WARNING –ANTIFA Planning Nationwide Anarchy On November 4th. Is Your City On The List?

Antifa has just announced that they’re planning to purge every single Trump voter, Republican, and conservative American in this country. Come November 4th, the far-left terrorist organization will erupt in violence, raiding houses, seizing weapons, and causing absolute chaos. Born under the Obama administration some time around 2014, the radical left wing group “Antifa” has grown to a full blown domestic terrorist threat. Over the past year we’ve seen them shut down conservative speakers such as Milo Yiannopoulos, attack innocent Americans, and use violence to push their political agenda. After being declared a terrorist organization by the Department of Homeland Security, we’ve seen them slink back into shadows—and while they do most of their operations in secret, dozens of conservative journalists and reporters have infiltrated their ranks, and have some terrifying news.

According to sources, Antifa is planning an all out civil war on November 4th. This is not going to be a productive platform for engagement, it’s not going to be a peaceful protest, hell it’s not even going to be a violent riot. What they’re planning is bigger than anything the likes of which we’ve ever seen, and we need to prepare ourselves. Dozens of conservative voices have spoken out against the mayhem that Antifa has in store, urging Americans to prepare with bullets, food, and water. “They’re planning a total day of anarchy on November 4th,” one said. “They’re planning the first day of their revolution.” That’s right—this isn’t just a one time event. This is meant to be the day that they seize control of America. This is meant to be the day that freedom ends, that justice dies, and that terror reigns free.

Antifa does not want democracy, they do not want peace, they do not want freedom…they want complete and utter chaos. “I never thought that in my life time, I’d see the complete and total breakdown of society, of morality, of civility…the building blocks of what make this nation great,” said a Sheriff Deputy trying to warn Americans of the impending war. “We’re no longer allowed to walk in public…if you’re a Republican you have to fear getting beaten, destroyed, maimed, or killed.” “If you’re white, or you’re a Trump supporter…it will be open game on you. If our leaders aren’t going to step up and finish this, we have to. Each and everyone of us has to,” he adds. Antifa plans to first target and eliminate law enforcement officials, and then they will move onto citizens. Info Wars reports that major hot spots for this war will be “New York, Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.” Many, such as Stephen Crowder, have gone undercover and exposed how Antifa is hoarding guns, bullets, knives, and other weapons.

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They’re building an arsenal. They’re preparing for war. Alt-left agitators are planning to stage mass riots in major cities on November 4 during which they hope to instigate a “civil war” that will lead to the “regime change” of the Trump administration. Demonstrations are planned for cities across the country, including New York City, Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. A long diatribe written by Andy Zee posted on the Revolutionary Communist Party website makes it clear that the events, which leftists hope will attract “millions,” are not planned to be just ordinary protests. “There is a break with what have been the norms we confront, and to deal with this there must be a break with the “normal” ways people seek change from government. The normal forms of petition and protest DO NOT APPLY with Trump—even as they have been difficult enough under the normal functioning of this system,” writes Zee. “Sharp agitation” and “politically provocative actions” must be employed to achieve the complete overthrow of the administration, according to Zee.

Now is not the time to hide in the shadows, to cower away into the dark. Now is the time to prepare yourself. Let every single man, woman, and child in this country know about what Antifa plans to do come November 4th, because if they’re successful, it will be the end of America. The fate of our country hangs on a thread, and all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. So arm yourselves and steel your nerves, prepare for the worst yet hope for the best—because if it really does come down to it, and push comes to shove, this will be the day that we reclaim our country.


And what ARE their political views? 

Open Borders.  No Deportation of Illegal Aliens. An end to what they call the "Fascist" system of Capitalism in the United States, with "all wealth (individuals and corporations) controlled by government and distributed equally to all people." An end to private property ownership, with all property assigned by government based upon people's needs. An end to "Hetero-Normative Bias" . . . the idea that heterosexuals marrying and having families is "the norm" — instead, all Male-Male/Female-Female/ must be equally viewed and encouraged.  Further, they demand an end to "the Patriarchal model" of families, where the father is the head of the home.  They demand free health care and prescription drugs to all – including immigrants who come here from anywhere! They demand free education – up to and including college – for everyone, including immigrants who come here from anywhere.  They demand an "end to White Supremacy" and the idea that civilizations created by White People are somehow "normal" or "desirable." They demand "Reparations" for people of color for decades of "discrimination" in America.  They openly state that anyone who disagrees with ANY of this, is a "NAZI" and they are now openly talking about putting such people in "Extermination Camps" because the ideas of personal responsibility, merit, and individual achievement, hold-back people of color.
According to intelligence assets who have infiltrated these groups, severe violence, riots, road & highway blockades, outright ATTACKS on businesses (including LOOTING and ARSON), "revenge" attacks against perceived Trump Supporters and overall Civil Disruption are being actively planned!  Their stated goal is  "once this begins on November 4, it will not stop until their demands are met."


This Nightmare Must End: The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go! In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America! Regional Conferences in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Austin, hosted by RefuseFascism.org

Come Get Organized for nation-wide protests that begin November 4th and continue – night after night and day after day, growing from thousands to hundreds of thousands to millions – until our demand is met: This Nightmare Must End: The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go! Millions feel that the Trump/Pence Regime is truly a nightmare and ache with the question of how to stop this unrelenting horror. The stakes are nothing less than the future of humanity and the planet itself.

<<<< Scared? Don't be. Here are tips on how to prepare >>>>

ANTIFA wasn’t very smart since they are openly planning for anarchy on November the 4th, 2017, and President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions should be fully prepared to investigate. Maybe even prepare all out raids in four major American cities. Share this list because ANTIFA stupidly put out this list on their website refusefascism.org.
Recently, DailyPresser uncovered a report that found an ANTIFA manual that was found on the Evergreen College Campus in Washington. The details are disturbing, including the phrase, “When all else fails, compare someone to Hitler.”

We can actually prevent this staged anarchy, and how about we all make a bet right now it’s the usual suspects behind the funding and supporting of this ANTIFA operation coming up on November the 4th.



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