WW3 Red Alert North Korea Warns : Kim Jong Will Launch NUKES ‘at Any Time And Place’- NATO Prepares For A Nuclear Conflict

N Korea warns 'inhumane' US that Kim will launch nukes 'at any time & place' 
-North Korea  has vowed to launch a nuclear strike on the US “at any time and at any place” if “hostile activities” against the communist state continue .

Pyongyang has issued the terrifying warning less than 24 hours after senior US officials tabled measures to choke Kim Jong-un’s assets. 

North Korea's most high profile defector has claimed Kim Jong-un would fire a suicidal nuclear weapon at Los Angeles if he felt his power was being threatened. Thae Yong-ho, the former deputy ambassador in London, and North Korea's most senior defector said the dictator would be prepared to 'press the button' despite the inevitable consequences.

Washington is reportedly considering slapping sweeping sanctions on the totalitarian state should it continue to develop its nuclear capabilities. 

Firstly, nobody really knows whether North Korea actually has a nuclear weapon or a hydrogen bomb. The 2016 North Korean nuclear test produced an earthquake of Magnitude 5.1, which many experts say is too less for a real hydrogen bomb. Why experts doubt North Korea has the H-bomb.

Secondly, North Korea does not have the technology to bomb the US. North Korean missiles cannot reach even Hawaii. They can reach Alaska, but Alaska is sparsely populated [Only 736,732 people] as of 2014. This is not significant. A nuke strike on Alaska would melt a lot of ice .
If North Korea somehow got the technology to bomb the US mainland, the US has an national missile defense system . I'm pretty sure everybody knows what a missile defense system is. A missile defense system is designed to intercept missiles to prevent harm. A common example of this would be Israel's Iron Dome. I don't think any North Korean missile would ever actually touch the US mainland.

Now coming to what the US would do after that. Now America can't just invade North Korea because doing so would put South Korea under risk of artillery fire. So I think American  planes will bomb North Korea nuclear facilities and all weapons facilities à la Israel in the Six Day War in an act of neutralizing North Korea's ability to attack South Korea.

What nuclear weapons does North Korea have?

The Washington-based Institute for Science and international Security estimated last year that North Korea had 10 to 16 nuclear weapons at the end of 2014.

This was based on analysis of the country’s production of weapons-grade uranium and plutonium recovered from spent nuclear fuel.

Revised estimates mean that the total could now by between 13 to 21 today.

North Korea vowed in 2016 to restart all its nuclear facilities and announced this year the weapons capability would be strengthened.
When does Kim Jong-un plan to have his weapons ready?

Thae Yong-ho who has defected to South Korea made the chilling revelation during a press conference in December that he plans to be armed within the next 12 months.

The ex-diplomat to London said: “As long as Kim Jong-un is in power, North Korea will never give up its nuclear weapons.

“The North will not give them up even if the country is offered $1trillion or $10trillion in return.”

The aspiring nuclear warlord will see next year as “an opportune time” to ramp up nuclear testing.

However, according to news reports in South Korea two missiles have already been placed on mobile launchers.
The devices “are estimated to not exceed 15m in length, making them shorter than the North’s existing ICBMs.”

Military experts predicted that any test would only involve a missile with a range of under 2500km, less than half the usual ICBM range of 5500km.
US-based monitoring project 38North said evidence suggested Pyongyang may also be preparing to resume operations at a plutonium production reactor at the Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center 90km north of the capital.
“Stepped-up activities throughout the Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center indicate that it is operating at a level somewhat above what has been observed during the past five years,” the report said.
“The exact implications of that activity remain unclear except to reaffirm that the Yongbyon facility remains the centre of North Korea’s nuclear program.”

NATO prepares for a nuclear strike. NATO in Slovakia works out its actions in the event of a nuclear chemical and biological attack. 


The US has announced it will deploy its state-of-the-art THAAD advanced missile defence system in South Korea in eight to 10 months to combat the threat from the North.
Trump has vowed to tackle the North Korean ‘problem’ once in power.
“North Korea just stated that it is in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the US It won’t happen!” Trump tweeted last month.
It was not clear what Trump meant: whether he believed North Korea was incapable of developing a reliable ICBM, or that the US would prevent it doing so.








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  1. James Stamulis

    This is China doing this for N.Korea doesn't so much as fart without their permission. He can try and then there will be no North Korea left after.

  2. Falcon101

    First of all Trump appears on the outset to be the golden saviour of freedom in America while increasing attacks across the globe. How can he stand for increased freedom while killing innocent people in Yemen, Africa, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq & Kiev? Something does not align with the promises made by this star president. North Korea has nuclear weapons as it is documented that Donald Rumsfeld sold North Korea the Nuclear technology many years ago and I'm sure they have built & improved on that basic knowledge since that point in time. America and the world are quickly headed for a time of uncertainty with all the lies and deception that I see every day in the headlines globally, nothing makes sense anymore and for good reason too. There is a global plan to destabilise the planet as a whole so that people all over the world will eventually BEG for a global system to save them from this global insanity we call government, but it's all a ruse towards a hidden agenda to enslave all of the remaining people after this global conflict in favor of us all being slaves to a common cause in a global system where freedom will never be experienced by anyone but the filthy rich while the common man struggles to feed himself and his family like a scene from the Hunger Games but in a more realistic environment. Something is coming soon people and nobody is safe from this globalist plan. You will all soon see just what they have promised fro years. 

    1. Spike

      Falcon………..your close to center target……… A one world government is coming.  Things are being put into place and Nationalism must be destroyed in order to bring this about.  America will need to throw out the Constitution or they will destroy America one way or another.  Something  evil-big is coming to the world and when that happens the Antichrist will rise up and he will seem great!  "through peace and safety he will destory many"  He will take over the world and eventually force the world to worship him as God.  If you don't, you will not be able to buy or sell and you will end up in some camp waiting to be executed.  I am being brief but there is a way to escape this and that is believing in Jesus.  Accept him as your Lord and Savior and he will keep you from that time.  Like the Bible also informs us: "for God loved the world so much, that he gave his only begotten Son; that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.  Read the 1st Chapter in the book of John New Testament KJV.   if your looking for truth about Jesus,  he will make sure you find  him. 

  3. knobster

    State of the art THAAD?  This system has yet to actually shoot down a real missile.  6 failures and 2 successful hits of a test missile don't exactly give me warm fuzzies.

  4. Justin Trudeau

    North Korea will win this cold war.

  5. Robert

    Ok lets see,  we have a small nation NK, that is not part of the Zionist War Machine Centeral Banking club, Also a small nations where nearly everyone is starving,  ( thats just two minior points,) Oddly this small nation is alleged to have a nuke, also whom are also alleged to want to kill Americans, perhaps feed themto dogs of what was found to be a 100% Certified Bull Shit Story.

    Or perhaps the good old Bull Shit Story of ( Mad Crazy man Sodaminsaine had WMD of what again was 100% Bull Shit..

     Really, it seems to me we been down this road of Zionist aggression for some time now, perhaps Americans should pull their heads out of their ASS's and start thinking clearly and acting like adults, that is rather than being instructed on what to say, when to say it, and whom to say it to, all  by political Zionist banker's whom are just thrilled to take what ever you have left,  be it your last silver dollar, your home, or your childrens life.

    Talk about Fake NEWS, this reeeks of FAKE,  let me spell it out; 100% Certified Bull Shit! 

    But I digress……


  6. Wayne

      Well i hope Trump  stops playing games with this imbasile kim jon un .hes been playning the yanks for a fool too long . As for north koreans if there willing to put up with his shit they should die with him .. i say hit him hard nomatter or pay the price for waiting for him to attack first 

  7. bob simpson


  8. Eric

    There's a lot of false information in this article.  North Korea is estimated to have enough plutonium for 16 to 20 nuclear warheads.  It is unknown how much highly enriched uranium they have.  That program has been running for years.  They could have up to 100 warheads.  North Korean missiles are estimated by the CIA to be able to hit the east coast of the United States including Washington, D.C. and New York, but these missiles have not been flight tested.  North Korea has a submarine launched nuclear missile, the Pukguksong 1.  North Korea can hit New York and several other east coast cities by parking submarines off the east coast.  Missile defense is a joke.  None of North Korea's missiles have been shot down so far because nobody has been able to.  You have to know when and where these missiles are going to be fired from to have a good chance of hitting them.  Many of the tests of ABM systems were failures, and many of the successes were rigged.  The idea that missile defense can protect the United States from missile attack from North Korea, China, Russia, or any other country is a lie.  If North Korea fires nuclear missiles at US cities, those cities will be destroyed.  North Korea's nuclear bombs are real.  The latest nuclear test was somewhere between 20 and 30 kilotons.  The images they showed of their nuclear bomb show a 122 point implosion system.  This produces very efficient compression, which means they can make the bombs smaller and use less fissile material, increasing the number of warheads.  Contrary to what you see in the media, North Korea is not a joke.  North Korea is a nuclear weapon state.


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