Top 10 Prophecies of Nostradamus 2015-Nostradamus Decoded


Top 10 Prophecies of Nostradamus 2015-Nostradamus Decoded

 By. MyDailyInformer

Nostradamus, born Michel de Nostredame (1503 – 1566), was an apothecary of French origins who foretold a number of prophecies and published them in a world-famous book called The Prophecies or Les Propheties.

The very first edition of the said book became famous about 11 years before he died. Since then, Nostradamus and his book have acquired a huge following that believes he predicted numerous world events, hundreds of years before they occurred.


  • The disappearance of language differences may occur in 2015 thanks to the presence of the universal translating machine. He predicted that this great development may soon lead to the end of nations with “new engine” in the world.

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  • The resurrection of the dead is also foretold. According to Nostradamus, “the buried dead shall come out of their graves”. Such the chilling prediction inspires the great dread to the living since we’re all scared of the dead (also called as zombies). Since there will be no more room in hell, the dead is predicted to resurrect. Do you believe in such the prophecy? Only time can answer it!
  • The Collapse of the World Economy is predicted with the statement “the rich shall die many times over”.
  • Mount Vesuvius will go under the major eruption. The massive event may happen in late 2015 or early 2016. If the eruption occurs in the daylight, it will be the worse events affecting the regions around in darkness. Meanwhile, earthquake may appear every 5 or 10 minutes before the deadly lava and ash flow starts.

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  • Humans will live over 200 years old. With the remarkable advances in medicine, the average life-span of humans is increased to 200 years. Along with that, the 80-year-old guy may look just like the 50-year-old gentleman. That was what the French seers foresaw!
  • Western USA will suffer the major earthquake. Mount St. Helen may have the major volcanic eruption happening in May 2015, possibly. Even worse, the events may turn to be the superb volcanic eruption with the beginning of an earthquake.
  • Humans will learn to communicate with animals. The big advances in the science of telepathy and animal communication skills will enable humans to talk to the pets and farm animals as well. Nostradamus wrote that “The hog will become brother to man”.
  • The Western world will abolish all kinds of taxes. With the large revolt, the taxation will be ended for the expected freedom.22
  • "Earthshaking fire from the center of the Earth. Will cause tremors around the New City.Two great rocks will war for a long time, Then Arethusa will redden a new river."

    What happened: On the morning of September 11, 2001 the two towers (two great rocks) of the World Trade Center were attacked in New York City (New City).

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  • COMING SOON: Another big earthquake??? "The sloping park, great calamity,  Through the Lands of the West and Lombardy . The fire in the ship, plague and captivity;  Mercury in Sagittarius, Saturn fading."

    What's supposed to happen: A great earthquake (sloping park, great calamity) is reputedly foretold in this quatrain. In the New World (he Lands of the West), California is the logical choice.

According to astrologists ( Mercury in Sagittarius, Saturn fading) the next time that Mercury will be in Sagittarius and Saturn in a “fading" position will be on November 25, 2015.

Top 10 Prophecies of Nostradamus 2015

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Nostradamus Decoded – Predicting the Future

Discovery Channel. I am a big Nostradamus believer and have written widely on the subject and included this video I just saw on Discovery that speaks about the power of the great man's prophecies.



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