Why Are They Trying to Kill You? The Excess Needs To Be Eliminated. Really? Yes, really. (When You Realize What Is REALLY Going On In the U.S., the Conclusion Becomes Inescapable)

My illustration on the left is really much too tame. I don't mean to imply that you'll just have to live with stupid government stunts, as if the screw they're turning into our collective chests might be only a painful inconvenience. The reality of what's truly  happening inside the United States is far, far more terrifying than just being screwed. Because quite literally, they are trying to KILL US!

"Oh, come on now," I can hear you thinking. "Get real!" Well that's exactly what I'm will be doing in this article. I'm going to get very real. I hope that you'll read all the way to the bottom because you really need to know what's happening and why this isn't just a big government stupidity at work. What I share here is more than deadly serious and it is based upon a lot of research that many others have put together to clarify what's really happening in our country. Be sure to check out some of the videos I've included on this page to confirm what I'm telling you is true.

This is hard for us to hear. It is difficult for rational and sane individuals to believe that anything on this scale could actually be happening around the world. That's why its so easy to dismiss this, without bothering to really examine the evidence and to look around you to see that it is indeed happening. I know the logical question is: "Who would really plan such a thing?"

Admitted, no truly sane person would plan the murder of millions (even billions of people). But don't forget, there will always be men like Hitler, Stalin and Mao lurking in the shadows. Psychopathic individuals wouldn't hesitate to poison all of humanity if they had the chance and it would benefit them. And for every mega tyrant, there are armies of willing hirelings ready to jump up and carry out whatever atrocities their supreme leaders have in mind. While it might be unthinkable to you (because you are likely live a normal life in a nice family), such deeds were never unthinkable to Hitler or Himmler. So carefully examine what's really been going on within the plush halls of power while you've been distracted with other things.

That the governments of this world would really prefer to eliminate the majority of their own citizens is pure insanity. But that doesn't change the fact that they're actually working on that right now. So let's talk first about the circumstantial evidence which shows what they're doing to achieve their goals. Then we'll look more specifically at why this is one of the major agendas of all the world's western governments.

Why Is Our Food Full of Poison?


Mike Adams at Natural News says: "After having now analyzed over 1,000 foods, superfoods, vitamins, junk foods and popular beverages for heavy metals and other substances at the Natural News Forensic Food Labs, I have arrived at a conclusion so alarming and urgent that it can only be stated bluntly.

"Based on what I am seeing via atomic spectroscopy analysis of all the dietary substances people are consuming on a daily basis, I must now announce that the battle for humanity is nearly lost. The food supply appears to be intentionally designed to end human life rather than nourish it." (You will want to read Mike's entire article: The Stealth Food War Being Waged Against Us.)

Wow. When I first read that article, it seemed like such a strong statement from a man who is clearly in a position to know just how polluted our food has become. This man and his team have the lab equipment to analyze and discover the exact ingredients in foods, and he has been examining thousands of products. Mike is the one who reported that metal shavings were found in Wheaties. People said he was crazy, so he challenged them to simply grab a magnet and apply it to a bowl of the cereal. Metal filings are definitely there and they pop up to the magnet. Does General Mills imagine that this ingredient could be healthy for consumers?

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Mike's lab has now uncovered scientific proof that toxic substances are strong intentionally being formulated and added into food products that will actually drive consumers who ingest them mentally insane, and/or having their ability to engage in rational thinking heavily impacted. These toxic chemical formulations are designed to cause widespread infertility, organ damage and cancer. Amazingly, these man-engineered toxicants are found in all fast foods, conventional processed foods, natural and organic products as well as in dietary supplements. They're everywhere; so Americans simply cannot escape them.

Adams says there is no logical reason for these chemicals to be put in our foods. In most cases they don't add or contribute any nutritional value. The only rationale he could find for their presence is that they are put there as a deliberate poison. What he has discovered goes beyond foods with heavy metals that could have been accidentally tainted. These destructive substances are being intentionally added in low dosages designed not to be noticed, but to be consumed by the population on a regular basis like a slow acting poison.

The end results of these various noxious toxins are already being seen in our society. Mass insanity, escalations of criminality, clinical insanity among many mainstream writers, widespread infertility, skyrocketing rates of kidney failure, "plus a near total loss of rational thinking among the voting masses."

All of this adds to the collapse of a capable workforce and the rise of masses who are dependent upon the government for their survival. There is already the beginning of a collapse of democracies due to retardation of the voting masses, and the near collapse of any ability by the public to comprehend even the most basic information.

Adams believes this is all a deliberate plan meant to cause the utter downfall of our own civilization. As more and more results have been documented in Adams' lab, it has become increasingly apparent to Mike that humanity cannot survive the mass engineered poisoning of the food supply.

READ MORE : Michio KaKu Fukushima The end of Humanity

The Mass Production of Our Food


It is important to realize that food in America has gone through a dramatic change over that last 25 years. While they often put imagines of a small farm or barn on the sides of the packages containing modern foods, you need to understand that very little of our food is now grown on a farm. It is actually produced in a factory. And this fact is willfully kept from the American consumer because they really don't want the public to know the truth. Because if you see the truth with your own eyes, it will make you NOT want to eat their food.

So much of the food we are eating is manipulated in some way. Chickens and cows and pigs are all drugged so that they can grow bigger and quicker making them much more profitable. It's all about making money. The American food landscape is now controlled for the most part by four major companies. And you better believe that those immensely profitable corporations have a lot of money to spend to lobby the government to get laws which keep them on top of the food chain.

All of this artificially drugged, fed and "manufactured" food is definitely negatively impacting the health of its American consumers. And the government, as much as it says it is here to protect us, is really only empowering Big Food to keep producing eatable products that are simply not nutritionally healthy or good for us.

Genetically Modified Foods


Food behemoth Monsanto is the leader in GMOs (genetically modified produce. It is interesting that Monsanto has a canteen at its headquarters without any GMO produce based upon the demands of its employees. While it doesn't feel the need to label its GMO foods for the rest of the world, it has done so for its own employees, who are definitely in a position to know how unhealthy GMO foods really are. GMO foods are not healthy. That much is pretty clear. And they are in just about all of our foods even though we don't know it.

If you research this in detail you'll see that the pesticides and the other GM crops that Monsanto have created are believed to be the reason why the bees are dying off. It seems that many countries worldwide are banning their GMO products. The United States is one of the few countries who religiously pushes this stuff on its unsuspecting population. The reason for this is that all of our government's officials have Monsanto connections in their past.

The following movie called "Seeds of Death" will give you a much larger view of what genetically modified foods actually do to health. It is a very informative and scary overview that will show you what this stuff does to animals and humans. It won't kill you in a single day, but it will definitely impact you over time. Watch some of this to get the bigger picture.


Why Are They Chemtrailing Us to Death?


Chemtrailing Us to Death

NASA (who is only one of the governmental agencies involved in this), has now admitted that it is responsible for the chemtrails. For years this was denied and it was considered a government conspiracy hoax, but now they've admitted it is true. They've been dumping these chemicals into the atmosphere for who knows what reasons. They've claimed that this to combat global warming but what they've been putting up into the atmosphere up to 18 years is not healthy to humans.

Mike Adams of Natural News ways in on this: "At our atomic spectroscopy lab, we have confirmed trace levels of aluminum in regular atmospheric air, confirming the fact that all agricultural soils are being inundated with aluminum which is literally falling out of the sky. The result of this phenomenon is that aluminum levels are rising in nearly all soil-grown crops from which everyday food is derived. While aluminum is far less harmful than lead, cadmium or mercury, the repeated accumulation of aluminum is believed to be tied to degenerative brain disorders across the population."

"Over the past decade, independent testing of Chemtrails around the country has shown a dangerous, extremely poisonous brew that includes: barium, nano aluminum-coated fiberglass [known as CHAFF], radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, desiccated blood, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene dibromide, and polymer fibers. Barium can be compared to the toxicity of arsenic. Barium is known to adversely affect the heart. Aluminum has a history of damaging brain function. Independent researchers and labs continue to show off-the-scale levels of these poisons." For more from this source look at Chemtrails Consequences.

There is a lot of data now Online about chemtrails and what this procedure is doing to the world's health. There are many health hazards these are considered the four biggest potential problems as a result of the chemtrails spraying.

Aneurysms — Components of chemtrails are believed to block arteries and weaken arterial walls leading to aneurysms and eventually to deadly strokes. Strokes — Nano-particle aluminum builds up in capillaries causing blockages eventually leading to aneurysms and strokes. Heart Attacks — Barium dramatically lowers potassium in mammals leading to heart fibrillations and heart attacks. In fact, barium is used in animal testing to artificially induce heart attacks. Cancer — Most of the components of chemtrails suppress the immune system. When the immune system is suppressed for extended periods, cancer grows and thrives.

Government agencies are now pretty open about the fact that they do this kind of spraying. And it is extensive. What they are evasive about is the purpose of it. One NASA fellow claimed that the major reason they were doing it was to test the wind currents in the upper atmosphere. Good grief. They're spraying all of these poisons to test the wind currents? I believe this PR guy seriously believed the BS that he has been told. But what's the real truth?

What I would like to know is: Who authorized all this expensive spraying of these toxic substances all over our country (and the world)? I don't remember voting on this, do you? And where is the science that proves any of this is good for anything besides polluting the environment and endangering our health? Unless your brain power has already become diminished, the truth seems pretty obvious to me. This isn't good for nature, it isn't good for any human being and it has never been legally sanctioned in any legislative body in American. So why is it being done? Because it is all part of the plan already being imputed against us.

"Free" Vaccines From Your Government


When I was in the U.S., whenever I visited my doctor the nurse would always ask me if I was ready to get my annual free flu shot. It was like she got a commission on every injection she made. We would then have a discussion about how the labs could possibly create a flu shot to protect me from the coming influenza strain that had not yet mutated into existence. She admitted that it would unlikely protect me from this year's flu, but added "remember, it's free." That's when I asked her if it was from the government. Because it was, I said: "Even if it's free I don't want it. I simply don't trust this government." That ended her evangelistic efforts to shoot me up.

Since then I have seen many news accounts about people getting flu shots and dying almost immediately. Recently I read of a young guy who was going overseas and he figured it would be wise if he got inoculated before leaving. Unfortunately, it wasn't wise. He died immediately after that shot.

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Mercury in Vaccines

"No government ever tells the truth when it comes to vaccines," says Mike Adams. "Almost by default, vaccines come pre-packaged with lies about safety, efficacy and mercury content. No wonder public trust in vaccines continues to erode." And he should know because he routinely puts government vaccines under analysis and finds all kinds of mercury—which is an incredibly toxic chemical—in vaccines. See the screen shot of the flu virus box which clearly shows mercury is added as a preservative!

We are lied to by the media when they claim that mercury has been removed from all vaccines. That's simply not true. According to Adams, the amount of toxic mercury present in influenza vaccines is 25,000 times higher than the EPA limit of mercury in drinking water! It's 100 times higher than the highest level of mercury contamination he's ever tested in ocean fish. See Pregnant Women and Mercury Shots.

You might be amazed to hear that many vaccines over the years have contained hidden SV40 cancer viruses. Decades ago, a prominent vaccine scientist who worked for Merck was recorded openly admitting that vaccines given to Americans were contaminated with leukemia and cancer viruses. Those vaccines were promoted by our government, and tens of millions of Americans were exposed to those cancer viruses which certainly must have been a boon to the cancer industry. To this day, many people still carry these hidden cancer viruses in their bodies.

You never know what the government has allowed or purposely put into the shots they give us to keep us from getting sick. The reality is that by skipping most of the government's so-called help, a lot of Americans would have a lot less problems. I've just touched on the surface here of this issue. Take a look at a Vaccination Liberation website that has a lot of info on it.

There has quite literally been an explosion of autism in the U.S. and many believe that it is the result of all the vaccines that have been given to children. It is estimated that autism is now costing the country $236 billion per year. And Big Pharma is of course denying that it has had anything to do with this sudden newly created crisis. See this Autism Article.

The Governmental Regulatory Industry


When it comes to health products, the Food and Drug Administration should be the ones leading the charge against problem drugs and food. However, it routinely bans and cripples those who are attempting to promote natural products involving herbs and spices in favor of Big Pharma. The pharmaceutical companies need lots of unhealthy people if they will continue to make their huge profits. And because they conspire with our government to keep holistic and natural cures off the market, they maintain a monopoly on treatments in America.

Over the years, many described the pharmaceutical industry as a “criminal racket”. In 2012, drug and vaccine manufacturer Merck was caught red-handed by two of its own scientists faking vaccine efficacy data. GlaxoSmithKline was fined a whopping $3 billion for bribing doctors, lying to the FDA, hiding clinical trial data and fraudulent marketing. Pfizer was sued by the nation’s pharmacy retailers for what is alleged as an “anticompetitive scheme” to keep generic cholesterol drugs off the market which would boost its own profits.

But mafia style tactics on the part of the drug companies isn't always necessary. They let the government do their job for them. Here's the real game: "Monsanto controls the food, Big Pharma controls the drugs. Both lobby Congress for legislation and the FDA is the hired gun that stands in the middle to protect their interests. One hand offers the poison while the other offers the remedy. If anyone comes along to resist, or offers a healthy alternative, like raw, non-homogenized, non-growth hormone milk, or an all-natural remedy like red yeast rice extract, the FDA is there for the proverbial smack down; to raid, seize, and destroy." Read Kelly Stone's the Racketeering Love Triangle: Monsanto, FDA, Big Pharma.

This is the thing we must grasp. The big food and drug corporations control the government who promotes their brands while hurting the smaller companies and all of us consumers. So the government only marginally works for the people; instead, it works on behalf of these big corporations whose primary motivation is profit no matter how their products might negatively impact their customers. After all, if their food makes you sick, then they have drugs to make you well (as in kinda, sorta).

None of these three groups (Big Food, Big Pharma and Big Government) care much about you being healthy or well. In fact, the opposite is really true. The more unhealthy you are the more money you'll need to spend to fix yourself.

The Fluoridation of Your Water


Fluoride is a highly toxic hazardous waste chemical. It is produced as a waste by the phosphate mining industry. If this chemical is dumped into rivers or lakes the EPA would charge the dumping company with a major violation of the environmental laws.

Yet somehow, it has been sold to the American people as an "unapproved drug" that is dumped into the water systems of many of our nation's largest cities. Supposedly we're told that it prevents cavities. But a lot of scientific studies indicate that it is extremely harmful and that it is devastating to our bodies. Even if it does help your teeth, how long does a drink of water stay in your mouth? Not long enough to do any good if it was actually keeping cavities at bay. But as that same water passes through the rest of your body it stays with you for a long time and creates all sorts of health problems.

It is absolutely amazing that this has ever been allowed. Fluoridation is one of the crimes of the century. Hitler fluoridated the water in his concentration camps and that ought to tell you something. The vast majority of the water running through your tap never even reaches your teeth. You shower in it and fill your swimming pool with it and generally pollute your environment by being forced to use this dangerous toxic waste in your home and on your property where it seriously impacts your health.

Dentists are the biggest culprits of pushing this chemical and their support of it tends to legitimize it for most people. Their support allows local governments to justify poisoning its citizens with this toxic waste. I had an intense argument with a Kaiser pediatrician over this. His belief that healthy teeth outweighed the exposure of children to this harmful waste product (which is exactly what it is) simply amazed me. 

Why would you want poison in your drinking water? Even more, why do we buy toothpaste that has sodium fluoride in it? Read the label on your toothpaste. It says to take only a pea size bit while most cover the brush with the paste. And children are to be watched carefully to make certain that they don't swallow it. How can you keep a child from swallowing it if they like the taste of it? Most toothpaste tubes tell you if a child swallows even a small amount you should seek medical care immediately! Why on earth do we let our children (or ourselves for that matter) put that kind of toxic waste into our mouths at all?

Well it hasn't hurt me, you might be saying. But that's probably not true. There are a lot of poisons that they've been feeding us in the past few years, and testing scores for children have definitely gone down compared to what they were forty or fifty years ago.

Watch health ranger Mike Adam's short informative video on fluoridation. At the end of the video he offers a lot more videos and also references to other websites that you might want to check into.


The NWO Is The Ultimate Goal


I hope you can see through the information I have presented in this article that at many different levels, the government is either trying to poison us or they are letting corporations poison us without much if any regulation. This page doesn't even begin to scratch the surface on what they've been using against the American people in recent years. It's truly amazing when you consider the impact of all these "small doses" of poison which we're being exposed to. You must understand that this systematic poisoning is not just government malfeasance (although that is certainly present), it is all part of a much larger agenda that trickles down to us from the men who are pulling the strings in our so-called civilized world.

The people making the decisions about what we are to receive are part of what they themselves have called a New World Order (or NWO for short). Both Presidents Bush and Bill Clinton still believe in and have labored towards moving the US toward a world state where our borders are eliminated and our sovereignty is taken away. Obama of course wants to fundamentally transform America into this vision of a new world government. He's said that openly and that isn't one of his few truthful statements.

So the United States has had at least four Presidents in a row (two Republicans and two Democrats) and yet they really have no differences between them in their ultimate agenda which they are working to achieve. It really doesn't matter which of the major political parties takes the reign of power, all of these candidates are actively working towards this same agenda. Even John McCain and Mitt Romney attended the meetings of these NWO groups where our Presidents get their marching orders.

Hillary Clinton has openly bragged about taking her marching orders from this same group of financial elitists, and if we survive Obama (which I doubt) and she takes the reigns of power, she'll finish off the United States. So the agenda of all the major players is the same, even though their brand name might appear to be different; they are all working at overthrowing America and bringing about a whole new governmental entity. Very few Americans have even the slightest clue about where these leaders are taking us or what they are planning for all of us.


Bilderberg Group

These people are focused in one major organization which is the Bilderberg Group (or Club) named after the hotel where their first meeting was held. There are a couple of researchers who have followed after these people, and their yearly meetings all over the world to get to the truth of their agenda. In the United States. A lot is know about who these people are, what they believe, and who they control. And its all pretty scary.

Population Control and Eugenics


One of the key methods that these NWO operatives are using is the attempt to control the population in line with their belief system. They are working hard at population control, sterilization of vast numbers (with or without their consent), developing worldwide pandemics, engaging in profitable wars, unleashing nuclear destruction (including wars) and in many other ways slaughtering the world's population so that it will be more easily manageable.

George W. Bush took the radical step of initiating the 911 false flag attacks on America. The event was so unbelievable and blatant attack right inside the US that our country was flabbergasted by those events as they unfolded on our television screens. Of course, public opinion immediately turned against those "responsible terrorist organizations" and we willingly allowed the state to take away many of our rights and freedoms as it swiftly announced an (endless) war on terror. But it was all a carefully scripted and audacious theatrical event in collusion with the mainstream media—concocted by our own government. To kill thousands of your own people is so unthinkable, it just couldn't have been a false flag attack, could it?

The 911 event with its photo, video and television coverage was just too audacious for a sitting government to perpetrate upon its own people. Yet, that is exactly what happened. Only a government the size of ours could have created such a huge drama like that. Too many defenses had to be down to give it any real hope of success. There has simply been way too much evidence presented that it was an act of terror by our own government against us.

At the time 911 happened, most Americans (including me) fell for it. But more and more citizens are starting to question who was really behind that attack. What Bush did after 911 was to create the TSA, Homeland Security and to justify all of those intrusive spying on Americans which completely opened the door for Obama to proceed down the road towards a NWO. None of these Presidents, Republicans or Democrats, have really been friends of America. They are all about taking away what few freedoms we have left and putting us into an Orwellian world where we are totaling under the state's control.

There are over seven billion people on planet earth. And there are many who believe that means six billion (or even 6.5 billion) should not be on the earth—so the excess needs to be eliminated. Really? Yes, really.

Here is a short video that I think sums up a lot of the bankers agenda when it comes to the population control. quite well and also shows the foolishness of their beliefs.


The elite are monopoly men who literally seek to dominate the world. They are happy to stay out of the limelight for the most part, but they are quite adept at pulling the strings to buy future Presidents and leaders of all the western countries before they get power. In most US elections both candidates, Republican and Democrat are brought in and controlled by the Bilderberg Club.

These men pulling the strings didn't just suddenly come up with their beliefs or actions overnight. Many of them have inherited their beliefs from the teachings of their rich parents. David Rockefeller who is still one of the leaders of this group, is a classic example of that. His super rich family has been financing world domination and world population destruction for years.

If you go back and research the history of these men and their families and organizations you'll see that a lot of their beliefs came out of Darwinism and the believe that mankind is just another species of the animals. Darwin's survival of the fittest doctrine gave rise to the idea that only the strong and smart should survive. They took a step further and felt that the elitists should be the ones who decide which people will survive and be allowed to have children.

Have you ever heard of eugenics? The term was coined by Francis Galton back in 1883 and it is an unnerving concept. Eugenics is the supposed science of human engineering in which the inferior races would be eliminated. Most of the founders of the eugenics movement were white and they felt blacks were an inferior race who needed to be sterilized. Any who had birth defects, or low intelligence or who just didn't measure up to the master races were simply to be wiped out.

Amazingly, the United States bought into this demonic pseudo science and many thousands were sterilized. At the forefront of much of this was Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood. She was in favor of black genocide and said: "Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated." Of Planned Parenthood clinics, 78% are in minority communities and 35% of all abortions in America are now black babies.

The eugenics movement in America actually influenced the Nazis. As Hitler was ramping up his crimes against the Jews, believe it or not, the Rockefellers financed it. America's eugenics program was touted in Germany as the example upon which their barbaric treatment of "inferior races" was based! These are the people who are in the process of shaping our world. They fully endorsed Hitler's actions against the Jews, but also China's actions against their own people as they slaughtered millions.

When you see how these people have been involved with China it will blow your mind. David Rockefeller (one of the key people in the Bilderberg Club movement) applauded Mao's approach in China. As Mao was slaughtering millions of his own people for thought crimes, this same Rockefeller was watching from the wings and clapping at his genocide! And make no mistake about it, that's what he and his ilk have planned for America.

Because China knows it has too many people, and because it does not believe that humans are anything more than advanced animals, it sees nothing wrong with slaughtering anyone who disagrees with the state. At the same time, those who are placed in detention camps for crimes which they really have not committed, are available for rich men like the Rockefellers of this world if they need a new kidney or some other organ. This is happening now. They have vans where human donors are slaughtered and doctors instantly provide the needed organ to the waiting rich elitist.

When you understand the full vision of their New World Order it is absolutely terrifying. These people are are beyond evil all dressed up in suits and ties. Out of their reprobate minds have come maleficent deeds based upon their conviction that man are merely intelligent animal. And because of their power and wealth they are the most intelligent of the beasts. So on their whim, the elitists can then choose who they wish trample.

To really effectively know more about thy these people are moving in this direction and why we are just animals that need to be controlled or killed (if we can't be killed), you definitely need to watch the following documentary. Entitled "Endgame" this is a must-see video. Because it's long, it took me a while to get through it all, but there is so much information we all need to know about the story behind these men who are right now orchestrating our future. The Bilderberg Group is intrinsically connected to eugenics, the Nazis, the Chinese Communists, and so many other evils inside their dark minds.


The novel Brave New World, which was written by Aldous Huxley back in 1932, was more based upon what he knew the eugenics movement was planning to do rather than on fiction like Orwell's book (although Orwell had come out of and had experienced communist Russia). And he even stated in 1962 that he thought it would be possible for future totalitarian governments to make people love their servitude through the use of mind control and drugs. He felt this was "better" because these new elitist governments would combine methods of terror with mind control and drugs, thus making life easier on its poor downtrodden human chattel. Huxley was obviously still a believer in the deadly philosophy of eugenics at the end of his life.

At a minimum there have been at least 20,000 American deaths (that we know of) which have been caused by our own government as it has tested unknowing and unwilling subjects. Our country has blatantly tested poisons, nerve gases, vaccines with mercury and radiation on US troops. The VA given different levels of radiation pills to pregnant wives of servicemen saying they were vitamins, which caused violent miscarriages and the death of many of the women. How we have used our own citizens as guinea pigs or lab rats is simply unconscionable.

The mercury injections mentioned above (which are still happening) was recommended by Bertrand Russell, a noted British writer and atheist suggested that vaccinations filled with mercury and other chemicals would create chemical lobotomies would develop a zombie population that would be easy to control. He said in The Impact of Science on Society, "Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible." So both the US and the British governments are still practicing his mercury poisoning suggestions today (see above).

A full 20 percent of American kids have now been routinely prescribed some type of anti-depressant. Worse, two thirds of all foster children (where the state has total control) are automatically placed on psychotropic drug cocktails of at least seven different drugs making them behave like zombies.

You definitely want to watch the above video so you have a better idea what they are doing right now to everyone of us in some way same or form. One thing is for sure: you don't want to trust your government and almost anything they want to give to you free, like free vaccinations.

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    I'd like to think their decision to intentionally poison the population was purely economic, but, I think it is a multifaceted plan to eliminate the main population so that the elite can no longer live in fear as showing their face in public has become a dangerous endeavor. Plus on the economic side, ALL Americans are issued a Bond at birth and these Bonds are traded on the stock market and if we all died, those Dollars would be freed up to be disseminated to the elite to pad their positions in their elite groups.


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