[Watch] John McCain Say Malaysia Airliner Has Earmarks of Tragic Mistake – Really?


The earmarks of a tragic mistake are an interesting concept. He indicates he has determined from the limited evidence presently available that the missile which brought down the Malaysian Airliner over Ukraine was accidentally fired, a mistake.

That is suspicious language from the war-monger McCain, that he would label something a mistake in the first place and secondly with very limited information upon which to base his determination.

Of course, it would be in keeping with and a boost to McCain’s drive to arm the Ukrainians if he were able to blame the Russians. That fact alone calls into question his comments as well as there being no possible upside for the Russians to the downing of a civilian airliner.



Were the Ukrainians able to down an airliner and successfully pin the responsibility on the Russians, they would be able to make a much more credible argument in favor of the world providing them with lethal weapons and aid. That is the only motive that seems logical at this point.

McCains comments could be seen as having the earmarks of someone who wants to set the narrative that his opponents are guilty before all of the evidence has even been collected. This is a serious matter and their is no reason or benefit to the United States in jumping to premature conclusions.

One things is certain, there is more to this than first meets the eye.





By Rick Wells

Source : gopthedailydose.com

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