Fukushima Truth: What They’ll Never Tell You

Fukushima Truth: What They'll Never Tell You

This Nuclear Disaster Is Much Worse Than Reported—MILLIONS Will Likely Die Because of It

On March 11, 2011 an undersea earthquake rumbled off the coast of northeastern Japan. The powerful 9.0 magnitude quake soon generated a devastating tsunami which then swept in over the low lying coast where the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant complex is located, destroying the complex, disabling the power supply that cooled the reactors. This apparently caused three of the reactors to melt down.

A lethal radiation cloud ascended into the sky and was carried away by the wind into the atmosphere to impact people all over the globe. Reactor particles have been detected landing in the United States and also in Europe. Specks of the reactor core heating rods are themselves incredibly toxic; if one landed upon a human he would probably die instantly. Who really knows where all of these specks of death blew around the world or upon whom they descended?

Almost immediately, TEPCO (Toyko Electric Company), the international news media and the Japanese government moved into damage control of the information being given to the public. The Japanese people were told that the the reactor had not melted down and that it really wasn't that dangerous. Many other countries in the world, including the United States, also downplayed the extent of the accident.

While officials were claiming that the accident wasn't that bad, many independent scientists were already sounding the alarm. If you go onto Youtube and look at the videos about Fukushima, many of which were uploaded in 2011 right after the disaster, you'll see a consistency between both groups. "Official sources" downplay the dangers while actual scientists and independents continually offer grave assessments and warnings of what had already happened as well as what would likely still be happening in the future.

It's been more than three years now since the debacle happened and we have a lot more information about this critical ongoing situation. Each day it seems, the extent of the hazard continues to grow. TEPCO, who ran the reactor and whose feeble attempts to fix the ongoing radiation leaks, has finally admitted that it has lost control of the situation. All along the company has been hopelessly over its head. Its attempts to fix the problems have actually made the problem much worse and it seems likely that there will be new explosive meltdowns in the future.

Amazingly, to keep a lid on the truth, Japan has now passed a law which makes it illegal for its citizens even to talk about the disaster. Still, every day new and more troubling revelations are coming to light. As you'll see in a moment, Fukushima now threatens much of the life on our extremely delicate planet. Many of the best experts are saying this disaster is the worst nuclear cataclysm our world has ever experienced—and its impact has only just begun. Every day it is spewing out radiation and they currently have no workable plan to stop it. All forms of life on our planet will in some way experience an impact from these ongoing radiation leaks. Our earth will never recover (at least in our lifetimes) from Fukushima.

You might want to take a view moments and view a fast paced video lecture from a professional woman who will not be bought off or intimated into silence. Helen Caldicott shares a lot of information quickly that will provide you with a good overview of the dangers of nuclear radiation as a whole. Her words are sobering and it will help you grasp the gravity of the problem we all face. See below:


I've done enough of my own painful research on this subject that I can tell you that radiation does indeed produce brainless kids, one-eyed babies and children that are hideously deformed just as she says. Viewing such images made me weep. How dare public officials hide the impact of all the nuclear accidents the earth has experienced! The citizens everywhere deserve to know what they've foisted upon us. We need to know what they have purchased with our tax dollars!

Now my purpose in this article is not to panic you. Although, I'm afraid that hearing the truth will tend to take you through your own depression. Realizing the full scope of all the worldwide catastrophes makes you angry. But for your own sake, I plead with you to work through your emotions on this so that you will be able to adequately educate yourself with answers for your own safety. I'll be honest, some of the videos I've watched had to be viewed in stages, because they were just too disturbing to handle in one sitting. But for the sake of my young child, I felt compelled to learn the truth about this subject.

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Nuclear radiation can easily be hidden and swept under the carpet by the authorities because you can't see it, hear it, taste it, or know when you are touching it. That makes it easily to whitewash. They can hide it by saying the rise in cancer doesn't "prove" it is caused by a nuclear disaster in the area. So they camouflage it and refuse to talk about it. But all those lies are exposing the world to incredible exposure through the food that we eat and the air they we breath, and the water that we swim in. And because of the duplicity, we and our children begin down the slow torturous pathway of exposure, the destruction of our genes, and a painful process of death.

While it might make you feel better emotionally not to read any more about this depressing subject, or even to think about it, that will surely be like giving yourself and your children a death sentence. Radiation brings toxic side effects in the form of many different types of health issues, from cancer to heart disease to strokes. Having intense radiation sickness can be just like contracting AIDS; your hair will likely fall out and you'll be vulnerable to a host of simple illnesses. And then there are our innocent children and babies, allowed to play in the middle of a toxic wasteland playground. Watching videos of the children of Chernobyl will break your heart. When you watch parents spending limited money hoping to fix the health problems of their innocent children that have been brought on by radiation exposure, knowing that they will soon die anyway, it should encourage you to get educated so that it doesn't happen to your kids.

The genocidal depopulation plan generally involves poisoning or sterilizing people through the use of chem. trails or water fluoridation. Agribusinesses transnational like Monsanto are often implicated in some sort of scheme to monopolize the world's food supply so it can be easily tainted with deadly toxins. Just about anything that can be said to involve "chemicals" can be implicated in this nefarious scheme: vaccines, alleged covert geo-engineering schemes, genetically modified food, etc. Variants of the theory include those with an anti-abortion tinge who incorporate conspiracy theories about Planned Parenthood, and AIDS conspiracy theorists who believe AIDS was concocted in a laboratory for the purpose of reducing the population. Another variant, largely attributable to Lyndon La Roche, has worldwide nuclear war as part of the conspirators' alleged plan along with a deliberate economic collapse and de-industrialization to force the world back into a "new dark age."

You don't want to mess around with radiation, keeping yourself locked in a dark closet of ignorance. To survive both in the short and the long term against potential radiation exposure, you simply MUST know what you're likely to deal with, how to avoid exposure, and what to do afterwards. So this article is meant simply as an overview about Fukushima, to get you motivated to take the necessary steps to learn more about how to protect yourself.  

In future articles, I will deal with more specifics and have more links to scientific reports and videos from experts who you can follow up. There are different phases of this disaster and different solutions that you will want to consider should you need to apply them for your family. You'll want to mitigate the impact of this catastrophe upon yourself and your loved ones.

NOTE: Keep in mind that when the Fukushima disaster dramatically increases in severity in the near future (as it surely will) you will hear very little from the so-called "authorities" about the truth. You will want to stay connected to independent media sources which will tell you the truth as you cannot BELIEVE THE LIES that are being promulgated by the so called official sites. That includes anything from any government and the Nuclear Regulatory Agency. They are all just going to cover up the truth because banning nuclear energy is bad for the business they're in. Just because no one is reporting in the mainstream media on what's happening doesn't mean that the situation is under control or harmless. On the contrary, it is already out of control and it will get much worse soon. See this year-old video about Fukushima with scientist Michio Kaku giving a realistic overview of the situation in Fukushima.


The Implications of Contamination with Radioactive Cesium

Although TEPCO didn't admit it for two months, three reactors at the Fukushima site had immediate meltdowns. But there are many more reactors at the site (eleven in all I believe). And unit 4 in particular is very likely to have its own meltdown, so the situation is incredibly perilous at the moment considering the impact on the planet if they have another meltdown and explosion.

Years ago there was a Hollywood movie called "The China Syndrome" which proclaimed that if the core in a reactor became too hot and the rods melted together, it would become so hot that it would melt it's way right through the concrete containment structure built around it, and the molten core would keep right on melting until it reached the water table below (and ultimately it would keep going until it reached China, which is where the movie got its name). Once the reactor hits the water table, it will vaporize the water and send it up into the atmosphere in a permanent radioactive steam cloud.


We do know that radiation is being released regularly at the Japanese site as they pour seawater on it in an attempt to keep it from getting any hotter. The plume of Cesium-137 radiation that exploded out of the reactors back in March of 2011 grossly contaminated the Japanese mainland, probably making much of it completely uninhabitable. Because the cost and practicality of relocating the population of Toyko are so unthinkable, the Japanese government has attempted to stifle the real level of contamination. They are already having major health problems all over the island and it will only get worse.

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You should know about this airborne contamination because it is likely to explode again, and this time much more of the radiation will likely go worldwide. If there is quite like to be another and more lethal explosion of nuclear waste in the future (see below), Cesium-137 could reach you from the sky.

Here is a link to a written version of a message given by Steven Starr, senior scientist at Physicians for Social Responsibility. In this paper Dr. Starr gives a clear explanation of how Cesium-137 radiation impacts humans and the damage it will cause you if you are contaminated by it. If you would prefer to listen to him speak most of the address, you can listen to a Youtube audio of Steven Starr here (the images aren't worth much).


This address will provide you with a little perspective about what an encounter with this stuff really means. An EU-funder study came to the conclusion that Fukushima released up to 210 quadrillion becquerels of Cesium-137 into the atmosphere back in 2011.

Is Another Explosion Coming?

One of the biggest current problems facing Fukushima at the moment is that they are having a difficult time keeping the reactors cool. For several years now they have been pumping all sorts of sea water onto the reactors in an effort to keep them stable. But by doing this constant water pumping, they have made the ground around the reactors extremely unstable and there is a very great danger that the building will collapse. Here's a short video about the reactor 4 problem.


Reactor 4 has 150 nuclear rods in an open pool on top of the building. They are exposed to the sky and if any two of those rods touch each other, there will be an explosion and the whole mess will go up in smoke (and into the atmosphere). If that building collapses, there will certainly be an explosion which will send specks of all those highly radioactive rods up into the atmosphere flying off on their way in an airborne "special delivery" right to us. No matter where you live, depending upon the direction of the air currents, those particles will arrive within two or three days after an explosion to rain down their deadly destruction.

Everything I'm reading says everyone is worried that this will happen, but that TEPCO can't do anything about it because of the high radiation conditions and their technical inability to deal with the problem. I think if you are wise for you to assume that this ticking time-bomb reactor building will soon explode. And when it does, the amount of becquerels of Cesium-137 that will be thrust up into the atmosphere will likely be much greater than what happened in 2011. When it happens, you'll need to be able to stay indoors for as long as the radiation fallout is in the sky (depending upon the amount and how much of it reaches your location). If possible, you'll want to have a good system already in place for protecting yourself when you have to go outside.

Contamination of the Ocean

This is another problem that has immediate and long range impact for everyone around the world. You see, every single day the Fukushima site is dumping 300 or more tons of radiation contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean. A professor at Tokyo University stated that 3 gigabecquerels of Cesium-137 are flowing into the Pacific every single day. It has been estimated that up to 100 times as much nuclear radiation has already been released into the ocean from Fukushima then was released into the sky during the entire Chernobyl disaster.

There is now widespread problems with polar bears, seals and walruses along the Alaskan coastline, suffering from fur loss and open sores. There is an epidemic of sea lion deaths along the California coastline. And something is causing fish all along the coast to bleed from their gills, bellies and eyes. Take a look at the paper entitled "28 Signs That the West Coast is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation from Fukushima." Many facts and figures and links are in that paper.

Already, almost all samples of fish from the Pacific are contaminated with radiation. The California coastline is a nuclear wasteland. The rocks along the coast are now unnaturally clean. There's hardly any kelp, barnacles, sea urchins, or starfish. The tide pools are devoid of crabs, snails or other live creatures. 

By the year 2020 it is estimated that significant levels of Cesium-137 will reach every corner of the Pacific. By then it is believed that the Pacific will be virtually dead. If you want to stay healthy, I would suggest that you no longer swim or surf in the Pacific Ocean. I have stopped eating all seafood of any kind.

Whenever you come into contact with water contaminated by radiation, and if you eat seafood that has even the least bit of contamination in it, you should know that it all adds up. The amount of radiation building up inside of your body is progressive. Just because you feel fine today doesn't mean that you are not being exposed. Radiation is cumulative and it builds up in your body until eventually you become more vulnerable to different forms of cancer and so many other diseases which radiation encourages to spring up. Once your genes and your DNA are damaged, forget about ever having normal healthy kids.

I live on an island in the Pacific. There are a good number of fishermen here, living off the sea. No one here knows about Fukushima or the radiation leaks into the Pacific. I was in Singapore last week and looking at the all of the seafood in the markets it seems obvious few know about Fukushima. For economic reasons, I don't expect any governments will announce that the ocean are now tainted and becoming more dangerous to your health every day. So people will continue to eat contaminated fish until there are no more fish, and this will surely cause many to have major health problems in the future.

What will happen to all of the poor people who depend almost exclusively upon the ocean for their livelihood? In third world countries, when all the fish are gone, simply put, millions will starve. We already have a food crisis in the world and without any doubt the slow death of the Pacific will dramatically impact that crisis.

Think of all the industries in the US who depend upon food from the sea. Except for fish coming from the Atlantic Ocean, this will soon go away. The US is the fifth leading producer of seafood in the world, but over 90 percent of our seafood is imported. The slow death of the Pacific will dramatically impact the world's heath as most will not willingly stop eating it until it all goes away. The availability of any kind of food and also food prices will skyrocket in the world. This will make it more difficult for poor people to afford food when they can no longer just go out to the sea and catch it. When people don't have food, they riot. So the world is going to have some major problems coming as all the fish die off.

Truly Fukushima is a disaster of unprecedented magnitude. You should probably ask yourself if this is some kind of judgment from God upon mankind? You may not know it but all of this is predicted in the Bible. And the passage which talks about this happening says there are a lot more events in store for the world. Follow that link in this paragraph and check out that startling prediction.

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