President of Turkey Orders ATTACK UPON AMERICANS inside U.S.A! ! (Video)

A video shows the President of Turkey — during a state visit to the United States — ORDERED his security detail to attack and beat AMERICANS in Washington, DC who were exercising their Constitutional right to peaceably protest.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan arrived at the Turkish Embassy in Washington after meeting with President Trump at the White House.  As his motorcade entered the Embassy compound, Erdogan remained inside his armored vehicle, with the passenger side rear door open so Erdogan could talk to his Security Detail Chief who was standing outside the car.

13 Seconds into the video, after a few words from Erdogan, the Security Detail Chief can be seen radioing the other security forces to attack.  One of those security people began walking toward the protesters, and Four seconds later, at 17 seconds into the video he looks back at the Security Chief who gave the order, and the chief nods, confirming the order to attack.

With that, Erdogan's security detail began violently punching, choking, beating, and kicking the assembled Americans.

Video of the attack from Voice of America (VoA) reporters shows clearly it was directly ordered by Erdogan himself!  That video appears below:


An attack upon unarmed American citizens by armed state actors from another nation is the textbook definition of an act of war. 

If you see Turkish President (a.k.a. Midget Brown-Squat-Monster)  Erdogan, you should recognize that his mere presence near you constitutes a "clear and present danger' to your safety, even if you are peaceful.  You should therefore be ready to defend yourself or your fellow Americans  by any means necessary, up to and including the use of force.

Given this reality, it may be advisable for the US State Department to declare Erdogan and his security detail to be "personna non grata" and order their departure from the country within 48 hours – for his own safety, and ours.

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