Thirty-Two Days to Economic Doom; the “Black Swan Event” everyone fears

Thirty-Two Days to Economic Doom; the "Black Swan Event" everyone fears

Thirty-two days from now, the US economy WILL be in complete collapse. This is the economic "Black Swan Event" everyone has feared.  Thirty-two days from now it will hit with a vengeance and nothing on the face of the earth can stop it.

It is an irrefutable fact that a full fifty percent (50%) of annual retail sales in the entire United States. This year, the spending spree will NOT take place; the money just isn't there.

How we got to this point is simple: For over a decade, those touting "free trade" and "immigration reform" have utterly wrecked this country so as to make a huge buck for themselves.  Screw the country; screw the people, it's every man for himself – was their ideology.

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The free trade gang used the term to justify "outsourcing" American manufacturing to cheaper, third-world countries.  Those pushing "immigration reform" used it to bring millions of lower paid, foreign workers into this country, many of whom live ten and twenty to a home, to work at (what used to be) American jobs, but do so for half (or less) of the former American salary. 

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Then, of course, we had the Unions.  Groups like the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which is so selfish about getting more Union members to line the pockets of Union Bosses with members' dues, they jumped on the "immigration reform" bandwagon to get as many illegal aliens as possible to remain in the country and become part of the unions!  The Union bosses didn't care one wit about America or its citizens, they only thought of their own pockets as they scoured the barrio for more and more laborers to work cheap . . . and pay Union dues.

Over the past decade, we have moved closer and closer to the point where there are too few middle-class-wage jobs to keep the economy going.  It was propped-up for the past couple years by easy credit; all of which is now max'd out.  This year, the numbers have finally turned against us andnothing can stop what's coming. 

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For those who can't figure it out, what's coming is this:  Nothing.  Silence.  No hordes of consumers barging-into stores.   No traffic jams of motorists desperately trying to get into shopping malls to buy what they've been saving-up for.    Instead of steadily rising annual sales, most retail stores — many for the first time — reported _lower_ sales (despite higher prices).  The mass-media, ever trying to "spin" people into believing the Obama economy was terrific, "spun" the sales losses by blaming them on . . . the weather.  It was all nonsense.  The lower sales were a reflection of the reduced pay, reduced jobs and failing economy.  This year, despite the weather, nothing the media does will be able to "spin" the unfolding economic devastation.

Shortly after Christmas Day, the bad news will begin to flow.  Large retailers, very well-known retailers (some in business for more than 100 years) will go completely out of business.  Mom-and-Pop shops will shut down en masse.  The layoffs and corporate Bankruptcies will be staggering.  Each and every day will bring more and more bad news and the last vestiges of America's economic fairytale are wiped away by cold, hard reality.  January of 2016 will see an acceleration of the collapse as the fourth quarter corporate books reveal there is no way to survive; not even by closing underperforming locations.  For many, many, businesses, the end is nigh.

So prepare yourselves.  We will not go out with a bang, we'll go out with a whimper.  Drained of our economic life by vampires who thought buying back their company stocks to increase stock value and earn higher bonuses for themselves (based on stock price)  was more important than hiring new workers or paying a living wage.  Drained of our working capital by Bankers who decided to use the cheap money provided by the federal reserve, to invest in the S&P500 rather than lend the money out to small and mid-sized businesses to hire more workers and expand.  Driven out of jobs by "free traders" who outsourced manufacturing to any third world cesspool they could to increase their profits, and by "immigration reformers" who flooded the country with illegal aliens who work cheap, get no benefits, and wire their money to their home countries instead of spending it here in America.

Those are the facts.  What we will see in the next 32 days is the result.  God help us when this all falls apart.

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Unless, of course, the politicians can manage one more time, to get us into a really big war.  Then the wartime economy will salvage the economy and we'll get to "kick the can down the road" for another few years; at least those of us who manage to survive.  Look for it — look for the coming war . . . it's the only thing that can turn the economy around. The only drawback is that several million of us will have to die in it, for the rest to survive.  But hey, who cares?  It's every man for himself . . . right?  Remember you thought that way when YOUR child goes off to war.(source)


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  1. Zlatko

    I was with you until you started union bashing, stupid idea. Unions are the loudest opponent of free trade treason. Unions ensure a middle class wage, and thus, a middle class. Unions are for the American worker, middle class and nation. You are right to warn about bankster, the dollar index, free trade corporate treason and a possible collapse, but union bashing makes you an idiot, so stop it, please.


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