Warning: Sun Spot Detonation! Gigantic Flare Heading for Earth; Arrival 6 AM Eastern Time Sunday – Expect Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions and Electrical Grid Troubles

BPEarthWatch has issued an Earthquake and Volcanic Eruption Warning for the period from this coming Sunday, July 16, starting at 6:00 AM eastern US time, thru Monday, after our Sun suffered an enormous Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) which is heading toward Earth.

The ten minute video below contains all the data from NASA satellites, and explains why this will be a significant event for all of us.  

The CME is so tremendous, it will "envelope" our entire planet. When that begins around 6AM eastern US time Sunday, it will continue for HOURS!

During that time, unimaginable levels of electrical and magnetic energy will, barrage our planet.  This energy burst from the Sun will cause things to happen on earth that are not good for us.

 It is important to not that Earth's magnetic field protects us from the overwhelming majority of problems associated with this type of event, and that these events have taken place since the beginning of time.    HOWEVER, when something this enormous, with this much energy, physically hits the earth, levels of energy that we cannot even fathom can sneak-through cracks or gaps in the magnetic field, allowing portions of that massive energy to actually get to our planet. ANd it is these leaks or cracks in our magnetic field that can result in problems.

When some of this energy burst manages to get thru the magnetic field and impact the actual planet, that energy has effects.  

  • It can disturb tectonic plates, causing earthquakes in seismically active areas.  
  • It can infuse underground lava with more energy, leading to volcanic eruptions.  
  • It can blank-out space satellites, interfering with communication, and
  • It can cause huge spikes in voltage in our electrical grid, blowing up transformers and causing power outages.

It all begins this Sunday around 6:00 AM eastern US time (New York City time), so pay attention.  

Have emergency food, water, a grill to cook on and some back-up electric supply in case systems go out.

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