WW3 Red Alert — PUTIN Drafts 150,000 Troops


 By. MyDailyInformer


MOSCOW | Vladimir Putin has conscripted 150,000 new troops into the Russian army as the country unleashed a new wave of airstrikes in Syria – while and Iran and Islamist group Hezbollah prepare for a major ground offensive.Hundreds of Iranian troops have arrived in Syria over the last ten days, backed by the country's Lebanese allies, Hezbollah, and rebel fighters from Iraq and Afghanistan, two Lebanese sources claimed today. One of the sources said the Iranian ground forces were 'soldiers and officers', not advisers, adding: 'We mean hundreds with equipment and weapons. They will be followed by more.' They are being supported by Russia's warplanes who bombed camps of rebel fighters trained by the CIA, one of the group's commanders claimed. The White House said Russia's airstrikes in Syria were 'indiscriminate' and claimed its actions risk prolonging the conflict 'indefinitely'. The comments were made after the first in a series of discussions between US and Russian leaders aimed at 'de-conflicting' operations in the country.


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Russia and U.S. in Syria: The Endgame

 Nina Schick, policy analyst at Open Europe, discusses Russia’s involvement in Syria and how Russian President Vladimir Putin has forced a dialogue. She speaks with Jonathan Ferro on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.”

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Russia's Motives in Syria Based on Security

 Christopher Granville, managing director of Trusted Sources, discusses Russia's airstrike campaign in Syria and what it means for Vladimir Putin and his relationship with the west. He speaks to Bloomberg's Anna Edwards on "Countdown."


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