Russia Update: Now Mobilization of 300,000 TROOPS! ! !

Russia Update: Now Mobilization of 300,000 TROOPS! ! ! 

On Monday, August 29, we reported that Russia had mobilized Reserve Army Troops for the first time since the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia.  Today, Tuesday August 30, we have found that the total mobilization is actually 80 mobilization brigades.  About 10 tank brigades, 30 motor rifle brigades, 20 artillery and 20 other support brigades. So about 300,000 men. Our original story appears HERE.

SuperStation95 has reached out to our contacts in the Pentagon, The Intelligence Community and the State Department and the answers we're getting are very serious.

According to the Pentagon, there has never been a mobilization like this in Russia before.  The shear size of it is described by seasoned Pentagon officials as "staggering!"  According to two separate sources in the Intelligence Community, various intel sources indicate the Russians intend to take action – but they are not certain if that action will be in Ukraine, Syria or . . . Turkey.  The fear is that the size of this mobilization may mean "all of the above."  Let's recap a little as to how things got so bad.

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In Ukraine, the lawfully and democratically elected President, Yanukovich, was overthrown after tens of thousands of Ukraine citizens protested – often violently – for months.  It turned out that it was the United States and its NATO allies who bankrolled the protesters, to the tune of five Billion dollars!  This was proven when Russian intelligence tapped a phone call between DeputySecretary of State Gloria Nuland and her staff in the US State Department.  Recordings of that conversation were made public by Russia and contained the infamous comment by Nuland "Fuck Europe."


The reason the US and NATO bankrolled the overthrow of the Ukrainian government was due to the fact that Yanukovich was aligned with Moscow.  The US and NATO wanted Ukraine to be more aligned with the West, but Yanukovich wouldn't budge.  So the US and NATO bankrolled protests and ultimately, Yanukovich had to flee for his life into Russia.  That allowed the US and NATO to set up a puppet government in Ukraine's capital, Kiev, which is now favorable to the west.

When the former Soviet Union disintegrated in 1991, Russia sought — and was given — a guarantee by the US:   NATO would "not move even one inch east" toward Russia.  That promise, by then Secretary of State James Baker, turned out to be totally false.  In a short time span, the former Soviet states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania applied for membership in NATO and it was granted.  Next came Poland and Romania.  Granted.

Left in all this change was Ukraine . . . until the west moved to overthrow that government.

This overthrow was intolerable by the Russians.  For years, Moscow watched as NATO not only moved one-inch further east, but made giant leaps and was now positioning troops and armor along Russia's western Border.  When the Ukraine government was overthrown, Russia took action.

They began by moving about twenty thousand troops to their Black Sea Naval Fleet base in southern Ukraine; a peninsula called Crimea.  Within days, those troops moved out into Crimea and annexed the peninsula.  They claimed that Crimea was once part of Russia — it was — but was given to Ukraine by Kruschev.  They also claimed that ethnic Russians inside Crimea were being discriminated against by Kiev and they wanted to return to being part of Russia.   A Referendum was held and more than 80% of the voters in Crimea voted to return to Russia.

The US and NATO countries claimed the referendum was fraught with fraud and will not recognize the movement of Crimea back into Russia.  The US and NATO imposed economic sanctions upon Russia until Crimea is given back to Ukraine.  Russia has made clear, Crimea is now a permanent part of Russia and it is not going anywhere.

After Crimea was annexed, Ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine, near Donbas and Luhansk, reported they were being "ethnically cleansed" by the Kiev government.  They called to Russia for help.  Shortly thereafter, "little green men" in brand new, UNMARKED army uniforms, armed with state of the art weapons systems including tanks, missile launchers and the like, beganappearing in eastern Ukraine and forcing the Ukraine authorities OUT.  Thus began a proxy war in eastern Ukraine between Russia and Ukraine/US/NATO.   But the US and NATO have to move cautiously because Ukraine is NOT a member of NATO.

The Ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine have made great strides and fighting in that part of Ukraine tends to be fierce.  The fighting has now gone on for a couple years, and given developments around the world, it appears that this fight will be brought to a violent conclusion by a massive Russian invasion.  

Intel analysts believe the invasion will take place in September, after the G-20 Summit in China.  They also know that the Russians can move with so much power, so many troops and so much armor, that Ukraine would fall within days . . . with NATO utterly powerless to do anything about it.

In the interim, Syria has been faced with US (and NATO) backed "rebels" trying to overthrow its democratically elected President, Bashar Assad.  The trouble began with a memo written by then-Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who wrote that Assad needed to be overthrown "to help Israel."  In fact, it was Assad's refusal to allow a gas pipeline from Qatar to traverse Syria to supply Europe with natural gas, that actually caused the trouble.

Syria is — and has always been — an ally of Russia.  Europe does not like being so dependent upon Russian gas supplies, so the Arabs in Qatar agreed to run a huge gas pipeline from Qatar through several countries, including Syria, then on to Europe.  But Assad in Syria knew this would harm Russia, so he refused the pipeline.  That's when a whole slew of  "Friends of Syria" started calling Assad a "brutal dictator" and also began arming "rebels" to overthrow him.

When things got bad for Syria, Assad pleaded with Russia for military assistance, and Russia agreed.  The Russians made incredible strikes throughout Syria, clobbering both ISIS Terrorists and US-Backed Rebels.  This did not sit well with US and NATO ally, Turkey, which was caught accepting stolen oil from ISIS, and supplying ISIS with weapons to overthrow Assad!  So Turkey asked Russia to stop attacking the rebels and Russia refused.  Turkey then shot down a Russian Fighter jet.  Big mistake.

Turkey then made moves to get back into the good graces of Russia, which lead to an alleged Military Coup attempt to overthrow Turkish President Erdogan.  The Turkish president was quick to blame the United States for the attempted Coup and relations between the US and Turkey got so bad, so fast, that the US had to remove its 50-80 nuclear weapons from Turkey's Incirlik airbase because the US no longer trusts Turkey.

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Throughout these affairs, Turkey has pushed to introduce its ground troops into Syria under the guise of "fighting ISIS."  But since everyone now knows that ISIS is pals with Turkey, and that Turkey supports ISIS, it is clear to everyone who pays attention, that Turkey's real goal is to assist ISIS and overthrow Bashar Assad of Syria to get the Qatar pipeline built.

Prior to Turkey sending in its troops, both the Syrian and Russian governments announced to the entire world "If any foreign troops enter Syria without the permission of the Syrian government, those troops will be attacked."  Turkey has now flatly ignored that warning and sent troops and tanks into northern Syria.

According to a source in the US State Department, negotiations between the US and Russia for resolution of "the Syria problem" have failed. With no Diplomatic solution in sight, the State Department is terrified that Russia is going to settle the Syria problem by force . . . by attacking and destroying the remaining Rebels (and ISIS) and by totally smashing the Turksh Army units inside Syria.

Turkey is a member of NATO and would likely try to invoke the NATO defense Treaty if their troops were attacked.  But Turkey won;t be able to invoke that Treaty because Turkish troops illegally entered Syria!  So it look as though Turkey is going to be left swinging in the breeze by NATO as Russia comes in and stomps them out of Syria.

In order for Russia to accomplish operations in both Ukraine and Syria, they would need about . . . two hundred thousand to three hundred thousand men.  Exactly the numbers they have just mobilized.

See where this is going?  World War 3.  After the G-20 Meeting in China, this September.  Watch for it.

Suprised?  The US mass-media is the ONLY mass-media worldwide which is NOT covering all these developments.  Everyone else around the world knows things are coming to a fight; it's just folks in the USA being kept ignorant.  Must be the Obama "transparency" at work.

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  1. Jarheadusmc

    There are over 100 Catholic prophecies, not only warning, but giving great specific details of the coming Russian attack on all of Europe and America. Firstly, there is no doubt about America's evil designs and intentions, of its formenting of wars for profit, etc, however, on the other side, Russia also was and is preparing for war.

    Catholic mystics, saints, etc, have warned that God was going to let our enemies punish us severely for our sins, abortion, homosexuality, contraception, immodesty in dress, pornography, adultry, etc, but mostly for the now 'great apostasy, the abandonment of the hiearchy of the Church, up to to the top, of near 2000 years of true faith and doctrine for the new worship of "man".  First God lets our enemies punish us severly, then when all seems lost,when both the world and Church seem doomed, then God intervenes, not until then, and turns the tide, then "Russia will burn".  At first Russia wins everywhere for the first year and one half of this three year WW3 which will be preceded by sudden civil war and revolution in all Western countries, including Canada and the US for three to four months. Then in the turmoil and chaos, Russia attacks both Europe and America/Canada.

    – Sister Lucia of Fatima said April 7, 1990: "Because Russia was not converted, Russia attacks both Europe and America" –  here we understand that Russia's new found morality is nothing but a ruse.

    – Blessed Sister Elena Aiello (1895-1961): Italian mystic and stigmatic, who warns from her visions that "Russia will attack and overrun all of Europe and she will attack America with her "secret armies".  She also warns that every major city in the world will be destroyed by massive earthquakes, tidal waves and the war,not one will be left standing, for in these "none are of Mine" sayeth the Lord to her.

    – In 1984, Pope JPII asked a German mystic of high regard what he had seen in his visions to which he replied: "I saw the sky black with planes and missiles coming out of Russia in numbers the world never imagined, towards the West (Europe) and two submarines surfacing on the East and West Coast of America and firing their missiles at the coastal cities and bases.

    – Marie-Julie Jahenny (1850-1941), French mystic and stigmatic, along with many other warnings of things to come, warned that Russia will attack Europe in three wedges: 1. Russia attacks and overwhelms all the Scandinavian and Baltic countries. 2. Russia attacks through Germany to France and the coast. (Germany might join Russia). 3. Russia attacks through and with Iran to the Balkans, to Greece and Turkey, and then to Italy, defeating all in their path. Pope St. Pius X at the turn of the last century, and St. John Bosco in the late 1800's, both had visions of Russian troops attacking Italy, the Vatican and raising the Russian flag over St. Peters over the dead bodies of many priests. And all of Islam suddenly sides with Russia "for revenge on the West".  90% of France and 75% of Europe are killed, all American and NATO supply depots are captured – being that Russia had or has their agents and special forces already in great numbers in these countries already – waiting.

    First sudden civil war and revolution overnight, unexpected even by the governments – what starts this I don't know. Russia attacks with their allies from six sides.

    1. Alaska: Russia attacks from Alaska and the N. Pole, both advances directly move to the border of Manitoba Canada and the US. But they are stopped at the border by American and Canadian forces – and many civilians.

    2.Florida:  Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela, and several other S. American countries side with Russia (already agreed and preparing secretly).

    3. Minnestoa: Russians and Muslim units proceed from the interior to sabotage railways, bridges, airports, dams, utilities, and electricity.  Note: the over two million Russian and Muslims living in Mich-Minn-Dakota's.

    4. Pennsylvania: Russian and other ?? elements attempt to drive from the East Coast through Pittsburgh to the interior.

    5. Mexico: As with the other S. American countries, sides with Russia.  Note: American Intelligence already has proof of massive shipments of heavy arms, artilliery, planes, tanks, personal carriers and small arms to all the S. American countries including much to Mexico.

    6. California:  One million Chinese amphibious landing on the West Coast, "with help from within our own government". They take to the Rockies for six months before we drive them back into the ocean.

    We win in the end but over 50-75% of America dies in this fight and war – no electricity, transportation, utilities, gas, food, stores, clothes, etc, for nearly two years, starvation on a level never imagined in America leading to widespread cannibalism.

    Near the end of WWIIi comes the "Three Days Darkness" prophesised by many mystics and saints – this brings and end to WWIII and during this apocalpytic calamity every sinlge person who is an enemy of God, His Church and or countries (including those within and up to the top) will be killed, not one will survive. After all is over with comes the Age of Mary, the peace she promised, the most peaceful, properous, virutous, time ever in history for a few generations until man again begins to fall then comes the anti-christ.  Note: Generation is considered here to be approx. 64 years – giving us near 120 years of the most prosperous and fruitful times in history. – if you are one of the few to survive to see it – over 75 % of the entire pop. of the world will be destroyed. Not until the war is in full force will it then be apparent that this was ll because the West and the Church have lost the faith, that this is a war between God and Lucifer. Guess who wins.

    So, start preparing, as things will continually ramp up – all indications are that by next late spring we will be in full war or civil war mode then follows WWIII. Some prophecies say Russia attacks Europe in late July and America two weeks later, notwithstanding many other major events to happen in the midterm or meantime. 

    As several Russian defectors of high rank have said:

    1. Colonel Stanislau Lunev, former GRU and in charge of all N. American Russian Intell:  He warned that Russia has prepared to have "millions" of men in arms in only a few months time. All the preparations, equipment, armaments, food, clothes, whatever is needed has been continually stocked in preparation. Russia has a draft and could muster up to ten million soldiers in only a few months, those who have need of special training, Russia has been continually training and filling all the needs. According to these mystics: Russia was or is now secretly mass producing all their military equipment, planes, armaments, missiles, in numbers not reported.  If they say we will have a few more of these new fighters, for instance, take it to the bank they already are mass producing them in preparation.

    These mystics point out that "all": the governments and peoples of the world have lost the faith, all the governments are evil along with all their leaders, all will pay the ultimate price. Including us.

    The Three Days Darkness – prophesised by many saints:  Will last for three days and nights, google it. It will kill all the remaining enemies of God and His Church and our countries, those without and those "within". Whole countries will be swallowed up in massive earthquakes (those now are but minor warnings that men are ignoring), all the coastal cities in the world will be inundated by massive earthquakes, near every major city will be destroyed, whole land masses will appear in the oceans to be inhabited.  The several mountain chains, including the Alps and the Mediterranian Sea will disappear.  All the pollution in the world will disappear from the millions on millions of lightning bolts from the Three Days Darkness, every tire, piece of glass, garbage, all will disappear, all the chemical pollution will disappear, evey stream, river, lake and ocean will become again "pristine" and teaming with life and fish, the whole world will be made over for the survivors to enjoy and contemplate.for a few generations until anti-Christ comes when man again begins to fall.

    All this to happen very soon. For Catholics – these saints had warned of an "evil council" that would bring this on the Church and the whole world, of the Church and the hierarchy abandoning the true faith for the modern worship of man, they warned of a "New Mass" the "Novus Ordo" that would be "Odious – Impious – and Revulsive to God".  [Marie-Julie Jahenny – Blessed Catherine Emmerich and others]

    I could give much more detail but of course this would take up too much time here – but get ready, get out of the cities or you will die – find a relative, farm, cabin, somewhere to go to when all happens, and don't show up empty handed. Arm yousevles, you will need all the ammo and food you can now accumulate, according to your means, God will help what you can't do, if you are in His grace, so to speak, but God does not help those that were warned and just though they would pray and God will take care of them – that is presumption of God's mercy.


    Read the revelations of Marie-Julie Jahenny – of Blessed Catherine Emmerich – of St.Hildegard who said when the "chastisement comes" there will be left after over 10 women to every man – women will be begging men to marry them as it will again be a shame not to be married and have children, that there will be no need for hospitals, police or lawyers, that every 9th faithful person will be given the "gift of healing" major healing. No longer will women wear "mens clothes" or immodest naked dress, but long dresses, no longer will women work, the nuneries and prieshood will be filled with many vocations, holy vocations, in a new world, so to say. If you say, not me, no way, don't worry, you will die anyways – God knows everyones mind, God will forgive anything providing one is sorry, one wants to be sorry and makes an attempt to amend one's life. Those who have practised contraception, who have limited their families, best pray for that interior sorrow, best go to confession, best amend your life, for most women go to hell today for and because of contraception, for frustrating nature that God gave us – "be fruitful and subdue the world".

    Pray the rosary every day and prepare:





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