WAKE UP! The pope gave his NWO speech at the United Nations! This declares a time of prophetic fulfillment! In this video I share with you how this is a major push towards the Antichrist Kingdom! Please share this video! God Bless, STAY VIGILANT & FEAR NO EVIL !!!

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The turther community was largely birthed as a result of exposing and becoming aware of the New World Order. And while some have continued to track this political and economic development, it has lulled much of the religious community to sleep. 

More fascinating and enticing topics like the nephilim, and more recently the flat earth conspiracy (not that there is anything wrong with those topics) has kept us distracted and largely unaware of the global development headed by the UN. 

The political and economic arm of the NWO had been established for many years. But yesterday, with the Pope standing before the UN, giving his blessing to the 2030 global sustainability agenda, we have officially entered the final phase of creating a one world government.

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For those who were paying attention, the Vatican had been working on developing this arm of the New World Order for a long time. But as the Pope addressed the UN, the next phase, and perhaps the most aggressive, is now in play. 


WASHINGTON — Pope Francis waved to cheering crowds, embraced children and basked in the pageantry of a city that essentially shut down to welcome him Wednesday.
The slate of official events, which kicked off at a White House welcome ceremony that included a crowd of thousands, rows of dignitaries and hint of politics, ended hours later when more than 25,000 people cheered the pope as he arrived to deliver a Mass on the grounds of Catholic University. Documentary

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In two tours around the streets of Washington, the pope stood in a glass booth mounted on a white Jeep, waving to well-wishers thronging the sidewalks.

He did not get out of the vehicle on either occasion, but during a 15-minute parade near the White House, guards brought two children from the crowd to him for an embrace.

The center of the city was closed to traffic and heavily fortified by security, but thousands of people pressed to the barricades and cheered the pontiff.POPE FRANCIS AT UNITED NATIONS – NEW WORLD ORDER HAS BEGUN 666 Mark of the beast. 666 MARK OF THE BEAST Barack Obama

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Pope Francis, Obama, United Nations UN Agenda 2030 and World Government

Pope Francis, The Vatican, Barrack Obama, the US Congress, The United Nations, Agenda 2030, Agenda 21 on Steroids, World Government, the New World Order – Where does all of this fit together in Bible Prophecy? What about the timing – Does this mean the Rapture is about to happen? Has the Tribulation started? If not, is it about to start? How will these events affect your life? What should you do? When should you do it? Pope Francis has arrived in the USA. His visit includes meeting with President Obama, addressing Congress, and speaking before the United Nations UN General Assembly. As we observe this spectacle, these are the questions many Christian and Messianic believers wonder about. This video will give you concrete answers directly from Scripture to answer these questions, to get you ready for earth-shaking changes foretold in Bible prophecy in Daniel and Revelation. This video also offers you a free Bible Prophecy seminar that makes sense of these recent events in the light of the prophecies of Daniel. The seminar is called The Beasts of Daniel Surfacing and you can sign up for it at absolutely no cost at Tsiyon.org. This video will give you a sense of the teaching you can expect from this unique seminar.

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