. To bring down this system, this beast, that operates outside the law and poisons our children we need only expose its methods and means, its objectives and manipulations, its deceptions and lies. We need, in other words, just kill its cover of secrecy and drag it kicking and screaming into the glaring light of truth. It will vanish as easily as darkness vanishes with the rising sun. The truth will then set us free. 

But no one is willing to be the torchbearer of truth in a world where only liars are rewarded. So I became the sanctuary of truth and gave notice to every head of state and government to change course or else they will face our wrath if they continue to poison our children. I made sure that regardless how powerful or rich they are not one of them can hide behind the system and that they live in fear of our retribution and of history’s harsh judgement until such time as they change course and restore sanity and decency to this world. 

But I also armed them with the tools necessary to change course, because killing the existing system of population control and resource sharing without putting something else in its place is suicidal. For better or worse this system has saved us from nuclear annihilation, mass starvation and environmental devastation. 

What I gave them is an alternative to global tyranny decoyed by national democracy; I gave them “The Future of Global Governance”, the blueprint for a global governing structure that although outside democratic constraints with regards only to the depopulation and resource sharing objectives that we must accomplish or else perish it is fully within the scrutiny and judgment of the world . I also gave them the global governing instrument of the Planetary Security Prerogative so that population control and resource sharing can henceforth be free of the self-interest of the living to the exclusion of the unborn and of other life forms that have no voice in our political process because they are only animals and plants. 

More than anything I freed them from the self-imposed prison of mutual coercion mutually agreed upon. But for them to succeed in freeing us from covert methods of depopulation and coerced methods of globalization we will have to give them our informed consent to go ahead and initiate a global governing structure authorized to implement overt depopulation and globalization as Planetary Security Prerogatives. And for that to occur we need to educate our fellow men in record time and that requires that we all become torchbearers of truth, irrespective of our government’s objectives and fearless about repercussions to our lives and careers. 

What history asks of all of us is that we put our children’s lives and wellbeing ahead of our own lives and wellbeing and that we sacrifice our careers for their future. Those who are unwilling to do this are a liability to their own children for condemning them to genocide. 

The third obstacle to overt population control, contraceptives, which was insurmountable when the Global Depopulation Policy began in 1945 because there were no contraceptives available save for condoms and sponges, is no longer a problem. In 1945 the technology of birth prevention was as good as non-existent and talking about conception in public was considered obscene and subject to imprisonment. Today, thanks to advances in medicine, we possess a multitude of contraceptives, and thanks to activist efforts we can talk about sex and educate each other. 

Access to contraceptives however is a serious problem in the developing world. But this is a problem of capacity that can be solved. The problem of use will be resolved once replacement level fertility is declared a Planetary Security Prerogative and enshrined in international law. I am pushing the world’s statesmen to take this step as part of their commitment to the sustainability agenda . And I am pushing the people to assume responsibility for population control so that governments can stop covert methods of depopulation and legislate replacement level fertility worldwide .

If our leaders fail to find the courage necessary to confess that for the past seven decades they have misused the basic elements of life as delivery agents for sterilizing and immunodepressant toxins in order to subvert fertility and increase mortality across the globe so as to stabilize the population, and if they fail to engage the Planetary Security Prerogative instrument we have armed them with to facilitate a global change from covert to overt methods of depopulation, it will be because we as citizens have failed to do our duty to force them to show leadership. And it is our children who will pay the price for our failure, just as we pay the price for our fathers’ failures. Our children are counting on us and we are their last line of defense.

This is not a battle we can win as doctors but only as human beings, because the cause of illness is political. That is why we must speak out. We must speak firmly. And we must risk everything in the process. As I have done. 

Continuing to blindly submit to an international order based on genocide can only have disastrous consequences. In this environment neither our individual nor our social health will improve, as we will always be two steps behind the machinery of death. For if we fail to legislate replacement level fertility as a Planetary Security Prerogative across the world and instead allow our governments and the UN to continue to poison us, we will condemn our children to lives of chronic and debilitating illness and our genetic lineages to certain death. And if we shut down covert depopulation measures but fail to implement overt depopulation we will condemn our children to poverty and war, and ultimately to certain nuclear annihilation and environmental collapse. 

Human health and even life on earth depend not on our skills as doctors, but on our courage as fathers, on our love as mothers, and on our decency as human beings. 

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