Shock! Don’t Drink The Water Atlanta! Ebola Virus Being Released Into Sewage System! Recycled Water A Potential Doomsday Scenario?

A word of warning is going out across the internet to those in Atlanta, Georgia, be VERY CAREFUL with your drinking water if the source is recycled water via the Atlanta sewage system. According to this brand new report from The Watchers, ebola virus is now being released into Atlanta’s sewage system.  The video below is called “Ebola Virus SHOCK – Ebola Virus Being Released Into Atlanta Sewage Treatment Plant” for a good reason. With ebola virus potentially being released via recycled sewage water into not only drinking water but irrigation systems and being used to water crops to eat, we hope that what we read from Jim Bynum and hear in the video below isn’t true.





By Jim Bynum

“Ebola Patients Brought to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta”, after The Federal Public Health Service had assured the public that it is a Biosafety Level 4 treatment center as required by CDC. It appears to meet the CDC standard for containment of aerosols in hospitals, but offers no safety for aerosols generated during sewage treatment to plant workers, sludge (biosolids) haulers, or those exposed to Filoviruses (ebola) in reclaimed sewage effluent used as irrigation on parks, school grounds and food crops as well as the users of sewage sludge (biosolids) used for the same


If Filoviruses such as Ebola are In Sewage, it will survive in the Effluent == Reclaimed water and Sludge products

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