Will China and the US be at war this week? Beijing set to defy Hague ultimatum

Will China and the US be at war this week? Beijing set to defy Hague ultimatum

CHINA is on a collision course with the US over a bitter territorial dispute that has sparked fears of a new global war breaking out NEXT WEEK.

A long-running legal battle between China and the Philippines will conclude on Tuesday, July 12, when the Hague's Permanent Court of Arbitration delivers its verdict over the so-called "Nine-Dash Line" – a key shipping route in the South China Sea.

The decision comes three years after the Philippines brought its case to tribunal, with Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam also laying claims to overlapping areas of the ocean.   

Here's how it looks on a map:


As you can see above, each of the nations in the area lays claim to a portion of the ocean off their coast, but as the red colored line shows, CHINA claims  . . . ALL OF IT. . . even though that part of the ocean the ocean is not within 200 miles of China's coast!  In fact, the "Spratley Islands" are more than eight hundred miles (1200km) away from China's shore!  

The other countries in the area, especially the Philippines, told China to stay out of their territorial waters and China basically said, "we have a bigger Navy than you (and than the USA) and we'll do what we want."  Everyone else has said "No, you won't."  

So China started dredging to build-up portions of the Spratley Islands, then populate those new creations with Chinese troops, airfields and Naval facilities.  

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China claims virtually all of the resource-rich sea as it's own, and has continued with an aggressive building program of military ports, artificial runways and fortresses, despite international condemnation.

The country has already said it will ignore the Hague's ruling, with Foreign Minister Wang Yi saying it "would only escalate the disputes and tensions.”

Ahead of the ruling, the US government called for “all claimants to avoid provocative actions or statements.” 

But in an editorial in the state-owned People Daily newspaper – the official mouthpiece of Beijing – China warned there would be "a price to pay" for further interference from the US. 

The newspaper editorial said: 

“There is a bottom line with every issue, and a price will be paid if that line is crossed. 

“If the United States, regardless of the cost, chooses the path of ‘brinkmanship’ that pressures and intimidates others, there will be only one result, that is, that the US bears all the responsibility for possibly further heightening tensions in the South China Sea.

“China has a solid-rock position over safeguarding China’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity. It will not want anything that does not belong to it, but it will ensure that every inch of land it owns is safe and sound.”



A US satellite image shows construction of a possible radar tower facilities in the South China Sea



Secretary of State John Kerry and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi

Tensions between China and the US have been simmering for several months.

The US has become increasingly angry at what it sees as China's "militarising" of the South China Sea, with Barack Obama reportedly considering sending US artillary units to the region as a deterrent. 

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Chinese officials are already angry with America carrying out naval missions within the South China Sea, under the convention of Freedom of Navigation in international waters.

Last month Chinese fighter jets flew within 15 metres of a US aircraft over the East China Sea – a move which Secretary of State John Kerry described as a “provocative and destabilising act”.

Seemingly demonstrating its resolve, China has begun a week-long series of combat drills near the southern island province of Hainan and the Paracel islands in the South China Sea, which focused on air control, surface operations and anti-submarine warfare.

Two guided missile destroyers and a frigate were among the naval vessels taking part in the drills, according to state news. 

However, the paper claimed this was just normal naval activity which "is not connected with specific events or countries". 

A Fight Likely

It comes down to this:  The Hague will issue its ruling on Tuesday.  If, as expected,  the ruling goes against China — and the Chinese "ignore it"– then there's probably going to be a rather large fight.

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The US is deadly serious about this issue.  It has deployed two aircraft carrier battle groups to the region:


China is also deadly serious.  Here's what it has already sent to the region:



The US is GROSSLY outnumbered by Chinese Naval assets.  Here's the breakdown as of 2015 before things got nasty;  China has a HUGE advantage over the US:


Of course, Japan, the Philippines and other nations in the region will likely side with the US to preserve their own waters, but if a fight breaks out, it will beferocious; and it is a fight the US can very well LOSE.

Stay tuned.  Fireworks could start around this Tuesday.

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  1. JS

    You forgot to add Russia's assets in the region… they'll be on China's side!!!

    1. old harry

      glad you brought that up – size does matter …

  2. Rich S

    Even if we did have the military,we would not go up against them because we have Obama. Need I say more.

    1. tomgold

      I was thinking the same thing. he won't take the chance!

  3. Thor Leonard

    We knew 2 years ago too Build up. Or be cut off.  So we build and own territorial waters. China has every right to the waters since they have built the Islands. China's neighbors should have built their own Islands long ago. China's neighbors always want a free ride from the U.S.. Lets see how china likes giving their neighbors more free rides than the us had in the past.

    1. Jafo

      Apparently you can't read!  Those islands are 800 miles from China's shores.  Just because you dredge up dirt to make an island.  Don't make it yours when the dirt you used belonged to someone else to begin with. If your so free with property boundaries let me know where you live so I can encroach on your land, since your so giving…

    2. jaishen smith

      Look at the map…China has NO right to the Spratlys and only shared right to the Paracels.

  4. rob

    fuck china and Russia! I. Say bring it on m—–f——!

    1. tomgold

      Rob, why don't you join the marines and go help out!


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