Putin Warns America “Getting Worse By The Hour” As Democrats Vote For “Unilateral Disarmament”

A sobering new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today echoing President Putin’s grave warning that situations “in and with” the United States are not just getting bad, “they are in fact deteriorating, getting worse by the hour”, states this grim reality is driving the world towards total war as best exampled by yesterday’s “false flag” attack against two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman—that came a day after socialist Democrats in the US Congress shockingly voted for the “unilateral disarmament” of the US military in refusing their urgent request for low-yield defensive nuclear weapons, in spite of one of their top defense think tanks warning that their nation “must develop a new way of war or risk defeat to Russia and China”—that is now causing such “psychotic hypocrisies” that on one side saw Central Command Chief of Staff US Army Major General Michael Kurilla ordering a press release stating “A war with Iran is not in our strategic interest, nor in the best interest of the international community”—that was followed by Central Command Commander US Navy-Marine General Kenneth F. McKenzie, Jr.ordering the release of a blurred video the US Navy comically claimed showed Iran removing a mine from one of the targeted oil tankers—a blatant lie as all this video shows is an Iranian coastal vessel rescuing crew members from this crippled oil tanker—and confirmed by the US Navy who itself documented “At 9:26 a.m. local time the Iranians requested that the motor vessel Hyundai Dubai, which had rescued the sailors from the M/T Altair, to turn the crew over to the Iranian FIACs. The motor vessel Hyundai Dubai complied with the request and transferred the crew of the M/T Altair to the Iranian FIACs”—and, most critically, is a US Navy lie countered by the Japanese oil tanker owner who truthfully reported that his crew saw “flying objects” before the attack, and flatly denied it had struck a mine.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]


Rescued crew members of a tanker hit in the Sea of Oman (above) at the southern Iranian Jask port on 13 June 2019

Japanese tanker owner Yutaka Katada (above) said his crew spotted “flying objects” before the attack in the Gulf of Oman, contradicting US claims that the vessel was damaged by a naval mine.

According to this report, following yesterday’s “false flag” attack on these two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman by an “unspecified state actor”, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi issued a statement saying “the suspicious nature of incidents for oil tankers is not a joke…it  is not only not funny, it is also worrying and alarming”—that was followed by the Iranians further declaring: “Neither fabrications and disinformation campaigns nor shamelessly blaming others can change the realities…the US and its regional allies must stop warmongering and put an end to mischievous plots as well as false flag operations in the region”.

With the Iranians further calling this attack an act of “sabotage diplomacy being conducted by the United States, this report continues, it’s critical to note that the Americans have “provided no explicit evidence for accusing Iran” of being responsible for these attacks—an attack even CNNis acknowledging “doesn’t appear to benefit any of the protagonists in the region”—and came at the same time Japanese Prime Minister Abe was on a state visit in Iran—thus causing the Bloomberg News Service to admit that “Iran has little to gain from blowing up the ship of its esteemed guest”.


President Donald Trump knew years ago the “Deep State” wanted war—but Obama chose to destroy Libya instead of Iran.


While hysterical and hyperbolic Western propaganda media coverage of these attacks in the Gulf of Oman rule the day, however, this report details, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) continues its investigation of the known facts—that begins with the US Navy admitting that one of its P-8 Poseidon military aircraft “was overhead the area throughout the day” in the Gulf of Oman when these attacks occurred—whose armaments include the US Navy’s advanced lightweight Mark 50 torpedo having a 100-pound warhead—and the lightweight Mark 54 torpedo having a 98.6-pound warhead—both of which when air-fired from this aircraft can skim the surface like a skipping stone to strike ships at or above the water line in order to avoid underwater armored plating used for mine protection—and can, indeed, appear to a targeted ship as a “flying object”.

Most concerning to MoD analysts about this US Navy P-8 Poseidon torpedo armed aircraft overflying the Gulf of Oman yesterday when these attacks occurred, this report explains, was that part of its crew were members of the United Kingdom Royal Air Force (RAF) from the 120 Squadron stationed at RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland—who, in January-2019, traveled to the United States to begin training on the P-8 Poseidon aircraft the RAF was buying—two months ago, in April-2019, began the flying phase of their training aboard the P-8 Poseidon—and who are now aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier currently in the Persian Gulf region conducting what were scheduled to be “live fire exercises” with the lightweight Mark 54 torpedo the RAF, in January-2018, purchased for using with their P-8 Poseidon aircraft—but was a “live fire exercise” so concerning to Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles, he ordered the Spanish warship Mendez Nunez to break off from the armada led by the USS Abraham Lincoln and return home—with his stating this decision was made “in order to avoid being involuntarily dragged into any kind of conflict with Iran”.


US Navy P-8 Poseidon air dropped lightweight Mark 54 torpedo (above) can skim water like skipping stone…

…to strike surface vessels, like US Navy practice ship (above), at or above water line to avoid underwater armor plating…

…and resembles strike on oil tanker (above) sailing in the Gulf of Oman on 13 June 2019.


Most alarming for the United States as it apparently heads to war with Iran, this report notes, is the grave danger it faces if either Russia and/or China are dragged into this conflict—best warned about in the Executive Review of the Nuclear Posture Review ordered by President Trumpthat notes the US military has reduced the nuclear stockpile by over 85%  since the height of the Cold War and has deployed no new nuclear capabilities for over two decades, and is now unable to match any of its most powerful adversaries—a grim finding supported by the bi-partisan think tank most relied upon by the US military called the Center for a New American Security—who, just this past week, warned that the US must “develop a new way of war or risk defeat to Russia and China”—but are warnings falling upon deaf ears in the Democrat Party controlled US House of Representatives in the US Congress who, also this past week, shot down their nation’s ability to develop the low-yield nuclear weapons their military forces desperately need to prevent a large scale nuclear exchange from occurring—a shocking action Republican Party leaders correctly stated “equates to unilateral disarmament”.



With President Trump himself having just declared that the attack on these oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman has “Iran written all over it”, this report concludes, past precedents have shown his rhetoric very rarely translates into military action—as best exampled during the past few years when his nation’s war mongering forces tried to push him into war with North Korea and Syria—and the past few weeks when they tried to get him to invade Venezuela, too—but in trying to get him to attack Iran and unleash a global nuclear war, now sees the leftist high-tech overlords of Silicon Valley siding with these war mongers against the American people—best exampled by Twitter destroying and deleting, so far, nearly 5,000 accounts reporting true news and facts about this “false flag” event—thus leaving the United States and its peoples, once again, on the brink of being lied into a war like they were with Iraq—but this time around, won’t see mere thousands of their sons, daughters, fathers and mothers dying needlessly, but hundreds-of-thousands, if not millions and tens-of-millions.   


Russian first strike nuclear targets in United States, then pause to see if peace possible…

…if not, second nuclear strike bombardment will begin.




SOURCE : whatdoesitmean

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