ZIKA VIRUS GOING GLOBAL! Two Billion People at Risk of Catching Zika As New Cases Rack Up

ZIKA VIRUS GOING GLOBAL! Two Billion People at Risk of Catching Zika As New Cases Rack Up

In just one week, Zika cases in Singapore have gone from zero to 242, raising concerns about a potential rapid surge in cases across Asia. A recent study estimates that roughly 2.6 billion people in the region and Africa could be at risk of contracting the virus, which has been linked to the neurological disorder microcephaly in unborn babies. 
It's not yet clear why Zika has spread so suddenly in Singapore. Many of the cases are thought to be locally-transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito.
On Saturday, Singapore's Ministry of Health said analysis of two cases found they had likely evolved from a strain of Zika that was already circulating in Southeast Asia. Malaysia confirmed its first case of Zika infection in a 58-year-old woman — who had visited her daughter in Singapore — on September 1. The country reported its first locally-transmitted case on September 3, with authorities expecting more to come.
Huddled around their hives, beekeepers around the south-eastern US fear a new threat to their livelihood: a fine mist beaded with neurotoxin, sprayed from the sky by officials at war with mosquitos that carry the Zika virus. 
More than three dozen people have tested positive for Zika in South Carolina, Weyman said, and officials have made it a priority to prevent local transmissions through the Aedes aegypti mosquito. The Ministry of Health (MOH) announced that as of 12 pm, 4 September, it had confirmed another 27 new cases of locally transmitted Zika virus infection, bringing the number to 242 cases. Officials say after Tropical Storm Hermine, it's important that people get rid of standing water on their property.

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The head of the Zika expert committee says so much about the mosquito-borne disease remains unknown, including the complications it causes. Currently 72 countries and territories are infected by Zika.
thousands of international tourists visiting the upcoming Rio de Janeiro Olympics and lead to martial law scenarios across the world. More than two billion people are at risk of developing the Zika virus, scientists have warned. Data on air traveller numbers, analysed by scientists and published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, found “vast numbers” of people are vulnerable. 
People living in India, Indonesia and Nigeria are the most vulnerable to transmission, the research found. It is thought this risk is particularly heightened in summer as people are more likely to engage in travel, especially over long distances.
The number of people travelling to a population can affect likelihood of contracting the virus. Limited access to health resources in countries with high poverty rates and poor infrastructure is another factor, with the Philippines, Vietnam being most affected by such conditions.


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