Economic Collapse

Pope Warns Of Global Collapse (Videos)

Pope Francis has warned of a global economic collapse in an interview with, stating ”Our world economic system can’t take it anymore.”   He blames this upcoming collapse, in part, on youth unemployment, saying that “We are excluding an entire generation to…
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Celente: Collapse ‘At Any Time’

Trends Journal publisher Gerald Celente joins the Dan Cofall show where they discuss a variety of issues, including preemptive nuclear war, the decline of society, Barack Obama’s total disrespect for the office of presidency, and how the US economy should…
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This Will Be The End Of America! (AMTV Video)

AMTV's Christopher Greene reveals the inside information which will lead to the end of America as we know it, explaining the reasons behind this, the lies the general populace have been told and exposing the illusion of "recovery" for what it is, and how many are…
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