The Anti-Russia Narrative Reveals More About Us than Them

The informational war waged against Russia with russophobia and demonization of Russia being at the tip of the spear is, as we may see, quite successful. Russia is to blame for everything bad, that happens in the world and if you analyse today’s media you’ll see, that from Russia there’s either bad or no news at all.

Russia’s image is especially bad in German media, where you may find not a single positive publication about Russia. Being blackwashed at every corner, Russia is subject to the craziest lies and hoaxes, and even unveiled truth gets no attention in media at all. Obviously, if you encounter only good or only bad reviews about something, then you have to review the phenomenon yourself, as did Guy Mettan, swiss politician and publicist Guy Mettan, the author of the book «Russia and the West: a Thousand Year War». As the title implicates, it is about Russophobia in the West. The subtitle — “Why do we love to hate Russia?”.


The author says, that to some extent the officially supported russophobia is a kind of racism. As for the root of the problem, he stars with the Raskol (schism) of the Russian church about 1,000 years ago. And like 200 years ago, there are two reasons of why people are hating Russia: it has a big territory and does not hide it’s view on things.

Breaking out of the media blockade 10 years ago through the activity of television-network Russia Today didn’t really help. Now it is Russian journalists always accused of propaganda, of being paid directly by the Kremlin. However, the more western media and politicians tighten the screws, accusing Russia of everything — Crimea, MH-17, Brexit, refugee crisis and so on, the more people start using their brains, says Maria Zakharova, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson. However, there are some good people in the elites, for instance, Czech president Milos Zeman, who doesn’t hide his utter sympathy towards Russia, even if it is the Czech Republic being the most russophobic one in Europe. This may seem controversial. So, what can be said in conclusion? Use your brain and see Russia for yourself. 

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