[Watch] Megyn Kelly – Unbelievable Obama Fundraising Again During Crisis, 23 Dead Americans

It could be a result of his arrogance, his disdain for the American people, personal greed, or any number of possible causes. The bottom line is that nothing gets between Obama and his donors. No crisis is too great.

She plays clips, cites previous examples and talks with two guests on the poor judgment being shown and the way, if nothing else, it just looks bad that in the face of important, serious events, fundraising is job one. Americans died in this case, just as they did in Bengahzi. Obama is fundraising, just as he did then.

Last week it was the crisis on the border, this week this downed airliner.

There are more examples, and Megyn Kelly has them.


US (2)







By Rick Wells

Source : gopthedailydose.com

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