Warning Issued: Russia Surrounds America With Doomsday Nuclear Drones After “Something Biblical Is Approaching”

A grimly worded new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today that reads like an end of the world survival master plan for the Russian Federation, notes that the General Staff has approved the draft decree authorizing the shoot-down of disaster-threatening aircraft despite passengers on board, along with their authorizing over 30 Poseidon strategic underwater nuclear weapon drones to be put on immediate combat duty—actions deemed vital after the Security Council (SC), yesterday, warned that globalist elites were preparing to destroy the entire global economy in their bid to throw President Trump from power—which was quickly followed by an American warning that “Something Biblical Is Approaching” as this collapse nears.  


According to this report, the Poseidon strategic underwater drone (nicknamed “Kanyon” by the Pentagon and goes by the full name Ocean Multipurpose System Status-6) has a range of 6,200 miles, a top speed in excess of 56 knots and can descend to depths of 3,280 feet below sea level—and is classified as a “doomsday” weapon because it can be outfitted with a 100-megaton nuclear warhead. 

With over 30 of these doomsday Poseidon nuclear weapons now authorized to be deployed from submarines of both the Northern and Pacific Fleets, this report continues, they will encircle the entirety of the coastlines of the United States in preparation for their destroying US naval forces, airfields and military bases—that, in turn, will prevent the Americans from being able to deploy their military forces anywhere in the world—and is an assessment the Trump administration’s 2018 National Defense Strategy itself confirmed this past November-2018 when it warned they would almost certainly endure a “decisive military defeat” in a conventional conflict with Russia or China because the Pentagon simply can’t move personnel and supplies to where they need to go like they used to—and is a war plan conforming to the Russian Nuclear Weapons Use Doctrine that authorizes limited first strikes against US military targets, thereafter waiting to see how the United States will respond—with immediate de-escalation of hostilities being the most hoped for outcome—and the worst being “evacuate the president, activate “Dead Hand”, and protect the population” as the world goes up in flames in the following 30 minutes.


Russia begins surrounding America with Poseidon underwater nuclear warhead equipped “doomsday” drones


Not being told to the American people about why Russia is preparing to strike their nation with nuclear weapons, this report explains, is the simple fact that during the Cold War, that saw the US and former Soviet Union on the constant brink of annihilating each other, a global holocaust was able to be averted because of a US political system that saw it being evenly divided between pro-war and anti-war factions—best exampled, in 1984, when Democrat Party leader US Senator Ted Kennedy made a secret appeal to Soviet-Russia leaders to aid him in defeating President Ronald Reagan whom he feared was ready to start World War III.

From their keeping the US and former Soviet Union from lobbing nuclear missiles at each other during the Cold War, in fact, this report notes, the Democrat Party even tore itself apart to end the disastrous Vietnam War they had started—whose anti-war forces moved to impeach President George W. Bush for lying the US into war—and who even prevented their own President Barack Obama from expanding the war in Syria, while cheering his removal of US military forces from Iraq.

Upon the election of President Trump, however, this report details, the “pro-war—anti-war” equilibrium that had kept the United States and Russia from annihilating each other for nearly 50-years came to an abrupt and shattering end—that saw anti-war Trump making a hostile takeover of the pro-war faction called the Republican Party—but whose anti-Trump warmongers, called neocons, then joined with the Democrat Party, and whose voters are now more militaristic and pro-war than the Republicans ever were in history. 


To the catastrophic power of the pro-war forces of anti-Trump neocon Republicans now joining with their pro-war counterparts the Democrat Party, this report further details, can be seen in what occurred this past week involving US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard—a highly decorated US Army officer combat veteran of American-Samoa ethnic heritage who entered the US Congress as its first Hindu representative in history—and whose streak of independence harkening back to the days of true Democrat Party anti-war leaders, led her to forgo being told what to think, with her, instead, traveling to Syria to discover the truth that over 200,000 of its citizens have returned to their country thanks to Russian peacekeeping efforts—and which, yesterday, led her to announce that she was running to be the next Democrat Party nominee to be US President and declare “there is one main issue that is central to the rest, and that is the issue of war and peace”.

As one would logically think Congresswoman Gabbard’s announcement would be cheered as she is the ideal “brown skinned ethnic minority woman” candidate American leftists say they want, this report continues, this couldn’t be further from the truth, as from the very moment she announced her candidacy, both the anti-Trump pro-war Republicans and the pro-war Democrats united in panic to do everything in their power to destroy her—including calling her vile names, and even going so far as to attack her religion.    



At the same exact time these pro-war Democrats and Republicans are destroying the highly accomplished and combat awarded “brown skinned ethnic minority woman” presidential candidate Congresswoman Gabbard, this report points out, they have pushed into national prominence the “brown skinned ethnic minority woman” US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—a 29-year-old woman of Puerto Rico ethnic heritage whose major accomplishment in life was her growing up in a wealthy suburb of New York City, while falsely portraying herself to be a working class citizen—who is now calling for an income tax rate of 70% so the United States can be like Sweden—but whose total ignorance of reality is evidenced by the fact that Sweden long ago abandoned its socialist economy, ended payments and subsidies to its welfare state citizens, cut its taxes to one of the lowest rates in the world, and that now sees it ranked as the 15th freest economy in the world, as opposed to the US which is only the 18th one.  



As evidenced by these pro-war forces in the United States destroying Congresswoman Gabbard, while at the same championing Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez, this report concludes, there no longer exists in America any anti-war forces, with the lone exception of President Trump—whose very survival will determine the fate of his entire nation—as Russia, beyond all doubt, will respond in devastating force upon the merest hint that these Neocon-Democrats are taking power—and as President Putin himself warned: “Fifty years ago, the streets of Leningrad taught me one rule: if a fight is inevitable you have to strike first”.   





SOURCE : whatdoesitmean

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