Two Radiation Spikes Detected in Washington, DC

Two Radiation Spikes

Two distinct radiation spikes have been detected in Washington, DC this morning.  One is 5 blocks from the US Capitol, near the Inauguration.  The other is about 10 Blocks from the White House.  They are minor "spikes" but they are detectable on SafeCast monitors.


From their web site:

Safecast is a global volunter-centered citizen science project working to empower people with data about their environments. We believe that having more freely available open data is better for everyone. Everything we do is aimed at putting data and data collection know-how in the hands of people worldwide.


Safecast monitors environmental conditions like Radiation and air quality, with all their data being open-source and free to use by everyone.

Under the Safecast Radiation Monitoring Report, a very clear, very distinct, Radiation spike of 0.6 microSierverts per hour on a scale of log 10 e   is seen at Maryland Avenue SW near the Intersection of 6th Street SW, about five blocks from the US Capitol and today's Inauguration Event.  Readers can visit the site to see the data for themselves HERE.

Elsewhere in Washington, DC, the same Safecast web site is detecting another Radiation Spike of similar size, but more diffuse, on Church St. NW, just east of 17th Street NW, about ten blocks from the White House.   Readers can visit the site to see the data for themselves HERE.

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SuperStation95 contacted the United States Secret Service in Washington, DC at 4:15 AM eastern time today and referred Special Agent Smith (female) to this information.  Agent Smith told us the Secret Service has teams that look for these types of things and that the information would be passed along to those people.

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